56 Fantastic Gifts for Drummers 2021

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 19, 2021

We all tap our fingers or stomp our feet to the beat of a drum every once in a while. That’s all because of the amazing beats drummers make! Show your appreciation to the drummer in your life by supporting them in what they do. And there’s no better way to do exactly that than by giving them some fresh gear! Here are 53 fantastic gifts for drummers. Check it out!

CruzTools Drum Key

The CruzTools Drum Key is a drum multi-tool equipped with all the turning and tuning essentials every drummer needs. This portable tool has a heat-treated S2 alloy material polished with a chrome finish. The key includes screwdrivers and hex wrenches as well. This makes an extremely useful gifts for drummers.

Red Drum Set Christmas Ornament

If you are gifting a drummer for the holiday season, consider getting him/her this adorable red drum set Christmas ornament. This 3-inch piece is made from wood exquisitely painted to look like an actual drum! It comes inside a presentable red box ready for gifting.

Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit

Complete with a pack of drumhead repair patch and snare strings, this drummer survival kit is a must-have. The kit also includes cymbal felts, washers, and some stand sleeves. This survival kit is extremely useful during emergencies especially when out on a gig! Also, it packs compactly which makes it easy to bring anywhere.

Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer

Stick Control is a guidebook written by George Lawrence Stone. It is a classic drummer’s book often referred to as the bible of drumming. The book talks about improving stick control as well as flexibility, touch, lightness, delicacy, rhythm, power, and preciseness of execution. This guidebook makes a fantastic gift for any drummers.

A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum

If you are looking for a rather different approach in mastering the snare drum, this guidebook is a great buy. It provides tips and tricks on rhythm reading, technique fundamentals, and a lot more! There is also an included accompaniment CD as well as a DVD with some video tutorials.

Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad

For practicing on the go, drummers need a portable practice pad they can take anywhere. This one from Evans is a 2-sided practice pad with a 6-inch large surface. It features a natural gum feel on one side for an extremely realistic rebound. The other surface has a hardened rubber designed for multitudes of drum exercises.

Evans Drum Mute Pack

This drum mute pack from Evans will reduce the sound of drums by up to 95%. Evans SoundOff provides comes in standard-sized packs of 12-13-16-inch toms as well as for a 14-inch snare. With this mute pack, drummers can practice without waking up the neighbors. It’s an absolute must-have!

RockJam Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit

Another way to hone those drumming skills is with a portable electronic drum kit. This one from RockJam is an 8-piece electronic drum set complete with drumsticks, pedals, mesh heads, and a power supply. It packs up neatly when carried and there is also a dedicated MIDI connection which allows drummers to upload their beats.

Alesis Compact Kit 7

If a roll-up electronic drum kit sounds a little bit gimmicky, the Alesis Compact Kit 7 is a great alternative. It comes in a solid plastic build with 7 different pads. This table-top drum kit also features velocity-sensitive drum pads, USB MIDI output, and over 256 different drum sounds.

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

For the drummer in your life who wants an electric drum kit but does not want to compromise on form factor, the Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh kit makes a fantastic gift. This kit has a total of 8 pads held up by an aluminum rack. It delivers incredibly realistic rebounds and it offers a total of 350+ curated sounds.

Vater Stick & Finger Tape

Long drumming sessions can result to awful blisters and hand fatigue. For those cases, this Vater stick & finger tape makes an awesome gift for drummers. It has a self-cohesive design which prevents it from unraveling on its own. Also, Vater boasts that this tape is the first to be designed to work on both fingers and drumsticks.

Soundbrenner Pulse

The Soundbrenner Pulse is a smart watch which functions as a vibrating metronome. It is a helpful tool for all musicians especially those who are just starting out. The vibration on the Soundbrenner Pulse is 7x stronger than a smartphone vibration. This allows it to be an effective tool even on noisy environments.

Alpine Hearing Protection

Drummers are, more often than not, always in the middle of some heavily noisy jamming session. It’s all fun and games until they start noticing some hearing loss. To prevent that, grab some of these hearing protections from Alpine for the drummer in your life. It has a compact form factor for a nice fit.

Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones

These isolation headphones also do a great job in protecting the hearing of musicians. It drastically reduces the noise levels reaching the ear. This pair of headphones comes with a two pairs of plugs alongside a 3.5mm audio jack. Also, it features a broad foam cushion for comfortable use even in extended periods.

Drummer Power Shirt

For the drummers who live by the phrase “drums are life,” this drum shirt makes a fantastic gift! This simple yet awesome shirt is a great way to show off their being a drummer. It is easy to wash just like any other shirt, and best of all, it comes in a bunch of colors. If you are looking for a super simple gift for drummers, this is the one!

Electronic Mini Finger Drum

The office dudes who are drummers on the side would love to display this electronic finger drum on their office desks. This desktop drum makes an awesome decorative piece and it’s fully functional as well. It has a total of 5 touch-sensitive drum pads. It even lights up when it’s being played!

Aerodrums Digital Air Drums

Gone are the days when drummers cannot drum without a drum set. With the Aerodrums digital air drums, it’s all possible now! This unique drum contraption connects to your computer and runs off with the help of an included high-speed camera. It is MIDI compatible and it produces high sound quality.

Pocket Stix

For youngsters trying out drums, these digital drumsticks from Pocket Stix make a fantastic gift choice. It is a lightweight pair of drum sticks which come in a bunch of fun colors. These sticks have 3 size variants: 11 inches, 13 inches, and 15 inches. It’s super fun!

Drumstick Holder

Drummers who play on gigs or concerts will find this stick holder extremely useful. The OnStage drumstick holder clamps to guitar stands or mic stands and holds a bunch of spare sticks. The holder itself is made of a neoprene material which is easy to remove and easy to clean.

DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat

This portable drum mat from OnStage packs neatly inside an included carrying bag. It is a 4×4 foot mat made from durable PVC material. The mat does not slip on most surfaces so there’s no need to worry about sliding bass drums! When rolled up the mat is held by two Velcro straps.

Meinl Percussion Drumstick Bag

A stylish drumstick bag is an essential for every drummer. This one from Meinl Percussion is a sleek black bag with an ample size of 18.5″ in width and 19″ in length. It is made with heavy duty nylon and it is equipped with reinforced carry grip and shoulder straps.

5-Piece Padded Drum Bag

This padded drum bag from Gator will keep the drummer’s equipment in tiptop shape. The set comes with 5 cases that will fit a kick drum, two different sizes of toms, floor tom, and a snare drum. These bags are made with a durable nylon exterior and have 10mm thick padding inside.

Zildjian 22-inch Gig Cymbal Bag

Carrying cymbals can be annoying, that is if you do not have the right cymbal bag. This one from Zildjian is sized at 22-inch and can fit most cymbals. It features adjustable carrying straps as well as three separate inner sleeves. This bag also has reinforced bottom and a 15-inch pocket for hi-hat cymbals.

Metal Earth Drum Set Model

If you want to give something simple, perhaps a drum ornament, consider this drum set model. It comes disassembled with an included instructional manual packed inside an envelope. There’s no glue or soldering materials needed in the construction of this model. When finished, this drum set model gives off a nice steel look.

MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons

Made from solid beechwood and styled like a pair of drumsticks, these spoons from Fred & Friends make a fantastic gift for drummers. The 2-set spoon includes a slotted spoon and a solid spoon. With these spoons, the home cooks who are drummers at heart can tap a beat while waiting for food to cook.

Pencil Drumsticks

For the art fan or the writer who are also drummers on the side, these pencil drumsticks make a cool gift. The pencils are HB pencils with drumstick heads on the eraser part. It is made from sustainable wood material, so it’s perfect for environmentalists as well! With these, they can tap a beat during a writers’ block.

RockStix 2 Pro

Drumming is more fun with some color-changing drumsticks, that’s a fact! For the rhythm junkies in your life, the RockStix 2 pro makes an awesome gift for drummers. These drumsticks have 13 interchangeable color effects. It lights up every beat and it even has amazing fading visual effects!

DrumDial Drum Tuner

A drum tuner is an invaluable life-saving tool for all the drummers out there. This one from DrumDial is accurate and extremely quick. This tuner works by measuring the drum tension directly from the drumhead, allowing for a more precise tuning experience. The DrumDial tuner is a practical gift for any drum enthusiast.

