55 Loveliest Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 12, 2021

The hunt for the best Valentine’s day gifts for her is never an easy task. So, if you’re looking for a couple of ideas, here are some to check out. This list has everything from workout essentials, kitchenware, jewelry, and a ton more. Your lover deserves all the nice things she can have so make sure to make her feel extra loved by grabbing a couple of Valentine’s day gift from this list. Read along!

Handmade Preserved Roses

Roses never go out of style, everybody knows that, and these handmade preserved roses from Perfectione Roses are no exception. With 5 different color options, these would certainly make your partner excited! These roses are made with actual fresh roses treated with a unique preservation process to make them last up to 3 years. Plus, it comes in an exquisite container!

Bearington Romantic Rover Plush

The Bearington romantic rover plush is a puppy stuffed toy with tons of heart designs. It sits 12 inches tall and comes with soft fur, a satin bow, and an ultra-premium feel. This plush is surface washable, extremely huggable, and super adorable! This would surely make a wonderful Valentine’s day gift for her.

Mini Cryptex Puzzle Box

If your girlfriend or wife loves mysteries or puzzles, this mini cryptex puzzle box would be an amazing Valentine’s day gift for her. This 5-piece pack comes with 1 pair of diamond rings, a pair of couple’s ring, 2 pieces of leather necklace, and 1 piece Da Vinci cryptex. It is a fantastic and unique gift idea for sure.

I Pick You Keychain

For the music genius partner who plays the guitar, this keychain pick is a wonderful Valentine’s day gift for her. It is made with a stainless-steel material which is corrosion-resistant and durable. The keychain comes with a double-sided engraved message which is extremely witty and sweet! Also, it ships with an included velvet bag.

MagicMakers Massager

The MagicMakers massager is an all-around massager with a heating function. It offers deep-kneading massage great for muscle pain relief and promoting overall relaxation. This is something your partner would genuinely find many uses for! It is a Valentine’s day gift for her that she’ll truly fall in love with.

Valentine’s Day Funny Toilet Paper

If you and your partner are the type who loves pulling funny gag pranks at each other, then this funny toilet paper makes a suitable Valentine’s day gift. It is funny and sweet at the same time, and of course, it is absolutely functional! This roll of toilet paper has 200 sheets of 3-ply papers which features a vivid print.

Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

Drinking healthier has never been easier with the Savvy infusion water bottle. This nifty simple bottle comes in two size configurations—24- and 36-ounce. There is a ton of colors to choose from ranging from black and blue to a more vibrant rose gold and red. It is an amazing way to keep your partner juiced up and healthier.

Lavemi Zip Wallet

Carrying a ton of cards, a bunch of bills, a phone, and some IDs are no joke that’s why the Lavemi Zip wallet is heaven-sent. This chic and stylish wallet has a roomy interior with loads of organizational pockets and tons of color variants. It is made with 100% real leather as well. Plus, with RFID-blocking material, these will keep your partner’s card safe and sound.

Kindle Paperwhite

Are you gifting to your partner who loves to read? Well, if you are, the Kindle Paperwhite is a candidate for the best Valentine’s day gift for her. Now with a roomier 32Gb max internal storage, waterproofing, and a brighter screen, this is one of the best e-books out there. With this, she can read anywhere she pleases!

Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

This glow in the dark throw blanket is an amazing Valentine’s day gift that will come in handy during your cozy Netflix sessions. It measures 50 inches in width and 60 inches in height. This adorable blanket has glow-in-the-dark stars and scriptures for that added effect. It is something she’ll definitely enjoy and surely find a use for.

Date Night Box Set

If you are constantly struggling to spice up a conversation with your girlfriend or wife, this date night box set is the gift to consider. This 3-in-1 card game is specifically designed for couples. With this game, there is absolutely no learning curve, you just draw a card and do as it say! It is definitely a Valentine’s day gift for her that you’ll both enjoy.

Dr. Scholl’s 2-pack Socks

For lounging around the house on a lazy weekend, your partner will find these socks from Dr. Scholl extremely comfy. They are made with 99% polyester and 1% spandex. These socks are soft, premium, and come in heaps of color options. If you want a simple gift for your partner, these socks are an amazing Valentine’s day gift for her!

Waneway Screen Makeup Mirror

The Waneway screen makeup mirror is something for the makeup enthusiast. It is a 12-inch screen vanity mirror with 24 built-in LED lights. This mirror has an elegant look despite the plastic body, an adjustable color temperature for the LED bulbs, and a smart dimming technology. Plus, it comes in two beautiful finishes black and white.

