42 Fun and Functional Novelty Gifts

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 6, 2021

Whether you are gifting for an occasion or just because you feel like it, novelty items are a safe way to go. Novelty gifts are a fun way to brighten up someone’s day, guaranteed! So, if you are looking for some fun and functional novelty gifts, this list is perfect for you. From a grenade-shaped ice maker to a jumbo car band-aid, this list will fill you up with the coolest novelty gift ideas!

Grenade Shaped Ice Maker

Shaped like a super-cool grenade, this 2-piece ice maker set makes a fantastic novelty gift. It is made from food-safe silicone material and it is super easy to clean. Simply fill it with water, put it in a fridge, and you’ll have a grenade-shaped ice in no time! This one is a gift that’s surely both fun and functional.

E.M.T. Insulated Lunch Tote

This E.M.T insulated lunch tote is a peculiar looking lunch kit with a printed text on the outside. Disguised as a seemingly odd medical kit item, this lunch bag will keep food warm for a couple of hours. Equipped with ample insulation, a handy handle, and a zippered closure, this bag is not for the faint of hearts.

RX Prescription Bottle

While on the medical side of things, this RX prescription bottle is another fantastic novelty gift. It is a 12-ounce mug with a print design tailored to look like a prescription medicine. This mug weighs just 8 ounces, plus, there’s even a cap styled mouth in this thing! This is surely a must-have.

Legless Pirate Beer Opener

Another awesome novelty gift idea is this super-friendly and super-useful legless pirate. It might appear intimidating at first but this beer opener has a lot of neat tricks up its sleeve! It is equipped with a corkscrew, a serrated foil cutter, a beer bottle opener, and an ergonomic handle. This one’s definitely fun and functional!

Pet Butler Vest

For the fur-parents in your life, this pet butler vest makes a hilarious novelty gift but there’s a twist! This item is basically just a gift box with a funny print, you can put any item of your choice inside it. Made with 100% recyclable cardboard, this funny box will bring a ton of laughter and joy. It is truly a fun novelty piece.

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce

The Colon Cleaner hot sauce is a 5.7-ounce Caribbean mustard hot sauce that makes an awesome novelty gift. It has a fun label and it is made with all-natural ingredients. The Colon Cleaner hot sauce is perfect for those who like their dishes spicy and their snacks fiery. It is something that’s both fun and functional at the same time.

Flask Bracelet

For your friend who just cannot wait to get the booze in his/her system, this flask bracelet is the gift to get. Disguised as a harmless silver bracelet, this thick contraption can fit 3.5 ounces of alcohol inside. It is made with food-grade stainless-steel and it is perfectly safe to use. Plus, there’s an included funnel as well!

I Put The Lit In Literature Mug

The fans of literature will find this novelty gift fun and functional. This heavy-duty ceramic mug features a funny text print that is sure to give the laughs. It is a 15-ounce mug which comes with a wrap-around print, a microwave-safe rating, and dishwasher-safe materials. It is a simple yet useful gift for sure.

Jumbo Car Band Aid

The clumsy drivers in your life will surely appreciate this jumbo car band-aid. It is an 8.8×3-inch car decal which is designed to cover up dents and scratches in a hilarious way. It has built-in magnets which conveniently sticks to the outside of a car. It has multiple uses and it should supposedly heal the car wound in less than a week!

Flexible Bendy Pencils

These flexible bendy pencils from the Twiddlers look a bit sketchy but they are actually really useful! For the kids in your life or for the adults who fancy sketching, these pencils make a great novelty gift. A set of these come with 70 pieces of pencils in heaps of colors. It is a quirky toy which actually serves its purpose.

Magnetic Floating Pen

For the more serious writer, this magnetic floating pen might be a better novelty gift to get. This one from the Jason Yuen store is a ballpoint pen with a nifty magnetic base. On its base, the pen wobbles and spins like a fidget toy. Also, the base comes in 3 different shapes, triangle, rectangle, and circle.

Round Donut Towel Blanket

This giant glazed donut blanket is a super fun-looking novelty gift which is actually useful. With colorful sprinkles, a gigantic size, and premium materials, this blanket is known as the tastiest blanket around! It is fade-proof, easy to wash, and it’s simply mouth-watering! This is definitely an awesome gift to get.

Nessie Ladle

For the chefs in your life, this Nessie Ladle makes a fun and functional gift choice. It keeps upright in pots, it is made with 100% food-safe nylon, and it is dishwasher-safe. The Nessie Ladle comes in other adorable color variants as well. It is truly a simple kitchen tool that eliminates the hassle of sinking ladles.

Camera Lens Cup

The photographers and photography enthusiasts in your life will surely fancy this camera lens cup from Triumphic. It is a simple camera lens-shaped coffee cup with an included sipping lid, travel spoon, stainless-steel straw, and a brush. It is made with food-safe material and it looks absolutely unique! This novelty gift is definitely one of the best out there.

