25 Adorable and Unforgettable Elephant Gifts

by mkimmel | Last Updated: January 2, 2022

We all have those friends or family members who are into all things elephants. Whether it’s elephant figurines, elephant-inspired jewelry, or just a cool elephant sweater, elephants simply grind their gears! If you are looking for the most awesome elephant gifts out there, this gift list is the one to check out. Grab a gift or two from this selection and you’ll definitely impress the elephant fanatic in your life!

Choo Choo Express Plush Elephant

Elephant Gifts: Choo Choo Express Plush Elephant

The Choo Choo Express plush elephant is one of the most adorable elephant gifts you can get! It measures 9×8.5 inches and is made with a premium polyester material. This plushie makes an amazing gift for a toddler who loves elephants or somebody who’s into collecting adorable elephant plushies. It comes in two variants: basic and limited edition.

Faux Wood Figurine

Decorative Elephant Gifts: Faux Wood Figurine

This faux wood figurine from WonderMolly features a unique elephant art that looks absolutely stunning. It will look nice on any interior decoration setup and it adds a bit of personality as well. Plus, this gift item ships inside a gift-ready box, too. This is an elephant gift the special person in your life will surely cherish.

Vintage Decorative Windproof Ashtray

Vintage Decorative Windproof Ashtray

Speaking of interior decoration, this vintage windproof ashtray is both functional and attractive. It comes in a red copper finish as well as a bronze colorway. This ashtray is made with genuine Zinc alloy material and weighs approximately 467 grams. This elephant-inspired ashtray is surely a unique eye candy!

Elephant Pullover T-Shirt

Cool Elephant Gifts: Elephant Pullover T-Shirt

This adorable elephant pullover shirt from the CM-Kid store is one of the coolest elephant gifts you can get for younger fanatics. It comes in plenty of colors such as black, green, and navy. This pullover features a cotton fabric that is both smooth and highly durable. It is skin-friendly, easy to clean, and incredibly versatile as well.

Pencil Holder with Phone Stand

Pencil Holder with Phone Stand

If you are looking for one of the simplest elephant gifts out there, this pencil holder with a phone stand is something to consider. This decorative desk accessory can hold most office items from scissors and pens to markers and rulers. It is made from a polyresin material and it has an awesome and intricate design. This is something the elephant lover in your life will surely use daily.

Elephant Boho Pants

Elephant Gifts: Elephant Boho Pants

For the stylish elephant lover in your life, these elephant boho pants are an awesome gift choice. Equipped with a simple drawstring closure, this super comfortable pair of pants is versatile and lightweight. It comes in heaps of colors, too! These pants would make an incredible outfit for a concert or even just for lounging around the house.

Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Leather Journal Writing Notebook

If you are gifting someone who loves jotting down notes or writing journal entries, this leather cover notebook is a fantastic choice. Featuring a super awesome embossed elephant design, this notebook is a pleasure to use! It comes in two different sizes: A5 and A6. Also, this journal contains 200 pages of premium quality lined paper.

Elephant 3D Night Light

Here’s one of the simplest yet one of the coolest elephant gifts you can get! This 3D night light features an acrylic print of an elephant alongside built-in LED lights with interchangeable colors. With over 16 different color modes to choose from, this home decoration is definitely eye-catching. This would look amazing on a display rack or nightstand, for sure!

Elephant Crystal Figurine

Elephant Gifts: Elephant Crystal Figurine

With 3 different sizes to choose from this elephant, crystal figurine is another simple elephant gift. It features a 3D stereoscopic display as well as a laser-carved figure on the inside. This figurine can double as a paperweight and it will definitely look nice on display! Plus, this crystal figurine is made with a premium K9 crystal, too.

Elephant Parade Throw Blanket

Elephant Parade Throw Blanket

This elephant parade throw blanket from the Lush Decor store measures 60 inches by 50 inches. It is made from 100% microfiber and it has a cotton and polyester lining blend. This throw blanket has an elegant gray and white color combo and it makes a perfect addition to any couch or bed. Also, this throw is safe to machine wash.

Elephant Critter Robe

Elephant Gifts: Elephant Critter Robe

If you are gifting to someone who’s really obsessed with elephants, this critter robe is definitely the gift to get! Featuring an ultra snug fit, this robe is designed for both comfort and functionality. It has a high-quality glossy finish, a comfy hoodie, and it is safe to machine wash as well. This robe is surely a dream to lounge on!

Elephant Coloring Book

Elephant Coloring Book

For your artsy friend who is a fan of elephants, this coloring book makes a fantastic gift choice. This adult coloring book packs in 40 different elephant-inspired coloring patterns. It has intricate details, high-quality pages, and a wide range of designs. This book is a compilation of elephant-themed work of various artists and it is definitely a delight to use.

