50 Cool & Crafty DIY Christmas gifts 2020

by mkimmel | Last Updated: August 7, 2020

DIY gifts are always more heartfelt and a little bit sweeter. It adds a bit of personality to the gift and, best of all, it shows thoughtfulness and effort. Whether you are gifting for someone who loves to do things themselves, or you just prefer giving customized do-it-yourself gifts, have a look at this list! Here are the most awesome crafty DIY Christmas gifts you can grab for the holidays. Check it out!

Christmas Miniature Dollhouse Kit

Complete with realistic sofa set, windows, lamp, cabinets, table, Christmas tree, and a lot more, this DIY Christmas-themed dollhouse kit makes a wonderful gift. The pieces are precision cut for easy assembly and the kit comes with 2 LED lights. This mini dollhouse makes a great Christmas decoration with a fuzzy warm look.

Train Craft Paint Kit

This lovely paint kit from Hallmark Keepsake makes an awesome DIY Christmas gift. The kit comes inside an elegant gift ready box. Alongside the 3 train pieces, a glitter packet, 6 paint pots, and a paint brush are also included in the kit. This is a fun and rewarding DIY project, a great Christmas gift for anyone!

Funko POP D.I.Y

For Funko POP fans, a DIY version is awesome to have! This 3 3/4″ Funko is a female version of the figurine, it comes inside the gift-ready classic Funko Pop box. It is pre-primed and ready to be painted and customized. The high-quality finish ensures paint, markers, and clay add-ons will last long.

Sunshane Burlap Christmas Stockings

The plain version of Sunshane’s burlap Christmas stockings are great gifts for DIY enthusiast. You can add Christmas-themed enamel pins, washi tapes, and other bits of accessories before gifting. You can also choose to give it plain for those DIY-lovers. These burlap stockings are made with strong and durable cotton and linen combo.

Burlap Drawstring Bags

These burlap drawstring bags come in a set of 50. Each bag is sized 3.8×5.5″ and comes in natural and gray color. These bags can fit small gifts inside its soft interior and can accommodate a bunch of personalization. You can add your own designs in these bags to fit the Christmas theme a little better!

Christmas Gift Tag Stickers

If you want to add a bit of personalization to every part of your Christmas gift, these stickers are the perfect way to do that. A single purchase of these bottle label stickers includes 2 rolls of labels which contains a total of 200 stickers. Each sticker is approximately 2×3 inches. Also, the set includes 6 different designs to choose from.

Natural Wood Craft Kit

These wooden disk with pre-drilled holes are perfect for creating that rustic-themed Christmas decoration. A set of these includes 25 pieces of wooden disks, each with varying diameters from 2.8-3.2 inches. Each disk is made from a natural Jute Twine and sanded for a smooth surface finish. This is an awesome DIY gift!

Wooden Unfinished Ornaments

If you are looking for a streamlined ornament with the same rustic look, consider these blank wooden disks. Each disk has a smooth double-sided surface perfect for writing, drawing, and hand-carving. The set comes with 40 pieces of wood and 3 brown hemp ropes for hanging. This makes a vintage-looking gift for DIY enthusiasts.

Raffia String 4 Rolls

These raffia strings come in a set of 4 Christmas-colored rolls, red, green, kraft, and white. It is made with high-quality matte paper ribbon with a thickness of 0.25 inches. These strings are biodegradable and recyclable as well. This is a nice grab if you are looking to do a bunch of customizations for your next Christmas gifts.

Christmas Craft Bells

Ideal for making those custom cards, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets, these craft bells will surely add the Christmas spirit to your next DIY gift! A set of these comes with 50 silver bells each with a size of 1 inch. It comes in two color options, plain silver and multicolored. Each bell has an electroplated iron finish and are not easy to rust.

DIY Cotton Tote Bag

Great for some Christmas shopping spree and an eco-friendly solution, this cotton tote bag is a great DIY gift. It is made from a durable cotton with lock stitching material and a cross-stitched handle. It is convenient to carry and perfect for customization. This bag is ideal to use with heat transfer vinyl or for personalized embroidery.

