25 Funny Gag Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Find Hilarious

by mkimmel | Last Updated: January 4, 2022

Are you looking to wow your friends with a hilarious gag gift? Here are some amazing gift ideas just for you! These gifts are perfect for any occasion where gag gifts are warranted, such as white elephant exchanges, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or random gifts for that friend you KNOW will appreciate them.

Who is Out of Toilet Paper? – Gag Gift Box

Empty prank gift boxes at first appear to contain bizarre products from ridiculous companies. To use them, simply put your real present inside the joke box and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends & loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the “Roto Wipe”. Then watch them explode with laughter when they discover what’s actually inside and realize they’ve been pranked!

People of Walmart.com Adult Coloring Book

Get ready for the most fun you’ll ever have with an adult coloring book! This EPIC adult coloring book is comprised of 37 single-sided images, all original and intricate artwork based on the images from the website that makes MILLIONS laugh. Each page is designed with beautiful patterns, swirls, paisleys, mandalas, flowers, and leaves… color away while letting the steam out. Simply sit back, relax, and choose the Walmart creature that connects most with you. Then color in the wonderful weirdo with your choice of color pencil, pen, marker, and/or crayon.

Burritos Tortillas Blanket

This is not just a blanket – it’s a Burrito. Imagine that you are wrapped in a fresh tortilla blanket and feel the warmth of real burritos. This gag burritos blanket will not only bring you warmth but also fun! Your neighbors will be jealous when they see you wrapped up in it – they’ll also want to be the burrito!

Code Brown Commandos Emergency Underpants in a Can

Trying to think of a funny, weird gift for a white elephant party with friends and family? This pack of disposable underwear always delivers a big laugh! When “disaster” strikes, you’ll be prepared. Every order comes with 3 pairs of individually packaged underpants. They are all nicely packed in one bigger box (perfect for gifting). The one-use granny panties are made of comfortable polyester fabric and are super-stretchy. They are designed to fit men and women, big and small! You’ll be able to get them on and off with ease.

Fortunes Favor the Bold- 19 Pack of Offensive Fortune Cookies

These cookies, while offensive, are hilarious; You will be laughing as your friends and family open these wildly offensive fortunes that will be sure to shock, offend, and amuse – they are the perfect fortune cookies for your next party. These cookies could best be described as Misfortune Cookies. Many ridicule and offend, while all are designed to get a laugh. These cookies come in a convenient bulk 19 pack, with a bonus blank cookie, which can be used to designate the ultimate loser in your group.

Toilet Timer

Give the valuable gift of time management to your #1 compadre and instantly wipe, flush, and plunge away all lavatory laziness. Now there’s a fun way to keep toilet-clogging hogs from loafing around in the bathroom all day! The Toilet Timer allows the user 5 minutes to finish up their business and get off the toilet. Get ready to finally have a free bathroom!

Deeply Satisfying Poo In Progress’ Novelty Toilet Humour Warning Sign

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any White Elephant event, this humorous office desk warning sign is the perfect gag gift for a colleague! Gift it to one of your colleagues in the office, or secretly put it on their desk whenever they leave. This warning sign is an amazing way to recapture the magic of childhood, and bring some much-needed fun to the workplace.

Talking Hamster, Repeats What You Say

This talking hamster is a loyal companion. He could accompany you all the time and will make you happy by repeating whatever you say in his amusing voice! Portable and lightweight, you can take it everywhere you go have it say whatever you like. The possibilities for laughs are endless!

Lightning Reaction Shocktato Party Game

Shocktato is a patented electrifying shocking potato game for 2 or more players that takes the classic “Hot Potato” to the next level. This game features 3 modes, plus a music-only option for small kids. Select the game mode, press start, and pass the potato around as fast as you can so you can avoid the shock! Shocktato is a guaranteed laugh-out-loud good time. Popular for both teens and adults, this potato is sure to be the cause of some amazing memories.

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

Fun fact: Most fishermen occasionally need to poop. So, why not gift your friendly neighborhood fishing enthusiast with a gift that captures their love of fishing, and combines it with an activity they do every day? Personally, I can’t imagine a more thoughtful gift.

The Potato Chip Snake Can

This Potato Chip Can looks 100% authentic: It’s the right size, has fake nutrition facts, and has realistic-looking graphics. When your friend opens it and gets hit by a huge 4 foot 5-inch realistic-looking plastic snake, you’re sure to be in for tons of laughs!

Stress Relief Ball Sack

It’s pretty hard to be frustrated while smacking a sack around. Release all that pent-up anger and tension on this stress relief toy. Laughing is sure to follow! This sack is made with high-quality, ultra-suede fabric & industrial-strength stitching. It also has a heavy-duty Velcro closure which is double stitched to ensure longevity. So, enjoy smacking the sack with no consequences!