Drummer Nutritional Facts

This fun mug might not exactly be for drumming, but it perfectly suits a drummer’s needs! This 15-ounce beverage mug is made with a ceramic material with an easy-to-grip C-handle. It has a premium full-color sublimation imprint styled like food nutritional facts on both sides of the mug.

Zildjian Super Drummer’s Towel

The Zildjian super drummer’s towel can work as a drum muffler or a sweat towel. It features a simple corner hook to facilitate easy hanging while playing. Sized 16 inches wide and 24.5 inches long, this towel is a fantastic gift for drummers. The stylish Zildjian logo adds an iconic look to the simple towel.

Think Out Loud Apparel Drums Shirt

Rep that drummer spirit with this shirt from Thinking Out Loud Apparel. Made from 100% combed ring-spun cotton, this shirt is comfortable to wear even on long drumming sessions. Also, this shirt comes in two colors, black and blue. This awesome shirt makes a simple gift for drummers.

Zildjian Brilliant Cymbal Polish

For keeping their cymbals’ glittery and rust-free, drummers need a trusty polishing solution. This one from Zildjian does an awesome job in restoring the flashy shiny cymbal look. This 250mL solution is perfect for brilliant finish cymbals. It produces a neat brand-new look!

Vic Firth Steve Gadd Wire Brush

This Vic Firth and Steve Gadd collaboration is the first ever wire brush to solve the problem of damaged drumhead coating. It does this brilliantly by slightly angling the wires! The wire brush stretches a length of 17 inches from point to point. It is a useful gift for drummers with a nifty innovation.

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne

The Roc-N-Soc Nitro Throne is a customizable drumming chair. It features an adjustable height which ranges from 18″ to 24″. The contoured bicycle-style seat is ergonomically designed to prevent leg fatigue during extended drumming sessions. This throne is the perfect combination of stability and durability.

Gibraltar Drum Throne with Backrest

If you think the drummer in your life would prefer a drum throne with a backrest, this one from Gibraltar is a fantastic choice. It has a seat with Cordura and vinyl material combination as well as an adjustable height. Also, the solid construction of the double-braced leg base allows for great stability.

Meinl Jumbo Bass Subwoofer Cajon

A cajon makes an awesome drummer gear for practicing beats and playing bunch of low note rhythms. The Meinl Jumbo Bass Subwoofer Cajon is among the bassiest cajons out there. It has forward facing ports with an internal bass reflex feature. Made with a walnut material, the surface of this instrument looks and feels premium.

Westminster Desktop Drum Set

For drumming at work at the office, the Westminster desktop drum set makes a fun gift for drummers. It comes with 3 drums, 2 cymbals, and a pair of drumsticks. The set also comes inside a box ready for some gift wrapping. Also, this drum set is perfect for all ages 8 and up.

Meinl Percussion Djembe

The Djembe is an awesome percussion instrument. It is a fantastic gift for drummers where they can practice developing rhythms and beats. The Meinl percussion djembe measures 10 inches in diameter and stands 20 inches tall. It is made with premium mahogany material which makes it produce booming low notes.

Drummer Metal Figurine

Made with nuts, bolts, screws, and other metals, this figurine is a cool-looking gift for drummers. It stands 7.5 inches tall and it looks extremely attractive! This figurine is a nice conversation starter. It would look good on top of a display rack or any desk at all. Plus, it is definitely a unique piece.

Vintage Drum Posters

These vintage-looking drum posters is an awesome addition to any studio space or any drummer’s bedroom. It comes in a set of 4 reproduction patents prints of vintage cymbals, drumsticks, snare drums, and the drum stand. These posters are stylized in a distressed chalkboard design patterned to the original patents.

3-Piece Canvas Drums Wall Art

If you want to give a wall art with a more modern look, consider this 3-piece canvas from Wall26. The set comes with a 3-panel canvas art that makes up a single photo of a drum set. It has a high-definition print with great details. Also, this wall art is already framed out of the box, so it’s ready for hanging!

Silvertone Marching Drummer

For the marching band drummers out there, this tabletop figurine makes a fantastic gift. At 6 inches in height, this drummer adds a tinge of personality to any desk setup. This figurine can double as a paper weight as well, and it comes packaged in a gift-ready box, too.