Percussion Massage Gun

Being a girlfriend or wife is not an easy job, so your partner surely needs as much relaxation as she can get! For that, this percussion massage gun from the Befano store is a suiting Valentine’s day gift for her. This massager is equipped with a powerful percussion motor which has 4 quiet speed settings. Also, the set includes a handful of massage heads.


For the adventurous girlfriends or wives, the GoPro Max makes a fantastic Valentine’s day gift. This sports action camera is built like a tank, has 360-degree capability, and a smooth full HD video feature. It is an amazing tool for recording camping trips, death-defying adventures, or just the everyday challenges of life.

100 Date Night Idea Cards

The 100 Date Night idea cards is a Valentine’s day gift for her that you’ll both surely find a use for. This card set comes in handy for when you just don’t know what to do together. It is filled with different bucket list ideas, games, and fun ways to connect with your partner. This simple gift is definitely something fun and simple!

Bose Headphones 700

Working in a coffee shop or a busy workplace is something not entirely bearable to many. If you are gifting to your girlfriend or wife who hates noise, the Bose headphones 700 the Valentine’s day gift for her! With an industry leading active noise cancellation and a rich sound quality, this pair of headphones is something she’ll surely use on a daily.

I Love You Necklace

If you can’t find the words to say how much you love your partner, this 24k gold necklace might be the perfect Valentine’s day gift for her. It has an onyx pendant with an inscribed “I Love You” in over 120 different languages! It makes for an amazing accessory and a wonderful keepsake. This one is a super-premium gift in case you want to splurge a little.

New Balance Women’s 411

For the fit wife or the yoga-addicted girlfriend, a pair of shoes might be the perfect Valentine’s day gift. This one from New Balance are the 411 V1 walking shoe. It comes in white, black, and lynx blue. This pair of shoes are made with 100% fabric upper, rubber soles, an ultra-responsive DynaSoft midsole, and a cool and comfortable EVA foam insert.

Mini Waffle Maker

One of the best Valentine’s day gift for her is probably a sweet breakfast in bed and what better way to do that with this mini waffle maker. This adorable waffle maker makes heart-shaped waffled which measure around 4 inches. It is also suitable for making hash browns, mini pizzas, and paninis. It is compact, lightweight, and super easy to use.

Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids

If you are gifting your partner who’s into all things kitchen, you should definitely grab these mixing bowls as a Valentine’s day gift for her. This 6-piece stainless-steel bowls come with individual lids which are airtight. Featuring non-slip bottoms, these bowls come in all sizes from 1 quart all the way to 7 quarts!

Valentine’s Day Stuffed Animal

Here’s a fun one! This Valentine’s day stuffed animal from Light Autumn is a cute sloth holding a heart with some funny written text. It reads “Damn Shawty, you fine,” which is absolutely hilarious yet sweet! This stuffed animal is something she would definitely love snuggling, plus, it will look cute on display as well.

Camping Double Hammock

For that one special woman in your life who loves the outdoors as much as she loves you, this double hammock is a fantastic gift! It comes in a dozen of color variants such as army green, charcoal, copper, and a few others. With a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, lightweight construction, and a military-grade fabric, this one is as tough as your love!

Ceramic Heart Shape Ring Dish

If you are looking for a simple gift this Valentine’s day, this ceramic heart-shaped ring dish is something to consider. This minimalistic caddy measures 4×3.7×1″ and can hold a hefty amount of everyday essentials. Made with a high-fired ceramic and embellished with a fancy gold trim, this dish is functional piece of decor to love and adore.

Panasonic Lumix G100

The Panasonic Lumix G100 is a mirrorless camera that supports up to 4k video recording and features a 3-inch flip screen. It can accommodate multitude of compatible lenses despite its compact design and lightweight build. If you are gifting a vlogger wannabe or a photography enthusiast partner, this is the Valentine’s day gift for her.

Ceramic Succulent Bonsai Pots

These cute succulent bonsai pots are probably as awesome as your love for each other. A pack of these comes with 6 pieces of 2.5-inch succulent pots styled and painted with cute owl designs! These pots are perfect for small potted plants and even for storing some office items like pens and clips. She’ll love this Valentine’s day gift for sure.

Photo Album Scrapbook

If you are planning to give something personalized as a Valentine’s day gift for her, this photo album scrapbook is a fantastic choice. Designed with a rustic look and made with premium quality materials, this will add a bit of spice to your lovely photos. This album has 40 sheets of transparent film which can a hefty 160 pieces of 11.6-inch by 7.5-inch printed photos.

Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

While on the topic of personalized Valentine’s day gifts for her, this fill-in-the-blank gift journal is another amazing choice. If you want to pour your heart out by writing your partner a book just for them but you’re not quite the writer, this journal will help you out! It has 112 pages of sweet, mushy, and witty lines which you can fill up!