Gold Plated Enamel Christmas Charms

For personalized Christmas-themed necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, these enamel charms are a great buy. A set of these comes with 50 cutesy enamel charms in assorted shapes and designs. These charms are cadmium-free and safe for people’s skin. The different shapes include variations of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeers, and a ton more.

Clear DIY Fillable Plastic Ball

If you want to make a DIY Christmas tree ornament, this fillable plastic ball is the perfect gift to get! It has a diameter of 50mm and a built-in hole for loops and strings. The ball can be filled up with ribbon pieces, glitters, small trinkets, and other Christmassy items. Made from 100% shatter-proof material, this plastic ball is heavy duty and safe to hang.

Christmas Natural Mini Pinecones

For your DIY gift ideas, these natural mini pinecones from Deloky is a great thing to have. A set of these includes 250 pieces of small pinecones made from natural wood. These cones are picked directly from pine trees giving that untreated and organic texture. These are perfect for decorating Christmas cards, gift boxes, and a lot more.

Clear Acrylic Keychain Discs

Keychain enthusiasts will surely love a personalized acrylic disc hanging in a ring with their keys. If you know someone who loves keychains, a DIY keychain disk might be the best gift to get for them this Christmas. At 2-inch diameter, these acrylic discs can fit your custom art inside. It can accommodate calligraphy, stickers, or sweet Christmas wishes.

Bright Creations Unfinished Wood Block

Personalized woodwork is one of the most timeless home decorations. If you have a talent in woodwork or you just want to try it out, these wood blocks from Bright creations make a great DIY Christmas gift! With a measurement of 6×10 inches, each wood block can adequately fit a ton of Christmassy designs.

Hand Crank Music Box

The most awesome DIY Christmas gift for a music lover is perhaps a custom music box! Enclosed in an elegant bamboo box with a steel hand crank and sturdy hinge, this music box will let you make your own hand crank tunes. The set comes with 1 puncher, 3 meters of blank sheet, and a ready-made song.

DIY Shaped Gingerbread Man Cutouts

These gingerbread cutouts are awesome DIY Christmas gifts for those who love baking pastries or decorating. A set of these includes 24 paper die cuts in the shape of a gingerbread man. At a size of 2.25×3″, these are nice addition on top of cupcakes or as embellishment for craft bags. Each gingerbread man is made with high-quality cardstock paper with a photo-like finish.

DIY Pendant Diamond Painting Kit

Diamond painting is a great way for kids and adults to bond during the holiday season. This also makes a diamond painting kit a great DIY Christmas gift. This kit from lviitis includes 5 pieces of butterfly-shaped pendants, drawing tools, and acrylic keychains. The diamonds in this kit are made using high-quality resin, and the bundled glue serves as the perfect adhesive.

DIY Diamond Painting by Numbers

For people who are fonder of artworks that can be framed and displayed, this diamond painting-by-numbers kit is something they would love. The finished artwork is a picture of a red truck carrying a Christmas tree under the night sky. The piece measures 10×12″ and diamonds, tools, and printed canvas are included out of the box.

DIY Acrylic Painting by Numbers

If you are gifting to someone who would prefer painting by numbers using acrylic rather than shiny diamonds, this is the gift to get. Kimily’s Christmas-themed painting-by-numbers kit includes an easy-to-follow instructions, textured canvas, 3 brushes, and 2 hooks for hanging. This piece can last a full 10 years without fading!

DIY Christmas Crocheting Rug

Made from high-quality acrylic fiber, this crocheting rug has an adorable Santa Claus design. Out of the box, the rug includes a crochet hook, a sandwich mesh cloth, graph paper, color card, and bundles of pre-cut embroidery threads. This item is beginner friendly as well, it comes with an instructional manual.

Christmas Explosion Box

This explosion box from Homga is made from sturdy kraft paper and is sized adequately to fit Christmas cards, photos, and other gifts. The box has a dimension of 14.5×14.5×14.5 cm and has dozens of layers. It is a nice and thoughtful DIY Christmas gift that will unleash your inner creativity.

