70 Cool Fathers Day Gifts to get Dad 2021

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 23, 2021

Father, Daddy, and Papa, and all other names we want to call them. All around the world, we call them by different names, but there is a universal understanding of what they really mean to us. A father is a daughter’s first love, his son’s first best pal. We cannot deny the unconditional love our parents have for us.

Father’s day is the time we celebrate and appreciate our father’s hard work and sacrifices. And what better way to do that than with a gift? Below, we list gift ideas ranging from novelty gifts, funny gifts, self-pampering gifts, tools, and personal gifts.

Keep reading and find the perfect gift for your father this father’s day!

Personalized Pillowcase Gift

”To The World You are a Dad But to Our Family You are The World” Pillowcase gift idea is a nice sweet gift for father’s day. Give this to pillowcase your dad, husband, or any other father figure that is close to your heart. A perfect gift to remind them that you care for them.

A Father and Daughter Book

A nice gift for dads with beautiful daughters this father’s day. A perfect book for them to read for their little ones and a great way to keep their bond strong. Let them spend their time with their daughters with this lovely book!

Papa Bear T-Shirt

A humorous t-shirt with a minimalist design and a great father’s day gift. Let your husband or dad flex to other people that “Papa Bear” is in the house!

Book About Dad

A book where you can write all the things about your father! Show them that you love them and care for them. A perfect way to express all your feelings through this book, especially for people who are not really great in expressing their emotions. Tell your father you love him, life is short, so take all the chances.

Dad’s Cutting Board

A perfect gift for your home’s master of the grill. Well, we couldn’t argue that daddies are the best at making a barbecue. With this laser engraved cutting board, your dad would be inspired to do more and be able to make greater barbecues.

Father’s Journal

Let your dad feel that they’re being loved and cared for. With this book, you’ll be able to know your dad’s story, and they’ll be happy to share their stories with you. This journal gives some questions so you could hear more stories about your dad’s life story. A wonderful keepsake for your dad that can be passed on for the generations to come. An awesome gift for father’s day!

Proud Dad Mug

Let your father enjoy his coffee with this coffee mug. A way to brag about his fatherhood and how he came to be a proud father of an awesome daughter. A funny gift for your dad this father’s day!

Dad Jokes Book

It’s a fact that dad jokes are so bad, yet we all laugh anyway. Well, let your dad add more to his arsenal of dad jokes by giving him this book. I bet your dad would find this one funny! Who knows, maybe there will be an underground dad joke’s battle where your dad will find this book useful. Kidding aside, this book is a great gift idea for father’s day!


A funny gift for father’s day. Let your dad know what you think about him with this tumbler. A 2 in 1 gift. You can give him a laugh and a useful drink holder. Hope this one won’t start a sibling rivalry!

Dad and Baby Matching Set

A great father’s day gift for new dads plus a bonus for his newborn. With this graphic tee, a lot of people would find this funny, and I bet the dad that would receive this gift would definitely love this. It’s a way for him to flex his fatherhood and his baby!

Dad vs. Kid Joke Book

A fun way for dads to interact and bond with his kids. This is the ultimate showdown. This book contains a lot of jokes that they should endure. The challenge is simple, “DON’T LAUGH”. This is a perfect father’s day gift and a way for dads to bond with his kids.

Whiskey Glass

Daddy’s sippy cup. Let daddy enjoy his drinks by using this sippy cup. A funny gift if you’re already adults, I bet daddy would reminisce about the times when you were little. Get daddy one for father’s day!

Proud Father T-Shirt

A funny statement shirt for dad to wear. The statement can be understood that no matter what the circumstances are, your dad will always be proud of you! Get your dad this one as a father’s day gift and let him flaunt how he is proud of you!

Whiskey Stone Set

A classy gift for dad this father’s day. Shot glasses for him to enjoy his drinks. It comes with whiskey stones that would be able to chill his drinks without diluting any substance. Let your dad enjoy the full flavor of his drinks with this as a gift!

Willow Tree That’s My Dad

A nice sculpture symbolizing a father’s love for his child. A perfect gift for father’s day to let your dad know that you acknowledge the love and care that he has given to you. Show your dad your love and appreciation by giving this gift!

Photo Frame with Poem

A perfect father’s day gift for a new dad. Becoming a father is a joyful moment that only a father could understand. Let him always remember that feeling with this wonderful gift. A keepsake to keep and cherish the precious moment!

Fatherhood Gift Set

Having a hard time choosing a gift for your dad? Impress him with this gift set. It comes with an Activated Charcoal Soap Bar, Daddy Hat, Mr. Coffee Mug, and Breathable Striped Socks. It’s not about what you give, but it is about the act of giving him a gift on father’s day. Besides, it is a practical gift which he could use from day-to-day.

Chino Shorts

Most daddies, fathers, and papa’s don’t really care that much about fashion. What they really care about most is their comfort. Now, with this stretch chino shorts, they’ll be getting the comfort they want plus the fashionable look you want them to have. For father’s day, this product would be a perfect gift for them!

Engraved Pocket Watch

Our Fathers are our first love, first best pal, and our first hero. This pocket watch is engraved with words that let your father never forget what they mean to us! An awesome father’s day gift. Let him know that you’ll always be his little girl!

Beer Chillers

The world’s coolest dad deserves the world’s coldest beer. Let him enjoy his beer with this beer chiller while reminding him how cool of a dad he is. A great father’s day gift. Might as well enjoy the cold ones with him!