Zomake Hiking Backpack

The Zomake hiking backpack is a fantastic Valentine’s day gift for her especially if she’s into hiking and weekend trips. It is a lightweight, premium-built bag with a hefty 25-liter capacity. It comes in dozens of colors such as army green, black, coral, dark blue, and a ton more. This bag has a durable water-resistant nylon construction as well.

Sweetheart Sunday Crosswords

If your partner loves the newspapers for their crossword puzzles, she’ll definitely find the Sweetheart Sunday Crosswords a fantastic gift! This puzzle book contains 75 classic New York Times crosswords inside a portable form factor. It is a fantastic compilation of all the Sunday crosswords from 1942, the year it started. This one is super cool!

Ekouaer Pajamas Set

Do you want to level up your partner’s sleepwear? If you do, then the Ekouaer pajama set is the Valentine’s day gift for her! Made with 5% spandex with a super comfortable 95% viscose material, this are some seriously comfortable sleepwear. Also, this two-piece button down and pants come in tons of designs such as plain colors and patterned ones.

Boss Lady Coffee Mug

The Boss Lady coffee mug something for that miss independent partner of yours. It is a decorative 14-ounce mug with an attractive pink ceramic and some gold accents. This one is a wonderful Valentines gift for her especially if she’s one who’s into coffee and tea. This mug is easy to clean, safe to drink from, and just gorgeous to look at.

Max K Kitchen Utensil Set

For the home-made master chefs out there, this Max K Kitchen utensil set is a suitable Valentine’s day gift. This 10-piece high-quality utensils have silicone tips, sturdy wooden handle, and a food-safe and BPA-free construction. With ergonomic handles, an included caddy, and satisfaction guarantee, your partner will surely love prepping tasty meals more.

Oversized Wearable Blanket

Does your partner love snuggling and cuddling with you? Well, here’s a Valentine’s day gift for her that she’ll surely love! This oversized wearable blanket from The Comfy store is a hefty 16.5×13.5-inch blanket with a hoodie. It is made with extremely soft luxurious material which comes in two sizes. It is easy to clean, comfortable to wear, and it looks lovely!

Intelex Fully Microwavable Slippers

Speaking of comfortable, the Intelex fully microwavable slippers is the comfiest slippers your partner will ever own. With its all-natural grain and dried French lavender, this pair of slippers has a soothing warmth and comfortable feel. It is manufactured with the highest quality, plus, it packs extremely compact making it wonderful for traveling.

Quartz Jade Roller

For your partner who’s into skin care and self-love, this Quartz jade roller from Rosejoice is a Valentine’s day gift that she will find useful. It reduces dark under eye puffiness, promotes blood circulation, and leaves the skin feeling and looking young. It is a simple and portable tool that goes a long way. It is definitely something she needs in her arsenal.

Jessica Simpson Women’s House Slippers

Looking for a fresh pair of house slippers as a Valentine’s day gift for your lovely partner? If you are, then this pair from the Jessica Simpson store is something worth considering. Made with 100% synthetic material, a thick memory foam, and an anti-slip sole, these slippers are super stylish and comfy. They come in heaps of colors, too!

E Tronic Edge Running Belt

If you have an active partner who loves going on morning runs, rock climbing, or biking, this running belt is a wonderful gift to get. Featuring a sport-fit belt with a roomie interior, this accessory will level up her game! It comes in black, blue, camo, pink, gray, and purple. This running belt has a high-quality zipper, durable elastic, and a soft stretchable pocket.

Bath & Body Gifts for Women

Nothing fits the Valentine theme better than a relaxing bath & body gift and this basket has you covered. This spa gift set includes a shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, body lotion, body mist, bath sponge, and a bath soap. It comes with a unique wooden crate for storage as well. These products are paraben-free and safe for all skin types.

Mini Charm Pendant Necklace

This mini charm pendant necklace is something every minimalist will love! It is an 18-inch necklace with a tiny heart-shaped pendant. This necklace comes in rose gold, and silver, and it is made with a titanium steel. Cut with extreme precision, this necklace is extremely awesome. Your partner will fall in love with this simple yet elegant piece of jewelry.

Homesick Scented Candle

The homesick scented candle is a fantastic gift for girlfriends or wives who are into keeping a sweet scent in the air. It is a wonderful candle which sets the mood for a romantic and relaxing evening. This candle has a burn time of 60 to 80 hours making it suitable to use for a couple of times. It has an all-natural soy wax blend and scents from rose petals, red plum, and others.