DIY Ukulele Kit

This lovely DIY instrument is a nice gift for the folks who are craftsman at heart. This soprano ukulele kit has pre-drilled holes and a sanded finish. It is complete with screws, tuning knobs, frets, washers, and an instructional manual. This ukulele is a great gift for music lovers who wants to try assembling their own instrument.

Holiday Fuse Bead Kit

The kids and the kids at heart will love this DIY Christmas-themed bead kit. With over 10,000 assorted beads, 4 included peg boards, and 8 unique templates, this will surely make everyone busy crafting! The kit comes inside a durable plastic tray for easy storage and organization. The included templates are figures of Santa, a snowman, reindeer, and a few others.

W&P Homemade Gin Kit

For the friends and family members who love their gin, a homemade gin kit makes a great DIY Christmas gift. This kit from W&P contains two 375ml glass bottles, a stainless-steel strainer, funnel, botanical spice blends, and juniper berries. All those goodies are neatly packaged inside a gift-ready minimalistic-looking box.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set

Toddlers will surely love this colorful DIY felt Christmas tree set! It is a 37.5-inch tall felt Christmas tree that can be pasted or hanged on a wall. Also, it includes 32 pieces of Christmas-themed non-toxic ornaments. This makes a great playtime activity for kids, and an amazing way to boost their creativity.

DIY Christmas Cards

For writing down your sweet and thoughtful Christmas wishes, these colorful cards are perfect. A set of these cards include 8 different designs each with non-fading prints. The cards are uniformly sized at 15×15 cm; works well as a gift tag, too! The set includes 1 set of diamond drawing tools which contains an adhesive wax, pen, tray, and a bag of diamonds.

Christmas Photo Booth Props

These fancy looking props are a great gift idea for those who usually hosts parties. These props are made with high-quality thick cardboard painted with vivid colors for an amazing photo op. Included in the set are a total of 52 different Christmas items such as mustaches, snowflakes, beards, hats, and others.

Ivy Silk Vines

A great addition for a Christmas home decoration is these ivy silk vines from Bird Fly. Each garland stretches 7 feet long and a set of these includes a total of 12 strands. These are awesome for Christmas-themed parties, other Christmassy displays. These vines are made with a combination of fabric material and plastic.

Garneck Christmas Tree Ribbons

Putting up Christmas tree decorations is one of the most exciting part of the holidays. Spice the decorations even more with these Christmas tree ribbons from Garneck. A pack of these comes with 3 rolls of differently colored ribbons with Christmas tree and stars in the design. These satin ribbons are long-lasting and can be reused for the next holidays!

Embroidery Starter Kit

The season’s holidays are the perfect time to get a fresh hobby. An incredible DIY Christmas gift would be a personalized embroidery, don’t you think? Well this starter kit is all you will need to craft a wonderfully embroidered gift. The kit includes a bamboo hoop, colored threads, needles, and a brief instruction manual.

Lettering and Modern Calligraphy

This modern calligraphy guide is a great DIY Christmas gift and it can be one of two things. First, you can learn from it and use your new-found calligraphy skills to write cute Christmas cards for the people you love. Also, it can be a great gift for someone who would love to learn calligraphy themselves!

Hand Casting Kit

Discovering DIY is the maker of this hand casting kit complete will all the essentials. This one makes a great Christmas gift for someone who loves to get busy with their hands! The kit includes sample molding, casting powders, latex-free gloves, and a bunch of tools such as sandpapers and a demolding knife.

DIY Silicone Resin Molds

The DIY enthusiasts will surely love this kit from Mauon. With these silicon resin molds, anyone can make stunning works of art! The set has 20 different shapes of silicon molds such as sphere, pyramid, square, hexagon, crystal pendant, and plenty others. Out of the box, there are also 5 droppers to facilitate with easier coloring.

Blank Bangle Bracelets

Fully customize your Christmas gift this year using these blank bangle bracelets. A set of these includes 60 expandable bracelets each made from a lightweight steel with a silver finish. There are tons of design ideas you can do with these blank bangles. It is a suitable choice for a DIY jewelry making session.

Complete DIY Candle Making Kit

Making your own candles is as therapeutic as smelling the scent of a ready-made Zen candle. For those who might want to try making their own candles, this kit makes the best DIY Christmas gift. With the included dye blocks, fragrances, and melting pot, you’ll be able to craft 4 custom made beautiful candles!

