45 Best White Elephant Gifts Everyone Would Want

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 26, 2021

White Elephant, Dirty Santa, or Yankee Swap, no matter what you call it, it’s always a good feeling to have the best gift among the bunch. So, if you are looking for an awesome gift, look no further! Listed below are 45 cool and useful gifts you could bring to your next White Elephant. Pick something that fits your game criteria from this list and watch how everybody will want to steal your gift!

Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich

This one goes for the space fans among your crowd. The astronaut ice cream sandwich has a shelf life of 3.5 years, it’s low on sodium, and it looks fun! It’s hard to resist the temptation of wanting to taste one of these. The packaging is extremely instagrammable as well, truly out of this world!

6-in-1 Charging Cable

We all have that one friend who borrows charging cables all the time, and another friend who struggles unbuckling a ton of cables in her purse. For sure, this 6-in-1 charging cable is what they will fight over in the next White Elephant. For just $9, this cable can hook up to most of devices, from Go Pros, iPhones, Androids, and more.

Pocket-sized Power Bank

A high capacity power bank is always a good idea, unless you’re just going for a night out and would prefer something pocketable. In that case this PowerADD 5000mAh compact power pack is the perfect solution. This power pack is smaller than an iPhone! It will surely catch some attention in your next Yankee swap.

Field Notes National Parks Series

It’s hard not to find a use for a handy Field Notes notebook. It’s even harder not to want one if it has cool graphics on the outside. These Field Notes national parks series has extremely attractive covers and will probably get a couple of head turns during the game. Those notetakers and artsy ones would surely want to grab these!

Rugged Flash Drive

Samsung’s Bar Plus is a super rugged flash drive designed to withstand shocks, water submersion, and damages due to magnetism. It comes in varying storage capacities from 32Gb all the way to 256 Gb. Everyone who takes extra care of their digital files would surely steal this gift!

Portable Rechargeable Fan

For the ones in the hottest cubicle spots, this portable rechargeable fan is heaven-sent, and they would definitely want to bring this home! They can wear it around their necks to keep it with them all the time. It has an adjustable fan speed and charges with a standard USB cable.

Minimalist RFID Wallet

This premium quality wallet is hard to ignore. It is 100% genuine leather, slim, packs a lot of cards, durable, and has an RFID blocking material. It has a minimalistic design as well which makes it look super sleek. It’s compact and fits perfectly front and back pockets. This would make an awesome White Elephant gift!

Weatherproof Notebook

Everyone who haven’t tried a weatherproof notebook will surely want one. It may be out of curiosity or perhaps they simply need one to keep their valuable notes in. This one from Rite in the Rain comes in a bunch of colors and sizes. You can literally write under the rain on this. Many would wanna have this!

Dimmable Moon Lamp

This moon-styled lamp is not just some random sphere designed to look like the moon. It is, in fact, referenced on NASA’s moon surface data. So, it does not just look cool on a tabletop, it’s (somewhat) scientifically accurate as well. This is definitely an attractive and out-of-this-world-looking ornament! Who wouldn’t want to take the moon home, right?

Mini Cactus Humidifier

Just look at it! It’s hard not to want one of these, right? This mini cactus humidifier has an extremely “whisper quiet” sound, so it’s perfect in shared spaces and bedrooms. It also has a 4-hour auto shutdown feature, so there’s no need to worry if you accidentally left it running. It can be powered from any device with a USB output too, super convenient!

Mini Waffle Maker

It’s ridiculously cute yet extremely useful! Get ready to have your gift as the star of the show with this Nostalgia mini waffle maker. The snack fans will definitely wage war on each other to lay hands on this one. It’s perfect for cooking waffles, French toasts, hash browns, grilled cheese, and so much more!

Outdoor Inflatable Lounger

The campers and outdoor enthusiasts will crave for this inflatable lounger! It’s guaranteed durable, comfortable to use, and easy to inflate. When folded, this lounger weighs just around 3.2 lbs., so it’s easy to transport anywhere. It can also be used as pool floaters.

Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is a practical tool and the perfect solution for people who always lose their stuff. If you want to know who among your officemates are the clumsiest, watch them brawl for this gift! This bad boy works up to 200ft away via Bluetooth, but in case you’re further away, there’s a community find feature where other Tile users can map your stuff. Cool, right?