Elephant Cotton Ball Holder

Simple Elephant Gifts: Elephant Cotton Ball Holder

Are you looking for one of the most functional and adorable elephant gifts out there? Have a look at this elephant cotton ball holder! This 2-pack of cute bathroom organizer is a perfect caddy for cosmetic supplies and other essentials. It has an elephant design, a clear container body, and a size of 3.15×3.5×5.2 inches.

Elephant Knitted Gloves

Elephant Knitted Gloves

These elephant knitted gloves from Sundawave are made from 60% wool and 40% acrylic and feature a simple button closure. It is crafted with a soft knit fabric and it is great for everyday use especially on winter days. Also, these gloves have a folding design and ribbed cuffs as well. Best of all, these gloves feature elephant-inspired finger warmers!

Elephant Sticky Notes

For the work-a-holic elephant lover in your life, this sticky note set is the perfect gift to get. This ridiculously simple stationery tool makes amongst the most functional elephant gifts out there! The set contains 8-packs of elephant-shaped and eco-friendly sticky notes. Plus, these sticky notes are super colorful, easy to write on, and adequately thick.

Elephant Diaper Backpack

Practical Elephant Gifts: Elephant Diaper Backpack

While designed to be a diaper backpack, this elephant-themed bag from Harmony Life is super versatile. It comes in heaps of color options and designs and has a convenient carrying handle. This bag can fit up to 20 diapers, 6 pieces of clothing, 3 milk bottles, and other baby stuff. It features reinforced seams on the shoulder strap as well as an overall lightweight construction.

Elephant Ring Holder

Elephant Gifts: Elephant Ring Holder

If you are gifting to someone who loves elephants as much as jewelry, this elephant ring holder might be the perfect gift to get. This super adorable trinket features a golden elephant in the middle. It is packed in a nice gift box and it is ready for gifting anytime! This ring holder has a circular base that doubles as an extra space for other accessories and measures 3.9 inches in diameter.

Large Stuffed Elephant

Large Stuffed Elephant

For the younger folks who are big fans of elephants, this large stuffed elephant plushie makes a fantastic gift choice. This snuggly plush toy measures a hefty 24 inches tall and is filled with cotton on the inside. This toy is perfect for kids with sensitive skin due to its skin-friendly texture. Also, this plushie is safe to machine-wash making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Elephant Aromatherapy Necklace

This aromatherapy necklace has a super adorable elephant-shaped pendant. It comes with an adjustable chain, 4 bottles of fragrant essential oils, and 12 pads. This necklace is made from a nickel-free alloy and it is guaranteed safe for the skin. This aromatherapy necklace is super simple to use, just add a drop or two of the essential oils straight to the elephant pendant and you’re good to go!

Elephant Wearing Glasses Pillowcase

Elephant Gifts: Elephant Wearing Glasses Pillowcase

If you are eyeing one of the simplest elephant gifts, this pillowcase is surely worth checking out. With 3 size variants, 16×16, 18×18, and 20×20, this pillowcase is perfect for any throw pillow. It is made with high-quality cotton linen and it features an invisible zipper that tucks in neatly under the fabric. Plus, nobody can resist that super cute elephant wearing eyeglasses, can they?

Elephant Credit Card Holder

Elephant Gifts: Elephant Credit Card Holder

This awesome credit card holder pouch features stunning elephant-inspired art on the front side. It is made from genuine Aphison leather and it has RFID protection as well. Also, this wallet has a leather lining, a zippered closure, and tons of card organization pockets on the interior. This is surely something the elephant enthusiast in your life will find useful.

Elephant With Butterflies Art

For the art fanatic in your life, this upcycled vintage art makes an awesome gift. This art shows an image of an elephant alongside a bunch of butterflies. It’s unique, eco-friendly, and makes a fantastic conversation starter. This artwork has a unique background composed of pages of an antique dictionary.

Elephant Tea Mug

Simple Elephant Gifts: Elephant Tea Mug

This 15-ounce elephant tea mug has an awesome rustic look and a subtle sage finish. This mug is ergonomically designed and it is amazing to hold and use. It comes with an integrated tea bag holder which makes it one of the coolest elephant gifts for tea lovers! This mug has a heat-resistant ceramic and it is dishwasher-safe.

Lucky Elephant Luggage Tag

Elephant Gifts: Lucky Elephant Luggage Tag

If you are gifting a constant traveler in your life, this lucky elephant luggage tag is the way to go! It measures 3×4 inches and it comes with a rigid rubberized lace for easy attachment. This tag features vibrant jewel tones alongside white accents with a dash of sapphire blue. This would surely make a fantastic elephant-themed gift!

Silver Elephant Stud Earring

Jewelry Elephant Gifts: Silver Elephant Stud Earring

For the elephant fanatic in your life who loves fashion and accessories, these stud earrings are something that will make them happy. These super-simple elephant stud earrings have a 925 sterling silver finish. It is antimicrobial and nickel-free as well, making it ideal for people who have sensitive skin. This one is amongst the simplest yet most awesome elephant gifts out there.