Raining Men Clear Umbrella

This raining men clear umbrella is, quite literally, a raining men umbrella. First of all, it is a clear umbrella designed for the rain—raining men umbrella, and more importantly, it has a ton of men printed on it! With a transparent canopy with wide coverage, and a fun print, this umbrella is a fun and functional novelty gift! There’s no downpour than can beat this one!

Mobile Phone Night Light

For those who are all about decluttering and living the minimalist lifestyle, this night lamp is a fun and functional gift. It is a funny clip-on lamp which attaches to a smartphone’s flashlight, and it takes virtually no space! It comes in red or gray, and it’s very simple to use. This novelty piece is a must-have for camping trips and sleepovers.

Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser

This one is perhaps the coolest tape dispenser of all time! This Scotch Magic tape dispenser comes in the form of a miniature turntable, and it’s absolutely awesome. It has a woodgrain base, a silver arm, and there’s an included roll of tape. The dispenser is refillable as well making this item’s use long-lasting.

Burrito Tortilla Taco Blanket

Everybody loves burritos but for that friend who secretly wishes for a life-size burrito, this gift is the one to get. This 70-inch burrito blanket is one tasty-looking blanket. It comes in 3 other different sizes: 47-inch, 60-inch, and 80-inch. This blanket is safe to machine wash, easy to store, and ships inside a nice cylindrical gift box.

Guzzle Buddy

The Guzzle Buddy is a fun and functional novelty gift which attaches to wine bottles. It is a clear glass with a threaded stem and it conveniently transforms boring wine glasses to a chug-able one. Made with borosilicate glass, the Guzzle Buddy is safe to use and easy to clean. It is a hilarious gift that arguably has a practical application!

TriceraTaco Holder

Here’s another one for that Mexican food lover in your life! The TriceraTaco taco holder is a dinosaur shaped taco holder which can hold up to 2 servings of taco. It is a unique-looking and convenient serving tray which would surely make a fun novelty gift. The TriceraTaco holder is 100% food-safe and it is not a choking hazard.

Bob Ross Bobblehead

Everybody loves Bob Ross and his wholesome painting lessons, right? Right! So, for the Bob Ross fan in your life, this Bob Ross bobblehead makes an awesome novelty gift. This 4-inch bobblehead figure features 10 different sound recordings from Bob Ross himself. There’s also a free mini easel book containing 30 of his best works!

Avocado Microwavable Heating Pad

This avocado heating pad is an adorable-looking microwavable heating pad which doubles as a huggable pillow. It measures 10.5 inches in height and it has no added artificial scent as well. This awesome avocado relieves cramps and aches effectively and in a cute way. This one is surely a novelty gift item you wouldn’t want to miss.

Day of Dead Shaker Set

These shaker sets from the Pacific Trading are inspired from the Day of Dead. These are skull-shaped salt and pepper shakers which come in a black and red finish. Measuring roughly 4×2.5×3 inches these novelty pieces are attractive and extremely useful. It is made from a high-quality ceramic material and it weighs 0.23 pounds.

Plant Coaster Set

For the plant-lover in your life, this cool-looking coaster set makes a wonderful novelty gift. Disguised as a peculiar-looking plant, this coaster set comes with 6 stackable coasters and a display pot. It has an innovative design, multifunction purpose, and it is made with premium EVA materials. It is also healthy and environmentally friendly as well.


Now here’s something that’s absolutely adorable and genius at the same time! The SPLATYPUS is a must-have tool for anybody’s kitchen arsenal. This awesome platypus-styled spatula is made with 100% food-safe and BPA-free material. It is best used for scraping leftover spread on a jar or for reaching every last drop of that peanut butter. This one is definitely a novelty gift to behold!

Skull Shot Glass

If you are gifting your drinking buddies, this skull shot glass from the Noa store is a wonderful gift choice. It comes in singles, 2-piece, and 4-piece sets perfect for all sorts of occasions. This clear shot gloss features a detailed shape of the skull, plus, it has a corrosion-resistant as well. This glass is definitely a novelty gift item to have.

Kitchen Sponge Holder

Kitchen sponges do a lot of work in keeping the kitchenware squeaky clean, and that’s the reason why sponges deserve a nice rest. For that. there is a better way to put your kitchen sponge to rest than this kitchen sponge holder from Clean Dreams! It is a sponge bed which even has a pillow! This holder is a super fun and functional novelty gift item.

Painting Patterned Art Socks

Art fans will fall in love with these painting-patterned art socks from the Chalier store. This set includes 5 assorted pairs of socks perfect as a fun novelty gift. These socks are made from 80% cotton, 15% acrylic, and 5% spandex, providing maximum comfort, lightweight fit, and easy maintenance. These are definitely the coolest pairs of socks!

