42 Sentimental Gifts for Best Friends That Bring Joy

by mkimmel | Last Updated: March 3, 2021

Sentimental gifts are a great way to show your best friend, family member, or loved one just how important they are. The problem is, how do you find the perfect gift to convey all those emotions? We’ve scoured the internet and found 42 fantastic, sentimental gifts for any situation.

leather inspirational bracelet

Stamped onto this bracelet are the words “You are loved You are valued You are beautiful”. For lovers of “mushy” gifts, this bracelet is perfect. This bracelet is one size fits all – pull the knot on the leather lace to adjust it to your wrist size. You’ll receive an affirmation every time you look down at your wrist when you’re wearing one of these uplifting bracelets.

Inspiring Message Gift Throw Blanket

This super soft and ultra plush blanket is designed to be a thoughtful, caring, and personal gift to loved ones.While this blanket definitely provides warmth, it also brings smiles, joy, and feeling of love, making it a perfect gift for your best friend.

You are My Sunshine Personalizable Music Box

Few things in the world are more romantic than a gorgeous music box. This birch wood box can have any message you want laser engraved on the inside of the top piece, so you can make this gift as sentimental and loving as you wish.

I Wrote a Book About You

Sentimental, fun, and lighthearted, I Wrote a Book About You is designed to be filled out by you and given as a gift to someone you really care about—a spouse, a best friend, a sister, or even an awesome co-worker. Filled with simple yet meaningful prompts and delightful illustrations, this book is a perfect way to personalize your gift in a unique way. You can fill this book out in under an hour and create a gift that’s as wonderfully unique as your recipient.

A Prayer for My Mom Wall Art Frame

 Looking for a beautiful wall decoration for your mother with a meaningful quote? If so, this is the perfect gift idea, and will inspire her every time she reads it. This frame includes a hanger for hanging as well. This amazing Wood Frame with Inspirational Words Quotes is a lovely gift for any mom that you care about. It is perfect to give away on birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day and much more.

Compass Necklace

Show her how much she means to you with this symbolic, meaningful and sentimental gift necklace on an ‘I’d be lost without you’ card. It’s subtle, not over the top, and has so much meaning behind it. She will be so proud to wear it. This is the perfect gift for girlfriends and wives, and can be given for any occasion.

Hammer Tools Keychain Gift

With multiple choices for what the inner text can say, this gift is suitable for many different occasions. Touching and useful, this key tag is the perfect size for holding your keys without being too big or bulky. The gift box comes included, making this keychain instantly ready to be given as a gift, no wrapping paper or gift bags required.

Explosion Gift Box

This explosion box has 6 faces, 4 layers and 6 pockets. When it’s opened, all the sides fall back to reveal a large multi-layered card and show all the love you put into it. Include any meaningful pictures and collages of you and the one who will be receiving this gift! Inside is a small gift box, so you can put a ring, watch, necklace etc in it as a second surprise.

Willow Tree Chrysalis

This is a hand-painted sculpture features two friends hugging each other. At 9 inches tall, this sculpture is a perfect keepsake for your best friend. It also comes with an enclosure card which has a heartwarming message that reads “Protect and cherish; give wings to fly.” This simple yet awesome gift is packaged inside a gift-ready box as well.

Engraved Wallet Inserts

A wallet insert card that contains your love note is a remarkable way to tell someone you love them. Let them carry your love everywhere they go.The words on this wallet insert are engraved nice and tight, so the one you love can carry this in their wallet for a long, long time. With 6 colors available, this gift can be personalized according to anyone’s tastes.

Knock Knock Why You’re My Bestie Fill in the Love Book

This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe all the reasons why your best pal is the bomb. Make it as silly, sweet, or sentimental as you choose! Complete each line and you have a uniquely personal gift a BFF will read again and again. Cute best-friend gifts just don’t get any better than this—for BFFs old and young alike.

Engraved I Love You Tagua Nut

A gift you can feel proud to give! A one-of-a-kind find, like your love. You have deep feelings for someone, and you want to let them know in a lasting way. You’re on a budget, plus you really don’t want to buy something plastic or meaningless. We’ve got the perfect gift for you: an engraved tagua nut that says, “I Love You” in a ring box. It works in so many ways: It expresses how you feel, it’s very unique, and extremely memorable.

Bracelets That Bring Long-Distance Lovers Closer Than Ever

Here’s a fun one – a pair of Bond Touch bracelets for you and for your dearest. When you touch it, they feel it – no matter where they are on the planet. Open your Bond Touch App to follow your partner’s status and get notified when you miss a touch. Creepy or Caring? You decide!

