25 Heartwarming Engagement Gifts for Any Couple

by mkimmel | Last Updated: January 3, 2022

Engagement is one of the highlights of life, it is the beginning of a life-long journey of love and partnership. Just like other special occasions, engagement calls for a celebration and a little bit of gift-giving. If you are in search of the best engagement gifts out there, this list is perfect for you! Here are 25 amazing gift ideas that are heartwarming and meaningful. From simple wine glasses to a partner’s journal, this list has everything newly engaged couples need.

Mr & Mrs Aprons For Happy Couple

For the newly engaged couple who fancies spending time with each other in the kitchen, this set of aprons is a fantastic gift! These aprons are made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and ship inside a gift-ready box. There is also an included pair of mittens and a potholder out of the box. This one is definitely an engagement gift to consider.

Getting Married Dog Bandana

Are you gifting a couple who owns a dog? If you are then you should totally consider this dog bandana as your engagement gift! It measures 30×13.3×9 inches making it perfect for most dogs. Plus, this bandana is made with 100% soft spun polyester which offers a comfortable fit for dogs. It’s easy to clean as well!

Zen Garden Kit

This Zen garden kit from Island Falls Home is an 11-inch by 8-inch Japanese desktop garden. It is a relaxing piece of the decorative ornament with a rich history. This mini Zen garden makes a wonderful engagement ring for those who are fans of mindfulness and relaxation. The set comes in an elegant gift box, too.

Let The Adventure Begin Picture Frame

If you are in search of something extremely simple yet makes a wonderful keepsake, this picture frame is the gift to get. With an engraved message that reads, “Let The Adventure Begin,” this frame is something to keep. It measures 8×10 inches and can fit a 4-inch by 6-inch photo. This one is an adorable engagement gift!

Turkish Cotton Fouta Bathrobe

For the chic-looking bride-to-be, this Turkish cotton bathrobe is an amazing gift choice. Made with 100% luxury cotton, this bathrobe features a simple tie closure, looped terry interior, and ultra-soft and absorbent fabric. It comes in two different colors, white and blue combo, and white and coral.

Intimacy Deck by BestSelf

Love is never a game, but this Intimacy Deck by BestSelf is! This couple’s card game is a set of 150 cards filled with conversation starters. This game is designed to bring partners closer to each other. The card comes inside a sturdy box which neatly doubles as a gift box. This is an amazing engagement gift!

Marble Ceramic Ring Dish

This marble ring dish from Homazing is an elegant piece that will come in handy for storing those engagement rings. With a premium ceramic build, a smooth finish, and a gold-accented trim, this dish is superb! It measures 4.4 inches in diameter making it extra spacious for a couple’s jewelry. Plus, it’s extremely easy to clean as well.

Hallmark Signature Gift Bag

Do you already have an engagement gift in mind but want some additional splash? In that case, you should totally grab this signature gift bag from Hallmark. It measures 7.75 inches wide and 7.75 inches tall. This bag can support up to a hefty 5 pounds and it can fit books, jewelry, clothes, or other gifts nicely.

Wine Glasses Set

For the couple who enjoys sharing a glass of wine as their bonding, this wine glass set is the perfect engagement gift to get. Complete with a wine bottle opener, wine stopper, glass markers, and a wine decanter, this set is nifty! Plus, everything is nicely packed inside a sturdy gift-ready box.

Kate & Milo Photo Sharing Prop

This photo-sharing prop from Kate & Milo is a set containing 40 cards and a pen. Each card is a blank message card where loved ones and friends can write messages for the newly engaged. This item would make an amazing engagement gift for the soon-to-be-married couple!

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, especially when one does not know where to start. Luckily, this ultimate wedding planner exists! The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner is a compilation of detailed timelines, worksheets, and budgeting schedules. It also has 8 pages of visual inspiration making it a super functional engagement gift.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is something the newly engaged couple will surely find use for. It can clean eyeglasses, rings, necklaces, watches, silverware, and a ton more! Its cleaning process is safe, plus, it even has an auto shut-off safety feature. This cleaner does not require any special fluids, tap water will do!

