42 Useful and Cute Baby Gifts 2021

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 26, 2021

There is a pile of extremely useful baby gifts out there. While some promise to help your baby grow smarter and stronger, others simply want to ease your way in taking care of your newborn. If you simply can’t decide what to grab as a gift for a baby shower, or simply as a sign of appreciation to a new mother, no need to worry. Below, you will find a wide collection ranging from toys, clothes, travel essentials, and everything in between. You will surely find what you are looking for in this list of best baby gifts!

Baby Tree Blocks

Playing with puzzles and getting familiar with shapes at a young age is scientifically linked to raising up a brighter baby. These baby tree blocks from Constructive Playthings is a 12-piece set wood-textured puzzle. It has a very natural wood feel finish and are crafted specifically for small baby hands. This would make a simple yet awesome baby gift!

Bubble Plush Baby Play Mat

This multipurpose velvet plush mat is perfect for the little crawlers. Its soft velvety texture and thick memory foam make it very comfortable to lounge on. This mat is perfect for parent and baby playtime, and it can even double as mom’s yoga mat! (If ever she is not yet too tired of all the babysitting!) The best thing of all is that it is machine washable and dryable, so it is incredibly easy to wash up!

WeeSprout Bamboo Toddler Bowls

This 4-piece bamboo dinner feeding set is a good start to teach a baby how to properly use the utensils. With its sturdy build, ergonomic shape, and a BPA-free guarantee, this will surely withstand every baby’s hammering spoon attacks while keeping them safe from harmful chemicals. Its plain, gender-neutral, and minimalistic design is also a good bonus!

Baby Shusher Sound Machine

The baby shusher will miraculously put your whining baby to sleep. It is perfect for those parents who keep waking up in the middle of the night trying to put the little cry baby back to sleep. The shusher is also good for babies who have trouble squeezing in an afternoon nap or a car ride snooze. This sound machine uses a real human voice for truly calming shushing time!

Premium Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest

With a 1.5-inch thick knee pad support and elbow support, this premium bath kneeler and elbow rest is definitely a must have. Bath time will be a breeze for both baby and Mom (or Dad) with this ample amount of cushioning. It even has multiple storage options; hang it, mount it on the side of the tub, or zip it inside a storage bag, it is super convenient!

Baby’s First Bible

If Mom want to take a break from rereading the Little Red Riding Hood and the other classic bedtime stories, then this boxed set of Baby’s First Bible will make a refreshing gift. Included in the set are the story of Moses, the story of Jesus, Noah’s Ark, and Adam and Eve. It has simple to understand wording, bright clear pictures, and insightful stories about the sacred characters. Grab one now!

Universal Baby Stroller Organizer

Ethan & Emma store’s universal baby stroller organizer is stylish and compatible with most strollers. This organizer will fit comfortably a few of baby’s diapers, a milk bottle, baby wipes, and a handful of other baby essentials. It also doubles as a handbag or a shoulder bag when detached from the stroller. It makes it a perfect all-around handy baby bag as well!

NogginStick Light-Up Rattle

This developmental light-up rattle stick from SmartNoggin will surely get the little baby’s hands busy! In addition to that, this toy helps parents assess the developmental milestones of their children. It comes with an easy to follow instructional manual that shows what babies should be doing with the toy depending on their age. It’s a fun toy for babies and an invaluable tool for parents.

4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

For infants 8-32 pounds, this 4-in-1 convertible carrier will make a perfect gift. With this, Mom or Dad has 4 ways to carry their adorable angel. It also comes with a 2-in-1 bib to protect the fabrics. It is machine washable, so it’s super easy to clean! It has adjustable seating configurations for baby’s leg openings, and an adjustable strap for the Mom’s or Dad’s personalized fit.

Monthly Milestone Blanket

Talk about a cute gift! This monthly milestone plush blanket from Stackable Creations is an adorable photo op background for baby’s monthly growth progress. It has a colorful rainbow print, and it also includes a very darling-looking prop out of the box! With a size of 60×40″, this blanket will surely accommodate newborns up to their young toddler years.

Zutano Fleece Booties

Who says babies cannot have swag? These Zutano fleece booties will surely give a cute baby the added flash! It is made up of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it has an easy to snap hook-and-loop closure, and it is machine wash safe as well. The stylish ultra-soft fleece exterior will surely keep those cold little feet flashy and warm at the same time.

Ice Cream Cone Baby Rattle

A cute ice cream rattle is perfect for a cute little cry baby. With a knitted organic cotton material, soft stitching, and a cute friendly face, this plush toy is a perfect in-bed toy. It rattles softly as well, so it will not accidentally wake up the light sleeper. This, for sure, would be one of baby’s favorite toys!

On the Night You Were Born

On the Night You Were Born is an incredible board book that celebrates the early days of the little angel. The heartwarming illustrations paired with straight from the heart handwritten messages will make an extremely adorable keepsake. This gift is one of the things babies will surely treasure forever when they grow up, that’s for sure. Get this now!