Personalized Drummer Bobble Head

If you want to give a decorative piece with a little more colors and personalization, this personalized bobblehead drummer is your best bet. It is an 18cm painted figurine made entirely from clay. The vivid paint on this bobblehead and the tiny details make for an extremely attractive piece.

Meinl ABS Plastic Bongos

These plastic Bongos from Meinl are made from natural buffalo skin heads and they sound great! It comes in different colors such as black, maple, natural, super natural, sun burst, walnut brown, and a few others. It is a perfect expansion instrument to a drummer’s arsenal.

Roland Octapad Digital Percussion Pad

Another fantastic instrument for expanding a drummer’s arsenal is this percussion pad from Roland. The octapad digital percussion pad comes in black or white. It features 8 different trigger pads with over a hundred configurable sounds. There are also 30 multi-effects to choose from as well as a phrase loop function.

Remo Pinstripe Clear Drumhead Pack

This pinstripe clear drumhead pack from Remo gives off a nice look to a drum set. Its simplicity and versatility in terms of sizing makes this pack an ideal gift for drummers. The pack includes 4 drumheads with the following measurements: 12″, 13″, 16″ and a 14-inch coated head.

Big Fat Snare Drum Snare Drumhead

Transform any snare drum to a 70s-inspired big beefy fat snare drum! This drumhead will lower the fundamental pitch of any snare drum without any hassle. It is a fantastic gift for drummers who are looking to try out new drum accessories. It has a simple sturdy construction, and it also comes in a limited-edition version.

Moongel Resonance Pads

Moongel’s resonance pads are nifty tools to give to a drummer. It is a simple-to-use drum accessory that allows control over drum resonance. These pads are made using self-adhesive gels which sticks neatly over any drum surface. Also, the Moongel pads are non-toxic and are packaged in an easy-to-carry plastic container.

Drum Kit Cufflinks

These cufflinks will add a bit of personality to any button-down shirt or jacket of the drummer in your life. It has brass and silver-tone accents made to mimic a classic drum set look. These cufflinks are with great attention to detail, and it is a simple yet stylish gift for drummers.

Drummer’s Sheet & Pillow Sham Set

A drummer’s bedroom is not complete without a set of drum-themed covers and pillowcases. That is why this queen-sized drummer’s sham set from Ambesonne makes a fantastic gift. This 3-piece set is made with 100% brushed microfiber fabric allowing for a comfortable feel all while looking extremely cool!

Drum Tone Control Dampener

This tone control dampener from Snareweight is a simple tool that will come in handy at some point in a drummer’s career. It has 4 different dampening setting ranging from medium to heavy. This dampener is made with genuine leather and it stretches approximately 8 inches in length.

Tama Rhythm Watch RW200

The Tama Rhythm Watch RW200 is a must-have especially for drummers who are experimenting on their rhythm timings. This watch can output any tempo ranging from 35 to 250 BPM. It also features a beat memory which can store up to 30 user-configured beats. The backlit LCD display also makes it useable in dark situations.

Zildjian Cymbal Clock

This Zildjian Cymbal clock from the official Zildjian store is a 13-inch clock styled like a cymbal. It is battery powered and extremely simplistic. This clock is definitely a piece to consider if you are looking for a unique gift for drummers. It can easily be mounted on a dry wall or other flat surfaces.

Vic Firth Drum Key

As the saying goes, “the best tool is the one you have with you.” The same thing can be said for drummers, the best drum tool is the one they always carry. This cool-looking Vic Firth Drum key is exactly that and more! It is a stylish wearable drum kit tool that resembles a crucifix and does what it is designed for.

Drummer’s Cymbals Bracelet

This adorable bangle has a Zildjian styled cymbal as its main embellishment. It is made with a glass cabochon material in combination with alloy accents. This bracelet has a versatile design perfect for casual jamming sessions as well as formal evenings. A simple gift for drummer such as this one will surely go a long way!

Drummer Beer Pint Glass

After long hours of jamming sessions or concerts, a hardworking drummer deserves a nice glass of beer. This drummer-themed beer glass is a nice gift to get the drummer in your life. It will hold up to 16 ounces of their favorite beer all while looking cool. This fun glass is also dishwasher safe!