5-Piece Warm Hugs Combo Gift Pack

Stay warm from head to toe! This 5 piece set can keep your entire body warm, while also displaying sentimental words and phrases throughout all the warm, cozy items. Who said you have to choose between meaningful and functional? Why can’t we have both?

Pinky Promise Distance Matching Bracelets for 2

Distance bracelets allow you to feel close to your loved one, no matter how far they are. With this pair of bracelets, you’ll feel together no matter where you are & no matter how far away your lovers, Mom, dad, daughter, sister, or best friend happen to be. Distance and time apart from someone can be hard, but so sweet when knowing you are missing each other at all times.

Colorful Rose Artificial Flower

Even if this colorful rose is not a real plant, in some ways it’s better – it will never wither, never fade, and never die. The colorful rose is perfect and impeccable, looking even more beautiful than a real flower. It is as full of infinite hope and beauty as a rainbow. The gift comes with a beautiful pink box, so you can give it directly to others without purchasing packaging.

Romantic Picture Frame

Looking for a romantic anniversary gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend? This wood string art picture frame is perfect! It is also a funny gift for the husband and wife. With a mix of caring, humor, and style, there isn’t much this picture frame doesn’t have.

God is My Guide Compass

For any religious people, here is a handcrafted, antique brass compass that is designed to remind us daily that God is our Guide and True North. This inspirational gift is functional, and also goes beautifully on a desk, shelf, or next to a computer. It is the only compass on earth that points us to God.

Memory Jar

Fill up your Memory Jar with all your happy moments together and cherish those memories for years to come. Give a gift that will put a smile on your best friend’s face every time they read one of the happy moments from their memory jar. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion, Best Friends Memory Jars are the perfect sentimental gifts.

Knot of Friendship Necklace

The Knot Of Double Heart Friendship Necklace stands for Friendship And Eternity. It comes included with an Inspirational Reminder Message Card: “The Knot of Friendship Friends Are Connected Heart To Heart. Distance & Time Can’t Break Them Apart.” What better way to show someone how much you care about them?

Crystal Bonsai Tree for Good Luck

This one is pretty unique – a beautiful, crystal Gemstone bonsai Tree. This tree has gemstones as the leaves, wires as the branches and trunk, and a piece of wood as a base. Something simply beautiful like a gemstone tree creates a space where energy can freely flow and attract good things! The energy of gemstone trees is one of freely flowing abundance.

Love and Friendship Jar

This fantastic love and friendship jar has 31 quotations about friendship. It comes in a chic-looking box with a colorful and cheerful design. This jar is an awesome gift to a best friend, partner, or family members. It is an awesome way to stay mindful and cherish your relationship with each other.

Message In A Bottle

Message in SMS? not romantic enough. How about a message in a capsule? There are 90 capsules in a bottle, so the only problem is what you want to tell your lover! Write a secret love note to cure her/him of a broken heart every meal, every day. Small but potent, a definite cure for sure! This is a great way to show your feeling to others if you do not have the courage to speak out.

Custom Coffee Mug

 Have a long distance friendship or looking for a great birthday gift idea? This is a kind, meaningful gift with elegant design for soul sisters. Remind her of the best coffee break memories with you. This is a sweet and personalized gift for women that is fitting for many occasions, such as a moving away gift, birthday gift, best friendship gift.

Soul Sister Bangle

The human spirit energetically connects with these powerful symbols when they are created with accuracy and pure intent. Give her the Soul Sister Charm Bangle as a symbol of this special connection. This expandable bracelet features a yin yang-inspired design adorned with Swarovski crystals and the phrase ‘Soul Sister’ at its center.

Favorite Asshole Keychain

his is a very funny Valentine’s day gift for your fiance and a great gift for someone with a great sense of humor. It’s hilarious! Give this keychain to your beloved A-Hole and watch their reaction. This keychain is the perfect mix of sentiment and humor, and makes a great gift for your boyfriend, or for any friend who fits the keychain’s description.

“You’re My Person” Wine Glass

Why give basic gifts to your bff like best friend bracelets, best friend picture frames, or best friend rings when your bestie deserves a gift that’s as great as they are? Whether you are looking for unique gifts, long distance relationships gifts, or general best friend stuff, this wine glass will provide a unique and memorable gift for your soul sister, bro, or anyone else you care about!

“We Will Always be Connected” Key Chain

This keychain shows how strong your bond is, both physically and metaphorically. Literally made of connected puzzle pieces, this keychain has strong symbolism and will remind the wearer of you whenever they look at it. Real friends stay friends forever, and this keychain is a great demonstration of that.

Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Using the Polaroid ZIP is super quick and easy! Just connect a smart phone or tablet via Wi-Fi and watch as your portraits, selfies, and social media photos transform from digital images to physical pictures in lighting speed. The mini and pocket sized design is compact, extremely portable, and perfect for anyone who loves to travel, blog, do DIY projects, or go on adventures. The small size makes it easy to carry so you can share your favorite pictures at any time, whether you’re indoors, outdoors, at a party, on vacation, or at any other event

Homesick Scented Candle

Love to travel, but find yourself missing home as well? Order a candle that smells like home and take it with you! Wherever you live, there is probably a candle available with your area’s unique fragrance. Give this to a travel buddy as a gift and turn traveling from a hobby into a passion for that lucky person.

Partner Llama Phone Case

This set of lovely, matching Couple Cases is made of high quality eco-friendly material. This phone case provides full body protection for your device, keeping it safe from light scratches and dust in everyday use. The smooth and flexible texture brings your hands satisfying experience and simplifies installation and removal. The printed design with eco-friendly pigments allow the cases to stay looking good even after a long time.

Trinket Dish

This gift is sentiment written in a plate: “A true friendship is a journey without an end” is written on the inside to remind that your friend that you’re always there for your them. Put it in the bathroom or kitchen, and put your jewelry inside while you wash your hands, do dishes, or prepare a meal.

Still Together Spoon

This highly durable, trendy silverware spoon is ideal for day to day use. It can be used for coffee or tea, ice cream, soup, as a teaspoon, tablespoon, or anything else. This High-quality stainless spoon is engraved with the words ‘Still Having Coffee Together’ using an industrial standard engraving machine,so the impression will remain forever no matter how many times you wash it.

Polaroid Snap

The Polaroid Snap instant digital camera easily captures all the fun of the legacy Polaroid instant camera in an easy, compact package; Simply Point and click to print vibrant, high-quality photos that you can share, no computer connections needed! The Integrated Zink Printing Technology enables you to instantly print colorful, clear pictures. Prints Automatically when an image is captured without ink, ribbons, or toner cartridges.

Law of Attraction Life Planner

This is a deluxe planner showing you how to become the best possible version of yourself on all levels: mental, physical & interpersonal. It’s the only planner of its kind, and is based on leading scientific studies that are proven to increase productivity & happiness! It has over 272 pages with features that include foldable vision board, morning & evening power questions, mind maps, reflection pages, habit trackers, back pocket, gratitude journal and so much more than any other planner listed!

Makeup Case

This seller has makekup cases to give to your best friend, but also has similar variations for your sister, mother, teacher, bridesmaid, and many others. Get them a gift that will remind them what they mean to you whenever they put on their makeup!

Bamboo Bath Tray

Thanks to its versatile design, durability and convenient holders, this premium bathtub caddy ensures the one who receives this gift will enjoy an unparalleled experience of luxury and serenity each time they take a bath. The tray is fully adjustable, so it can fit almost any bathtub effortlessly thanks to its extendable sides. Bathtub caddy includes plenty of compartments, slots, and trays for different items to use.

Ice Cream Maker

Help your friend cheer up with an old classic – ice cream! This is the fastest and easiest way to make 4 quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato. Simply add your ingredients into the aluminum canister, place it in the bucket, layer with ice and salt, and let the electric motor do the rest. Soon you will have wonderful homemade ice cream! Customize each recipe to your heart’s content by adding ingredients. When done, use the included lid and lid cap to store leftover ice cream in the freezer.

Two Piece Loving Elephants with Heart Sculpture

These loving elephants are an exterior or interior decoration that never fails to charm! A single elephant with a raised trunk is a symbol of luck, but this pair is twice as lucky (and romantic) – they fit together to form a heart by sliding one trunk beneath the other. Made from resilient cast resin and designed with the look of beautiful hand-polished wood, they’re resilient to bumps, falls and weather. Place them outside your front door, in your front hallway, or on display in any room to bring fortune and happiness to your home.

Me Without You

 Filled with scenarios that are simply incomplete without two, Me Without You is the perfect way to say, “I love you.” Whether it’s “I miss you” in a long distance relationship, “I’m sorry” after a spat, Valentine’s Day, a wedding day, an anniversary, or a just because gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend, this uniquely charming book will brighten that special person’s day again and again.

Picture Frame

One is truly lucky when they have a significant other that they look forward to experiencing life with every day – that’s the message this picture frame shares. Use this gift as a frame for an intimate photo of the 2 of you, and look at it whenever you’re in the mood to get sentimental.

Fluffy Slippers

These house slippers are extremely cozy & comfy! Featuring an open-toe design and a fuzzy plush fabric that makes them warm, soft and relaxing, they are the perfect way to show someone what they mean to you. These lovely slippers are suitable for wearing around the house, and general lounging. Exquisitely refined style mixes the traditional house shoes with pretty faux fur upper.