Bubzi Co White Noise Sound Machine

This cute little owl is a perfect gift for the difficult sleepers. The snuggly plush outer is washable and a perfect cuddle buddy for little babies. It has a 30-minute shut off timer, 10 relaxing songs, a couple of bird songs, and Mama’s heartbeat recording. This is an ideal sound machine for the baby’s bedtime, early morning snooze, and long afternoon naps.

Baby Wrap Carrier

This comfortable all-in-1 baby wrap is everything a parent needs to keep their baby safe and close to them. It is made from a comfortable fabric with just the perfectly right amount of stretch. It is designed to fit every Mom or Dad, and every baby. Since it is a one-size fits all, this wrap carrier is a perfect gift if you are quite unsure of what to get. Plus, it comes in a lot of colors and styles, too!

Kick and Play Piano Gym Toys

Kids love playgrounds, don’t they? Well, this large kick and play piano gym will surely be a total paradise for baby! It also plays some nice melodies along with some bright lights for your little one. With safely secured toy pendants, and a high-quality thick cotton flooring, this play mat is designed with baby’s safety in mind. This will develop baby’s early interest on physical activities, too!

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

This Original Swaddle is the first among the 3 stages in SwaddleMe’s line of products. This one is ideal for babies who are 3-6 months old. The soft textured fabric and secure swaddle design is perfect to recreate the womb-like feeling for baby. These are machine washables as well, so no need for extra care. Grab one for a gift, now!

Letters to My Baby

For the sentimental parents who would love to express their love to their newborn through sweet words, this is a perfect gift that lets them do just that! These envelopes are a good way to seal Mom and Dad’s heart-warming messages ’til the baby’s all big and grown up. Included in the package are 12 letter templates that are ready to be filled up, postdated, and sealed. This is a sweet gift!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank

With 40+ sing-along songs and phrases, photos of animals and numbers, this piggy bank will keep your baby entertained for hours. Best of all, it is super educational and feature packed. It is equipped with the Smart Stages technology which enables it to change the learning content progressively. It comes with 10 colorful playing coins!

Vegetable Teethers

For the parents who would like to introduce vegetables to their babies at a young age, these vegetable teethers would make a helpful gift. These AppeTEETHERS from the company Little Toader are guaranteed to be safe, BPA-free, PVC-free, and Lead-free. The textures of these teethers mimics actual vegetables as well (preparing them for the real stuff), and it doubles as a gum sore massager, too!

Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket

This soft and irresistible Chenille blanket framed in high quality satin is a snuggly nap companion for babies. It’s compact at 14×14″ so it’s easy to take anywhere. There are a bunch of color options as well, you can choose from pink, blue, charcoal, silver, cornflower, white, and denim. It makes a really nice and elegant gift for a baby!

HaloVa Diaper Bag Backpack

For sure, Moms and Dads are tired of squeezing in diapers and a ton of baby supplies inside their personal packs. In that case, the HaloVa Diaper bag backpack makes bringing baby stuff a lot easier for everybody. With a large capacity, plenty of organized pockets, and a dedicated wet and dry clothes separator, parents will surely love this. Bonus: It is made with high quality waterproof fabric, too!

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be is a child-friendly book filled with tons of large beautiful illustrations as well as humorous ones. It is ideal for exercising color recognition in little babies. Adults can read it as a bedtime book to young toddlers as well. The book will surely get kids inspired and excited about all the different things they can be when they grow up. Grab one for a gift now!

Mori Zip-up Sleep & Play One Piece

It is a sleep wear and a play wear combined into one. The Mori Zip-up one piece comes in white, gray, blue stripe, gray stripe, and blush stripe. Babies will surely feel the warmth and comfort of the combined ultra-soft organic cotton and bamboo viscose material. It is a perfect gift for newborn babies as they will be able to use it up until they reach 9 months.

Silicone Baby Bibs

Food-grade silicone baby bibs are easy to clean, has wider pockets, lightweight, and are super effective in catching spills. These ones from PandaEar have adjustable buttons, a ton of color options, and a lifetime warranty! These will fit most babies and even younger toddlers. Best thing about it is that it does not retain food odor!

World’s Cutest Alarm Clock Onesie

The print says it all! For the cute baby who also happens to be a very effective alarm clock for the parents, this onesie is a funny yet adorable gift. Perhaps it can also serve as a nice reminder for Mom and Dad that they have the world’s cutest alarm clock. For sure, those late-night unexpected cries will definitely be more bearable this time! Buy one now!

Hape Beaded Raindrop Rattle

Hape’s beaded rainmaking shaker is a good fidget toy for babies who just can’t keep their hands steady for a minute. The soothing raindrop sounds are known to tickle and stimulate babies’ senses. It is designed for cute little hands too, so it is very grippy and easy to hold. But in case it drops, don’t worry! It is designed to be thrown around by those naughty little ones.

