25 Sweet and adorable 6-month Anniversary Gifts

by mkimmel | Last Updated: January 2, 2022

Six months is not as long as a lifetime but it sure is a significant amount of time. That is why you should spend some time picking the perfect gift to give your lovely partner. If you are currently struggling to find some good gift ideas, worry no more. Here are 25 sweet and useful 6-month anniversary gifts!

6-Month Anniversary Coffee Mug

This simple ceramic coffee mug fits the 6th-month anniversary occasion perfectly. It has a heartwarming printed text that reads “6 months down, a lifetime to go. Happy Anniversary.” This mug is 100% microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe as well. It is packaged inside a gift box ready for some gift wrapping.

6-Month Anniversary Lined Notebook

A journal notebook comprised of 119 high-quality bright paper might be the 6-month anniversary gift you are looking for. Each dual-sided sheet packs 27 ruled lines per page. It measures 6 inches in width and 9 inches in height. With the theme-fitting front cover design, this is a simple yet useful gift.

Luna Bean Hand-Casting Kit

Celebrate half a year of love by bonding over this hand-casting kit from Luna Bean. This kit produces high-quality mold complete with intricate details of the skin as well as worn jewelry. It fits 2 adult hands perfect for you and your partner. The materials used in this molding kit are guaranteed safe on the skin.

Gold Dipped Rose

If you can’t choose between gifting a bouquet of sunflowers or daisies, get neither. Instead, consider getting this gold-dipper rose from Sinivitron. It is an actual rose dipped in 24k gold and it comes with a prop upstand and a gift box. This rose comes in different colors such as red, blue, ivory white, and a few others.

Message in a Bottle Capsule

For a lowkey yet extremely sweet gift, get these capsules from Rover Ant. It is a jar filled with 50 pieces of plastic capsules each holding a piece of paper inside. With these, you can write heartwarming words for your partner to read. It also comes in bigger packages, there is one with 365 capsules and another with 130.

Folded Book Art

This folded book art is a charming decorative piece. It is a fully customizable gift that looks adorable and unique at the same time. This book art is carefully prepared by skilled craftsmen and it features a cutout of you and your partner’s initials. This will surely be a fantastic 6-month anniversary gift for your partner!

Our Bucket List

For planning your future trips, milestones, and personal plans together, this bucket list journal from Lux Read is a wonderful 6-month anniversary gift. Its pages are formatted according to days and each page has a fill-in-the-blank style approach. With this, you and your partner will have tons of fun activities to look forward to.

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2

On your next trip, take the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 with you. It is the latest Polaroid instant film camera with that retro fun look. It comes in different color options such as mint, summer blue, white, graphite, and even a Stranger Things edition. Also, this camera has a hefty 60-day battery life!

Pioneer Photo Album

For storing those fun Polaroid shot and other printed photos, this photo album is a great choice. It has a frame front design with a sewn leatherette cover. This photo album can hold up to 200 pieces of printed 4-inch by 6-inch photos. It would make a thoughtful 6-month anniversary gift for sure.

Wire Hanging Wall Grid

If you think your partner prefers displaying photos over storing them in a photo album, consider getting this wall grid. It is a minimalistic wall organizer which can double as a Polaroid display board. The package includes 4 wooden clips alongside the black wall grid. With the right accessories, it can also double as a holder for small plants.


For your partner who likes extreme sports, the GoPro MAX is the best gift to get. With a built-in 360-degree camera, a touch display, and phenomenal stabilization, this camera will capture absolutely everything! It is a tough camera that will last a long time, a fantastic 6-month anniversary gift.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Printer

Sometimes phones do the best job in taking photos just because it’s always in our pockets. The Fujifilm Instax mini printer works for those times when you wish you took a photo on Polaroid. Essentially, it is a mini printer that turns your digital photos into Polaroid printouts! It is an awesome gift for the ones who love printed memories.