Rotating Wall Charger

A heavy-duty wall charger that has the ability to swivel to accommodate the most comfortable position for your charging needs. This surge protector also comes with two USB port where you can directly plug in cables to charge your devices. For sure, a lot would want to have one of these!

Walnut Thumb Bookmark

For the book lovers, this walnut thumb bookmark is a superpower. Having the ability to hold a book with one hand while reading is extremely convenient. This one comes in two sizes, regular or large. It’s perfect to catch the attention of those bibliophiles in the next White Elephant.

What If: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

Imagine having the science-backed answers to absurd riddles and hypothetical scenarios in one book, who wouldn’t want to lay their hands on that, right? Bring this one to your next White Elephant and the itchy-minded ones will surely fight over it. Just make sure you won’t get tempted to open it beforehand!

The Unfair Advantage

For the bookworms and the self-development gurus, this book is something they would want to take home! This book talks about how everyone (including you!) have their own unfair advantage. The book will also show how to use these advantages to crawl your way up to success. This is a useful gift!

Classic Pocket Knife

For the handymen around who are always adding new tools to their arsenals, a classic pocketknife is definitely a good catch. This compact carry everyday tool is fully equipped with a blade, nail file, screwdriver, scissors, tweezers, and a toothpick. It has a premium quality as well. This one’s definitely a good white elephant gift entry.

Mini Water Filtration System

Talk about practicality! This tool is literally a water filtration system that can fit inside your pocket. This gift will catch the eyes of the adventurous outdoor lovers as well as those ones who simply would want to drink out of a puddle just to quench their curiosity. Get one now!

World’s Smallest Vacuum

A small vacuum is a smart way to clean up the breadcrumbs on workplace desks. While it may look like a ridiculous toy, to some it’s definitely a lifesaver. For sure, someone would try and steal their way to get this vacuum!

GoSund Smart Plug

Every home is a smart home with this GoSund smart plug. With this, you gain smart control over any appliance plugged on it. Switch it on or off remotely via the app or use it with your personal assistant, Alexa or Google Assistant. The tech savvy ones would love to have this gift!

Game of Thrones Cookbook

For the GoT super fans out there, here’s a companion cookbook based on your favorite TV show. The meals in this book are straight out of Winterfell! The mere sight of this cookbook will surely get a lot of mouthwatering stares!

Exploding Kittens Card Game

For the child at heart or cat enthusiasts, this super fun card game is a good new toy to play around with. Exploding Kittens is a card game that has sold more than 9 million copies worldwide. It can be played by kids, teens, or adults. It’s super easy to learn and it even has funny cat drawings!

From Crook to Cook

This cookbook is perfect to stir up all the hip-hop fans among your crowd. It features 50 recipes straight from Snoop Dogg’s kitchen. From fried bologna sandwiches to Lobster Thermidor, you won’t go out of meal ideas with this! It’s an awesome White Elephant gift, don’t you think?

Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

It’s waterproof, dustproof, last 10 hours on a single charge, plays song via Bluetooth, and it can dangle on backpacks. That’s what this awesome rugged speaker can do. Everyone will surely find a use for this. It’s ideal for blasting off music during a hike, listening to podcasts in the shower, and a lot more!

Honey-Can-Do Lap Desk

For the work-anywhere type of person, a lap desk is a perfect gift to bring home. This one from Honey-Can-Do is lightweight, easy to clean, has a built-in handle, and a lot of color options. A desk like this is perfect for travelers, students, or anyone who likes the added mobility. Many would surely steal this!

Bamboo Storage Organizer

This bamboo storage organizer is something for those who loves keeping things tidy. The set includes 5 different sizes of bamboo box organizers. The build quality of this product is top notch. It’s good for tabletops, nightstands, or inside drawers. This is an awesome gift to bring in a White Elephant game!

Booze and Vinyl

Booze & Vinyl: A spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks is the ultimate booze and music pairing manual. People who love mixing drinks and listening to records will surely get excited with this. The book shows how to craft cocktails that will best pair with a certain music. It’s absolutely awesome!

Color-changing Umbrella

Many considers rainy days as sad days. However, that won’t be the case for whoever walks away out of the next White Elephant game with this awesome-looking color-changing umbrella! This one is a collapsible umbrella with novelty printed white rain drops which change to a rainbow color under the rain. It’s super cool!