KODAK Smile Instant Camera

If your partner is more into printed photos than digital ones, then the KODAK smile instant camera is a wonderful Valentine’s day gift idea. This device is the marriage of a vintage design with modern technology. It has a 16-megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and a micro SD card support. This camera also charges via micro USB making it easy to top up.

Women’s Popover Packable Jacket

Make sure your partner is always prepared for unexpected rain showers with this packable jacket from the Starter. This jacket is made with 100% polyester and comes in black, white, and light blue. It folds in a pocketable form factor making it super easy to bring anywhere. This is a Valentine’s day gift for her which she’ll surely find handy during emergencies.

Essential Oil Shower Steamer Set

Shower time is more relaxing and fun with these shower steamers from Body Restore. These essential oil-infused steamers come in a set of 12 tablets with scents such as grapefruit, citrus, cocoa, and orange. These tablets do not melt fast, promote relaxation, and makes showering more rejuvenating. This Valentine’s day gift is something she’ll love!

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron

If you want to give something for the kitchen, this enameled cast iron fits the Valentine’s day theme quite nicely. It comes in a passionate red finish in a heart-shaped design. This enameled cast iron retains heat incredibly and it comes with a tight-fitting lid, and an oven-proof knob. It can hold up to 2 quarts in capacity and it is safe to use with the dishwasher.

Boska Holland Tealight Fondue Set

The Boska Holland tealight fondue set is a microwave-safe ceramic pot which also works well with a candle. This one is a Valentine’s day gift for her especially if she’s into melted cheese, melted chocolate, or even some creamy soup. Out of the box, this fondue set includes a ceramic pot, a wooden base, 2 fondue forks, and a tea light.

Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

Still on the cooking side of things, this heart-shaped measuring spoons are amazing Valentine’s day gifts for her. These spoons come packed inside a gift-ready box with white satin ribbon and a gift tag. Each spoon has engraved heartfelt messages such as “a heap of love,” “a spoonful of affection,” “a pinch of joy,” and “a dash of tenderness.”

Smiley Handmade Preserved Flower

For the girlfriends or wives out there, who loves small trinkets and keepsakes, this handmade preserved flower from Smiley is a wonderful gift choice. Made with real fresh rose and crafted by professional florists, this preserved flower can last up to 3 good years. Plus, there are tons of colors to choose from, such as blue, rainbow, and red.

External Battery Pack

Keep your partner charged and connected with this external battery pack from Poweradd. It has a hefty 12000mAh capacity with an included 8-pin cable. This battery pack also comes in heaps of color variants such as black, red, green, blue, and pink. This is a perfect companion for your partner’s iPhone as it has a lightning input power port.

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

The Nixplay smart digital picture frame is a 10.1-inch frame with a resolution of 1280×800. With this, your partner can display a couple of her favorite photos on the wall or on tabletops. It is easy to use, easy to manage, and it works well with Amazon’s Alexa assistant. This is a worthy candidate for the best Valentine’s day gift for her.

Sperry Women’s Rain Boot

This chic looking rose dust-colored rain boots are from Sperry. It has a 6.5-inch arch, a wide boot opening, a tough rubber and wool construction, and a heavy-duty fiber stitch. It comes in 3 other different color variants: dark grey, off white, and light purple. If you are looking for an amazing pair of shoes for the amazing woman in your life, this is the one!

Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit

If you want to tolerate her sweet tooth just for Valentine’s day, then these chocolate-y fruit pack should be on top of your list! These treats come in a bunch of variants, and they are an absolute delight. A set of these comes with 2 packs of 7-ounce bags filled with nutty fruity treats! Plus, there’s a bunch of choices from strawberries to banana slices to orange peels.

Women’s Classic Satin Pajama Set

For your girlfriend or wife who could use a good night’s sleep, this classic satin pajama set from the Tony and Candice store works like a charm. It is made with high-quality satin silk which has a lightweight and comfortable feel. It has a front pocket on the chest, and it comes in tons of colors, too! This one is a Valentine’s day gift for her that she’ll surely appreciate.

Hatha Yoga Large Yoga Mat

Hatha Yoga’s large yoga mat is the Valentine’s day gift for your partner who fancies meditations and workouts. It measures 72 inches in length and 32 inches in width. This yoga mat has an ample 0.25-inch thickness, and it comes in dual color designs. Also, this mat is made with eco-friendly material and has an SGS-certified quality rating.

Adidas Defender III

The Adidas Defender III is a small duffel bag ideal for the sporty partners out there. It comes in countless colors and designs so make sure to get a color she loves! This bag is made with 100% polyester with synthetic lining. It has a 10-inch shoulder drop, a padded handle, and a roomy main compartment for carrying large equipment.