Thumb-Shaped Flash Drive

For the tech nerds in your life this thumb-shaped drive makes a fantastic novelty gift idea. It is, quite literally, an accurate representation of a “thumb drive.” With a support for USB 2.0, a choice among 16Gb, 32Gb, and 64Gb of storage, and a quirky looking design, this drive is awesome! It has a wide range of compatibility, and it has a plug-n-play operation.

Chia Pet Star Wars

The Star Wars fan in your life will surely find this Chia Pet Yoda an awesome gift. This unique pottery planter conveniently grows chia seeds on top of Yoda’s head. The set comes with 3 plantings’ worth of seed packets which take up to 2 weeks to grow each. This is definitely a unique yet fun and functional novelty gift!

MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons

That special person in your life who fancies making beats and cooking in the kitchen will love this drumstick spoons for sure. Made with a premium beechwood material, these drumstick spoons measure 13 inches in length and weigh about 4 ounces. It is an awesome tool to tap along with while waiting for a dish to cook! The Mix Stix are solidly built and easy to clean, too.

MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons

That special person in your life who fancies making beats and cooking in the kitchen will love this drumstick spoons for sure. Made with a premium beechwood material, these drumstick spoons measure 13 inches in length and weigh about 4 ounces. It is an awesome tool to tap along with while waiting for a dish to cook! The Mix Stix are solidly built and easy to clean, too.

Knitted Brain Beanie Cap

Handmade from acrylic yarn this knitted brain beanie cap from the Dragon Honor store is a fancy novelty piece. It has a comfortable fit, a unique brain design, and a warm wool texture. This beanie cap also has gartered closure and it has a one-size-fits-all design as well. Plus, this also makes a fantastic “thinking cap.”

Pizza Socks Box

Styled-like a tasty looking pizza, these 4 pairs of socks from the Rainbow Socks store make a wonderful novelty gift. These socks are made with 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane. It comes in a miniature pizza box with a funny graphic print on the outside. This is surely a cool novelty piece anybody would appreciate getting as a gift.

Funny Christmas Sweater

This funny Christmas sweater has a bunch of bizarre characters printed on it. It shows a cat with a Christmas hat, pizzas, and a stunning view of the galaxy. This sweater is a fun and functional novelty gift which anybody would find useful. It has a fitted hem and cuffed sleeves, and it comes in multitude of sizes from small to 3XL.

Ottomanson Money Rug

Here’s an awesome novelty gift idea for the people who dream of walking on money. The Ottomanson money rug is a 22-inch by 53-inch 100 dollar bill replica made from a nylon pile. It has a durable rubber back which is extremely grippy. This rug also has a stain- and fade-resistant print making it extra awesome and long-lasting.

Mug With A Hoop

The fans of basketball in your life will find this mug with a hoop a super fun novelty gift. Made from ceramic material, this basketball-inspired mug can hold up to 16 fluid ounces. It has a miniature hoop where you can dunk marshmallows on, plus, it’s dishwasher-safe as well. This mug is definitely a conversation starter, and it’s unique and useful as well.

Nose Pencil Sharpeners

These nose pencil sharpeners from the Oriental Trading Company are as quirky as it sounds! A set of these comes with a pair of sharpeners designed to look like a human nose. It measures 3.3 inches x 3.1 inches, and it works as designed. Sharpening pencils has never been this fun!

Cigar Whiskey Glass

Ever wondered if there is a whiskey glass with a dedicated cigar holder? Well, here’s one from the Godinger store! This cigar whiskey glass is a 12-ounce clear glass with a unique but useful design. This glass is hand-made with lead-free crystals and it makes smoking while drinking a little less tedious. This one is definitely a fun and functional novelty gift.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

For the pasta or noodle fanatic in your life, this lightsaber chopstick set might be the best novelty gift to get. Packed with 2 pairs of chopsticks, red and blue, this set is made from BPA-free plastic. It measures around 11 inches long which makes it the ideal weapon against sushi and ramen. Plus, this product is guaranteed food-safe, too.

Moon Lamp

The astronomy fans in your life will definitely fall in love with this novelty moon lamp. It is a USB-powered night lamp which comes in 3 different sizes: 3.5-inch, 4.7-inch, and 5.9-inch. Made from eco-friendly materials, this moon lamp features an exact 3D-scanned replica of the surface of the moon! It can light up for 8-10 hours on a single charge.

Ice Ice Baby Bodysuit

Here’s an awesome novelty gift for parents and babies in your life! This Ice Ice baby bodysuit comes in heather gray, black, light blue, pink, and white. It is made with 100% cotton, has a high-quality print, and it is super durable as well. The sizes of this bodysuit ranges from newborn to 12-month-old babies. Too bad there’s no size for adults!