2-in-1 Hand Warmer and Power Bank

It’s a hand warmer and a 4400 mAh rechargeable power bank packed into one nicely built gadget. Its durable aluminum housing along with two protective silicone caps makes for an ergonomic design which is easy to carry. Everyone would want to bring this home for sure!

Hydro Flask Travel Mug

Everybody hates hot coffee gone cold or melted ice on iced coffee. Well this Hydro Flask mug makes sure that doesn’t happen. This is a good grab for everybody as this keeps heat and cold drinks insulated (as long as you keep the lid closed). Everybody would want to steal this nifty mug!

Handheld Karaoke

The karaoke lovers will surely try to lay their hands on this wireless handheld microphone. This device will allow them to recreate James Corden’s carpool karaoke sessions in the comforts of their own cars. The batteries will last up to 6 hours of deafening karaoke, it’s an absolute charm!

Keychain Breathalyzer

For drivers who love to have drinking nights out, this device is both money-saving and lifesaving. For an affordable price and a compact size, this keychain breathalyzer will provide accurate measurements on your BAC. Bring this gift to your next White Elephant and a lot of drinking buddies would steal it!

Automatic Pan Stirrer

This one is hot on the eyes for the self-made chefs and home cooks out there. A stirrer that stands on its own and has three speed options. It can stir sauces, soups, porridge, gravy, and many more! It’s completely wireless and runs on 4 pieces of AA batteries. The legs are even dishwasher safe!

Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the best-selling streaming media player. This is a simple tech gift most people would want to steal, especially those who love consuming their Netflix content on large television screens. This Fire TV stick has Alexa integration as well. Grab one!

Rose Gold Knife Set

In movies, people fight over things with knives. Meanwhile, in your next White Elephant game, they’ll be fighting over knives! Specifically, these ridiculously good-looking 5-piece rose gold knife set. They are elegant, sharp, and luxurious. With the knife stand it comes with, it looks almost like an art piece!

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

Would you want a notebook that you can reuse endlessly? Here’s one from Rocketbook. This 42-page notebook paired with an erasable pen lets you take endless notes! It also has a smart feature that allows you to save your page digitally. Pages are cleared by simply wiping off with a damp cloth. This would surely be a star in the next White Elephant!

RovyVon Flashlight

This rechargeable flashlight from RovyVon charges via USB and goes extremely bright at 550 lumens max! It has plenty of modes including a blinker, an ultraviolet light, three torch modes, and it glows in the dark as well. This is a super small tool everybody would want to have, that’s for sure!

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Mobile photography enthusiast would fight over this pro lens kit! These lenses from Xenvo attaches to your phone’s camera giving it an extra boost. Included in the kit is a macro lens, wide angle lens, rechargeable led light, and a few peripherals. It would be fun to bring this in the next White Elephant!

Wyze Cam

For the smart home junkies, the Wyze Cam is something they would love to bring home! This full HD indoor wireless smart camera has night vision, 2-way audio, voice control, and assistant integration. For $40, this is an incredible gift to bring!

Quip Electric Toothbrush

Who would buy an electric toothbrush for themselves nowadays? Probably not many. For sure everyone would want to give it a try, they just won’t actually bother buying their own. This serves as the perfect opportunity for you to bring an awesome gift many would want!

Bulletproof Drinking Glass

An actual 0.308 caliber bullet embedded on a wine glass. Now, who wouldn’t want to steal these? For around $40 you get two of these 15 oz wine glass as a set. Don’t worry it’s perfectly safe to use, there are no gunpowder in it! Take this to your next White Elephant!

The Oregon Trail Handheld Game

If you happen to know a lot of gaming enthusiast or fans of retro games, this 80’s inspired product will surely catch their attention. The Oregon Trail Handheld Game is a thing from the past that you can bring to the next White Elephant. It looks cool and is an awesome collectible as well.

Mini Fridge

Big fans of retro will definitely love this nostalgic-looking Coca-Cola fridge. This one is ideal for trucks, boats, offices, and homes. It can store up to six Coke-in-cans and produces no CFCs. It has a self-locking door too to make sure your beverages stay cool. A lot would want to steal this fridge!

Indoor Herb Garden

For those who want to get into gardening, this is a super nice gift to bring home! This Click and Grow indoor herb garden will let them grow plants inside the comforts of their houses. It comes with 50 pre-seeded plants, so if you decide to bring this as your gift in the next White Elephant, whoever gets it would have plenty of plant choices.