I Wrote a Book About You

A self-written book counts as a DIY gift, doesn’t it? Well either way, this hardcover book from M.H. Clark is a great way to send your Christmas well wishes and sweet notes. The book is comprised of tons of fill-in-the-blank phrases that unleashes your vocabulary skills. It is an adorable gift, something that will be treasured for a lifetime.

DIY Needlepoint Embroidery Pillow

Kids will surely love a pillow they themselves made, right? For the young creatives, this embroidery pillow from Sozo makes a cute DIY Christmas gift! The kit includes a pre-printed canvas with large holes, stamped pattern, some large needles, and colorful yarns. Also, these are proven to enhance hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Glow in The Dark Rock Painting Kit

Another gift suitable for young creatives is this rock painting kit from Creativity for Kids. It is a glow in the dark rock painting kit which includes 10 blank rocks and a bunch of fluorescent pens. These are non-toxic items which are safe for kids ages 6 and up.

Klutz Sweet Dreams DIY Kit

Christmas is the time to relax and bond with little nieces and nephews, and this DIY kit is the perfect activity to do just that! With this kit you can spend hours and hours of making soothing bath crystals, customized sleep masks, dream journals, and dreamy lotion bars. There’s also an included dream journal!

LolliBeads Charm Bracelets Kit

For older folks or teenagers who still love a good handmade and personalized charm bracelet, consider getting this kit from LolliBeads. The kit has over 500 pieces of premium mixed beads that comes in faux pearl, silver plated clay beads, acrylic, and a few others. This kit can make a total of 35 charming bracelets.

Washi Masking Tape Set

Washi tapes are great for making custom Christmas cards or wrapping gifts. This set of 24 decorative masking tapes have varying printed designs inspired by the four seasons in nature. The tapes leave no sticky residue, no weird odor, and it can easily be torn by hand as well.

Christmas Deco Sticker Set

For customizing cards and designing gift boxes, this deco sticker set from Colour Tree does a great job. A single purchase contains 180 pcs of stickers with over 30 different designs. This Silver Christmas pack has a unique washed out look with a flat shine. The stickers have a washi paper finish and sticks well on other craft materials.

Wooden Rolling Pin

Someone who loves baking cookies, pies, and other pastries would surely love a Christmas-themed rolling pin as a DIY Christmas gift. This moisture-resistant hardwood rolling pin does a great job in embossing Christmas characters. It has a non-stick finish and a comfortable grip as well.

Christmas House Cookie Cutter Set

Who doesn’t love eating Christmas-themed cookies? Reindeers, Christmas trees, snowmen, angel wings, sleigh, these are just some of the cookie shape you’ll get in this cookie cutter set from Hovillage. Each cutter is made of premium stainless steel and is rust resistant. This makes an adorable DIY Christmas gift!

Hot Sauce Kit

Lovers of hot and fiery sauces will go crazy for this DIY Christmas gift. This hot sauce kit features heirloom peppers from 5th generation farmers, woozy bottles, squeeze bottles, and everything you need to make 7 bottles of hot sauce. It comes in a gift-ready box complete with an instruction manual and a pair of gloves.

DIY Lip Balm Kit

Makeup fans will love this DIY lip balm kit as a Christmas gift. It has all-natural ingredients and includes pure essential oil of rose geranium, peppermint, lavender, and lime. There are also color shimmers, butters, a filling tray, and tubes included in the kit. You can make over 23 total tubes in this kit!

Engraving Tool Kit

You can never go wrong in gifting jewelry, ceramics, stones, or figurines with a customized engraving. This engraving tool kit from Uolor will help you out with that. The kit includes 108 pieces of engraving tools alongside the powerful 2-in-1 engraving pen. You can use this to carve, etch, or cut some DIY Christmas gifts.

Wood Burning Kit

If you would prefer to do some wood crafting for your DIY Christmas gifts, this wood burning kit is something to check out. The kit includes a professional pyrography pen with an LCD display. There are also a bunch of interchangeable tips and various precision tools. You can make incredibly fancy woodwork with this tool!