Penguin Musical Wobbler

It is truly entertaining to watch this little penguin spin, rock, and wobble! This is a toy babies would surely have a great time with. It can play soothing sounds and has a built-in bell designed to tinkle as it wobbles. The paint is long-lasting and safe for kids, too. This one is a little toy that will surely make your baby chuckle!

KicKee Pants Print with Footie

Big colorful prints on KicKee’s super soft signature lightweight fabric is something babies would enjoy wearing. They may not be able to speak it out loud yet, but for sure, they will be thanking you for this! These specific ones are good for babies 3-6 months old. Bonus: It has a flippable paws for warming those cold little baby hands.

Musical Touch Pad

This musical touch pad is a baby equivalent of an iPad. It is as entertaining and perhaps more durable even! These ones from Infantino are good for babies 9 months and up. It has 14 songs and sound effects, a soft textured finish, and cool light-up effects. This is a good way to help those little crawlers stay put while learning something some cool new tunes.

Paw Patrol Bath Squirter

If your baby is a fan of Nickelodeon on TV, then he might remember these familiar puppy faces. The Paw Patrol bath squirter is a set of 5 water squirters that will make cleaning time more enjoyable. The little ones will surely get excited getting in the tub with all these colorful pups! They are easy to squeeze, designed for small hands, and will definitely encourage some imaginative play.

Lotus Travel Crib

Moms and Dads will just need roughly 15 seconds to set this travel crib up. It is lightweight, certified safe and non-toxic, and weighs only 13lbs when packed. Also, it turns into this easy-to-carry backpack which is ideal for families who are always on the go. The included soft mattress can support fragile backs of babies aged 0-3 years old. This makes an awesome gift!

Teething Gel

Teething is a part of babyhood, but it is just a little sad to see little angels cry, don’t you think? This teething gel is a perfect gift to ease those tooth pains away. This product is Benzocaine-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and have no artificial flavors. It’s good for babies 3 month or older. This gel offers instant cooling sensation so you can quickly bring baby’s angelic smile back in no time.

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

Bath sessions are just as stressful for whining babies as they are for parents. In that case, this organic baby shampoo from Cetaphil aims to make the experience a little bit better. Its tear-free formula lathers well and cleans up delicate skin from head to toe. Leaving a soothing and refreshing scent on baby’s soft bum. It is hypoallergenic, colorant-free, and mineral oil free as well.

Newborn Sleeping Bag Swaddle

This sleeping bag swaddle is perfect for a newborn’s first-day photoshoot. Mom and Dad will love this adorable gift! The elegant-looking design and high-quality material makes for a perfect first-day photo and a long-lasting baby swaddle. The knitted wool and velvet combo are extremely comfortable for the baby as well. This one comes on four different colors gray, black, beige, and white.

MiBella Hooded Baby Towel

Made from ultra-fine bamboo fibers smoother than cotton, this premium bath towel will wrap your cute little angel snuggly and comfortably. It is substantially thick, plus, it is guaranteed hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This super absorbent towel is a perfect gift for the baby’s soft and sensitive skin. It dries fast, guaranteed durable, and it’s safe to machine wash, too!

Dream On Me Bassinet

This all mesh 2-in-1 portable bassinet is perfect to carry around from place to place. It can be rockable or stationary depending on how you want to use it. It has a breathable material perfect to keep babies within sight and properly ventilated during their long naps. It folds easily and will literally take Mom or Dad only a second to set up. Super convenient, isn’t it?

Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit

This handprint and footprint kit is the best gift to get if you are looking for one with a personalized touch. The do-it-yourself kit will seal baby’s cutesy foot and hand marks on a moldable no-mess clay. It comes with easily understandable instructions, and the frame is moisture-proof to make sure the clay does not get damaged. It will surely be a super sweet keepsake!

Baby Bandana Bibs

Cool-looking bibs are always a nice touch on cute little drooling angels. This 4-pack bandana bib gift set is made from 100% absorbent cotton on the front side and 100% polyester fleece on the backside. The nickel-free snaps allow room for adjustment and can accommodate babies 3-24 months old. It comes in a bunch of different colors, styles, and patterns as well!

Quantum Physics for Babies

This gift goes to all babies out there who will be future scientists! Quantum Physics for Babies is a fun and educational book that aims to introduce basic scientific principles to young minds. It is written in simple understandable language, has a ton of colorful illustrations, and has expert-backed educational content. There are also ones on Organic chemistry, and Physics, check it out!

Skip Hop Musical Toys

A cute owl, hedgehog, and fox. These adorable little shakers produce different sounds and will surely take the crib boredom away for little babies. The set includes beautifully colored characters with different interactive textures and an easy to hold design. These will surely be one of baby’s favorite toys!

Baby Diaper Caddy

Having a baby around the house can sometimes be very stressful especially when diapers and milk bottles suddenly disappear when you need them. Well, this baby diaper caddy will surely help parents in organizing all of that! This nifty polyester caddy attaches to a crib, changing table, or a wall. The materials are heavy-duty and can store up to 72 diapers!