Big Undies

Some people just NEED a pair of big, pink undies. For these people, their life wouldn’t be complete without them. There’s nothing else that needs to be said – if you know someone who absolutely needs this gift, it will be obvious to you right away! For these people, get them this gift and consider it a job well done. What they do with the gift is up to them!

Dear Asshole: 101 Tear-Out Letters to the Morons Who Muck Up Your Life

Ever wish you could leave a nasty note for that jerk in the Hummer who blocked you in, or the idiot who didn’t clean up after his dog? Now you can! Dear Asshole includes 101 letters to all of the assholes you encounter on a daily basis, each letter conveniently perforated so you can tear it out and give it to the desired offender. Whether it’s the asshole landlord, the asshole cheapskate, the asshole backseat driver, or the asshole with the Bluetooth, you will surely never leave home without this humorous and useful book ever again!

Spider Prank Box

This prank box will startle and surprise anyone who opens it! It is a harmless practical joke prank that can be used over and over again. This is a great gift box for a small object like a roll of money, gift cards, or jewelry that’s being given for Christmas, birthday gifts, or any gift-giving situation. Whoever opens the prank box will get a harmless startle as they open the prank box and a soft rubber wiggly spider touches their hand, so be sure to video them! They can then get the small enclosed gift if you choose to provide one hidden inside the prank box – if they dare! This can be reused as many times as necessary, so make sure not to throw it out after the initial prank.

Novelty Wine Pourer

Everyone’s favorite stud is finally here to enhance your drinks! Sized to fit most bottles of wine or alcohol, Sir Perky’s dispenser hole is big enough to ensure smooth pours every time. Sir Perky is made of durable and hard plastic, ensuring use after use with ease! This is a perfect gag gift for bachelorette parties or white elephant gift exchanges.

Rubber Chicken Slingshot Novelty Flickin Chicken Game

HOW TO PLAY RUBBER CHICKEN SLINGSHOTS–Place the index finger in the hole under the chicken’s head and pull their tail with the other hand. Aim and shoot the target. This slingshot can shoot pretty far! Seeing slingshot chickens flying in the office, kitchen or outdoor yard is always a great time. They stick on walls, ceilings, and even your friend’s back, then fall off slowly. Perfect outdoor game and party favor for kids and adults.

Beer Belt / 6 Pack Holster (Camo)

Here’s a gag gift that’s both hilarious and useful. How many times have you seen that friend who’s always drunk complain about having to walk to go get another beer? Well, now we have a solution! This holster ensures that the next beer is always at the ready. Plus, what’s funnier than watching someone walk around with a 6 pack of beer strapped to their body?

Funny Stemless wine glass

This glass makes a great gag gift – it’s funny with just a hint of naughty. Great for bachelorette parties, or for the lady’s night out, this glass is sure to get its fair share of laughs. The perfect gag gift for that naughty friend who always gets into trouble!

Whoop Ass Extra Strength

Take your gift-giving to the next level with this can of Whoop Ass Extra Strength. When a normal beating just won’t do, you need that little something extra! Give this to your muscular friends and watch how their day is instantly made. Guaranteed to put smiles on whoever you give it to and make people laugh for years to come.

The Totally Awesome Book of Useless Information 

Did you know that the Pilgrims ate popcorn on the first Thanksgiving? Or that Maine is the toothpick capital of the world, or that frogs have teeth?

Do you want to know what a cockroach’s favorite food is, or how long it would take to drive to the sun?

Amaze your friends and family by telling them that a baby giraffe is six feet long when it is born, or that tigers have striped skin!

Yodelling Pickle

Are you sick and tired of trying to convince a jar of pickles to yodel using melodious mind bullets and sheer force of will? I know I am! Luckily, there’s now a solution. At last, we present the Electronic Yodelling Pickle that you have always hoped for! Each 5-1/4″ (13.3 cm) long plastic pickle yodels its little heart out at the push of a button. Great gift for the person who has everything except a yodeling pickle!

Jumbo Deck of Big Playing Cards

Why play with REGULAR cards? Jumbo playing cards are a fun alternative to traditional, boring playing cards. They are multi-purposeful – you can use them to play card games, build a giant house of cards, or as decorations! From classics like Texas Hold’em and Poker to the family-friendly Go Fish, these deck-playing cards liven up any card-related experience in a way that no other deck can.

What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?

This “choose your own adventure” style cookbook contains quick and easy to implement solutions for the nightly conundrum. Every page displays a new (and easy) meal, with enough flair to keep you interested. Don’t like one of the recipes? Just choose another page for a new f*@#ing idea! Making choices is hard, so stop worrying about it and let this book make the choice for you with 50 solid meal ideas and a side of salty language for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

Hilarious Basket Head

Work can be stressful – every office could use a way to relieve the stress and pressure of the job. Shooting hoops works as a nice distraction, but even better is shooting hoops with the basket strapped to your co-worker’s head! Sure to cause laughs and release tension, this gift will make you the most popular person in the office, or wherever you decide to use this gift.