TruMedic InstaShiatsu

Stressful trips to the spa can now be eliminated with the InstaShiatsu heated foot massager from TruMedic. Featuring 3 modes and 3 different intensities, this massager is something the newlyweds will appreciate. It is designed to mimic the feeling of a human hand massage, making it super effective.

Stemless Wine Glasses

These fun stemless wine glasses from the Gelid store are simple yet adorable engagement gifts. This pair of glasses is perfect for couples who enjoy a glass of wine. Each glass has a printed text and can hold up to 15 ounces. The glasses are dishwasher-safe and are carefully packaged ready for gifting.

Do One Thing Every Day Together

Relationships become stronger when partners do things together. Do One Thing Every Day Together is a journal for partners where they can write their shared experiences. This journal is complete with prompts and spaces for personal reflection. This one is essential for having a long-lasting and healthy relationship!

Ceramic Planter Flowerpots

For couples who are into plants, this ceramic planter flowerpot is an attractive engagement gift. Crafted with a natural wooden finish, these pots look rustic and organic at the same time. A set of this includes a 4.8-inch and a 6-inch pot. This will definitely look good in their place, guaranteed.

Vankoux White Double Ring Box

This wedding ceremony double ring box from Vankoux is an engagement gift that fits the theme perfectly. It comes in an elegant white finish made with a leather and suede combo. This is an amazing piece that can be used during a formal wedding. Plus, it can double as everyday ring storage as well.

Aluratek Digital Photo Frame

Going through all their favorite photos together can be tough for a busy newly engaged couple. That’s why you should definitely get them this digital photo frame from Aluratek. This 7-inch LCD digital frame outputs a slideshow of their selected photos. It is easy to use and can be either hung or placed on flat surfaces.

8 Light Chandelier Pendant

If the newly engaged couple in your life is looking to move into a new place, then this chandelier is an engagement gift you should consider. This fixture has an adjustable height making it versatile for all sorts of lighting applications. It is compatible with most types of bulbs and it supports a dimmer switch as well.

The Bride-to-Be Book

The Bride-to-Be Book is a fantastic gift for that sweet soon-to-be-wife. It is a personal journal of memories where she can capture and document her experiences from the moment she says “I do.” This book is definitely a heartwarming engagement gift she’ll appreciate. It is a truly useful item to record a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Knot Yours Truly

The Knot Yours Truly is a book filled with wedding inspiration written by Carley Roney. This book compiles tons of craft projects, design ideas, escort card ideas, and a lot more. It even has a guide on how to dress a dog as a ring bearer! This is definitely an engagement gift that will ease the couple’s planning process.

The Newlywed Table

Looking for the best dish to cook for your loved one, let alone wife or husband, is a tricky thing to do. That’s why for those tricky situations The Newlywed Table cookbook is the perfect companion. This cookbook is complete with over 100 different recipes from leek and goat cheese tart to spring vegetable curry. This one is definitely a tasty engagement gift!

Ultimate Journeys for Two

Traveling is something every couple should do once in a while, especially for newlyweds. This book titled Ultimate Journeys for Two is an archive of the most wonderful hidden-gem destinations. It is specially written to cater to partners who are looking for a getaway. This book is surely a neat engagement gift.

Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand

Here’s a fantastic engagement gift for the couple who loves greeneries. This plant terrarium from XXXFlower is a unique plant pot with 3 flask-style planters. It is an amazing decorative piece that will look good in any room or office. This planter is made maintaining plants a lot easier, and it gives a nice touch of green to any interior design.

Mr. and Mrs. Bridal Luggage Tags

This pair of luggage tags from the Miamica store is a fantastic engagement gift for couples who love traveling. The set includes a black tag with an embroidered “Mr.” on the back, as well as a white tag with an embroidered “Mrs.” These tags also have privacy tags to keep luggage information hidden from sneaky eyes.