Aluratek 14-inch Digital Photo Frame

If Polaroid prints are just too small, this digital photo frame from Aluratek comes to the rescue. It has a massive 14-inch true color LCD panel with a resolution of 1600×900 pixels. It supports SD card expansion and features a slideshow feature with customizable background music. This is a nice way for you and your partner’s sweet adventures!

Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Speaking of adventures, if you and your partner love traveling, this traveler’s notebook from Midori way is a must-have. It is a passport-size notebook that features refillable pages. It comes with a dedicated rubber band attachment for easy closure and a cowhide cover. This is a useful 6-month anniversary gift for those who love traveling.

Love Language: The Card Game

Speaking of adventures, if you and your partner love traveling, this traveler’s notebook from Midori way is a must-have. It is a passport-size notebook that features refillable pages. It comes with a dedicated rubber band attachment for easy closure and a cowhide cover. This is a useful 6-month anniversary gift for those who love traveling.

Our Moments Couples

Our Moments couple’s edition is another card game designed to be played by couples. It contains 100 thought-provoking conversation starters. This game helps in opening up topics and learning more about your partner. It is truly a quality bonding time with this card game around. This will definitely make a wonderful 6-month anniversary gift.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

If your idea of a wonderful bonding time is lounging in the tub, consider getting this bathtub caddy as your 6-month anniversary gift. It is an adjustable caddy designed to fit various bathtub sizes. Its spacious bamboo surface is enough to accommodate up to two persons. Also, do not worry about water damage as this tray has a waterproof coating.

I Wrote a Book About You

Imagine how sweet it is if someone wrote a book for you. Well, now you can write a book for your partner! With this fill-in-the-blank journal, you are well on your way to becoming a self-made book author. It is a fun and creative way of unleashing your inner sweetness, and it would surely be one of the most thoughtful 6-month anniversary gifts!

I Choose You (Every Day & Always)

Love is not some magical thing; it is a conscious decision you and your partner make every single day. To commemorate that wonderful everyday choice, this book combines contemporary artworks with heartfelt sentiments. It is written to touch the emotions and strengthen the bond between partners.

Couples Love Knot Bracelet

These matching love bracelets are a simple yet meaningful 6-month anniversary gift. A set of these comes with a pair of rope alloy complementary bracelets one measuring 6 inches and the other 7 inches. It has an adjustable hook closure for a personalized fit. Plus, these bracelets are packaged inside a gift-ready box.

Titanium Lock Bracelet and Key Pendant Necklace

If you want a little glimmer on your matching jewelry, this lock bracelet and the key pendant are a great choice. Made from Titanium steel, both the necklace and bracelet will not tarnish nor oxidize. It is packaged in a premium velvet bag ready for gifting. Bonus: the pendant actually fits the lock bracelet!

LerchPhi Personalized Engraved Ring

This personalized promise ring from LerchPhi comes in a matching pair. These rings are made with black tungsten carbide with rose gold accents. Packaged in a delicate ring box with an included handwritten gift card, this makes a wonderful 6-month anniversary gift. These rings will last a lifetime as they are highly resistant to scratching.

Baoyun Valet Tray Organizer

If you think your partner would easily lose a ring or some other piece of jewelry, this tray organizer is something to consider getting. It has a total of 5 compartments for phones, wallets, sunglasses, and other small items. Also, there are 3 color options to choose from: black, brown, and a black and gray combo.

Umbra Poise Large Jewelry Tray

For a jewelry tray with a more feminine look, the Umbra Poise large two-tier tray makes an awesome choice. It comes in three different finishes, brass, black, and white. This eye-catching vertical storage is a simple yet useful 6-month anniversary gift. It is a stylish way to prevent losing valuable jewelry pieces.

Magnasonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Cleaning jewelry can be a stressful task and it can end disastrously when done improperly! If your partner loves collecting jewelry, this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a fantastic gift choice. It can generate 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for a safe and deep cleaning effect. There are also 5 preset cleaning cycles ranging from 90 seconds all the way to 480 seconds.