Wood Picture Frame

Keep those memories with your dad together with this wood picture frame as a father’s day gift. A keepsake housed with a durable picture frame that would last for a long time. Just like the love between a father and a daughter that lasts for a lifetime.

Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tool Set

Looking for something to give to a golfer plus a great home cook? Well, your father would definitely love this one. This fantastic BBQ grill set comes in a nifty carrying case, and it’s all organized and neat! This one has a basting brush, grill brush, spatula, fork, tongs, and more. These accessories are perfect gifts for him this father’s day!

Personalized Flask Set

Giving this flask doesn’t mean you’re inducing your father to drink as much as he wants. It can be a symbol of how much you love and care about him. It’s a great gift between men and can be a collectible for him, but he can also use it to store his liquor so that he can drink anytime he wants. Of course, with moderation. A nice father’s day gift!

Tie Bar and Money Clip

Add this cufflink and tie bar to your dad’s office outfit! Let him flaunt himself as the number 1 dad and let others know that even though he is a busy person, he is well-loved by his family. Get this gift set for your father this father’s day!

NFL Silk Lounge Robe

Get your dad this great robe as a gift for fathers day. Is he an NFL fan? And want the utmost comfort? This robe is made with 100% acrylic and can own an OFFICIAL Collegiate tapestry with his favorite team’s graphics!

Funny Tumbler

A humorous father’s day novelty gift for the world’s best farter! Ohh, I mean Father! Let your dad and other people have a couple of laughs with this tumbler. Also, a great way for your father to store his drinks!

Happy Father’s Day Notebook

Oops! A funny gift for your father, but be sure he has a good sense of humor! With this funny notebook, you’d be able to greet your father a happy father’s day and at the same time share with each other a funny moment in your lives!

Best Dad Apron

This funny gift idea has a double meaning. Either your dad is good at flipping burgers or he is so cool at everything that you could not control yourself swearing. Perfect for dads who love to cook. Either way, giving this as a gift, he’d be able to understand that what you’re trying to say is that he’s the best dad for you!

Wood Music Box

A wooden musical box, engraved with words of love and appreciation for your dad this father’s day. Also, it plays the song “ You are my sunshine” that would last for 30 seconds. This is a lovely gift for father’s day! Tell your dad if he ever misses you, just let him play this musical box.

Dad’s Prayer Framed Plaque

This wooden plaque has a prayer for your dad written on it. It would let him feel how much you love him, how much he means to you, and that you’d always pray for him. A perfect gift for father’s day which is the day we remind our dads that we truly appreciate them.

Father Star Wars T-Shirt

Any Star Wars fans instantly understands this reference. No need for us to elaborate further. It is a perfect gift for dads who are big fans of star wars. If your dad/husband is a star wars fan, get this product as a gift for father’s day.

Golf Trunk Locker

Does your dad or husband play golf? They say golf is a game for gentlemen and in fact, it means “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden”. Now with this storage, your dad would be able to organize his essentials for playing Golf. Because it is already organized, he will not have a hard time looking for his stuff the night before playing golf. A great gift for your dad or husband this father’s day!

Golf Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt is every dad’s fashion staple. With this amazon exclusive, your dad or husband will be able to get the comfort they want and wear a more fashionable outfit. A nice father’s day gift idea!

Tailgating Table

A perfect gift for your dad or husband and also a great thing to have during father’s day. Are you planning to celebrate father’s day with a barbecue party? Then, this foldable table is a must-have. This folding table has an insulated cooler, food basket, and holder for bottles. This table can accommodate up to 4 persons.

Pamper Time Set

Our Dads as the provider and head of the family tend to forget to take care of themselves and sometimes have no plans of buying things to pamper themselves. This father’s day, you can give back for your father’s or husband’s sacrifices by giving them this pampering gift set. At least for father’s you could see them glow up. This is a great gift for your father!

Cologne Spray By Ralph Lauren

Bring your dad’s game to the next level with these great scented perfume by Ralph Lauren Polo. An awesome father’s day gift! Each purchase would give you an 8-ounce spray bottle inside a giftable box. This perfume is guaranteed authentic, and it is definitely something your dad will love.

Spa Gift Set

Every hardworking dad should have a treat every once in a while. With this as a father’s day gift, your dad can be treated spa-like at home. Show your love and care for your dad this father’s day with this gift!

Shower Slides

Nowadays, athleisure is a trend. It doesn’t just give people a nice fashionable look, but also a comfortable feeling. With these Adidas slides, it can give your dad a trendy look and a comfortable feel. A perfect gift for father’s day!

Work Boots

Is your dad a hard worker? If yes, then protect his feet with these Timberland PRO Steel-toe boots. As a hard-working man his safety is a must, also gives him a cool look. An awesome father’s day gift for your hard-working dad!

Men’s Messenger Bag

A hard-working guy, who’s always on the go? This Men’s messenger bag is made of superior leather. It’s waterproof and durable for long-term use. It’s great for packing up his paperwork and other work essentials. A great father’s day gift for a great provider!

Beard Balm

Is your dad sporting a beard? Then this idea is a nice gift for him. The beard balm will ensure him a nicer and thicker beard and is suitable for all beard types. An awesome father’s day gift for your bearded dad!

Beard Grooming Kit

A great gift for dads who are sporting a beard. With this all-in-one grooming kit, he would be able to take care of his beard on his own at home. The kit includes Beard Straightener, Beard razor, Beard Brush, Beard Scissors, and a carrying case. He won’t need to buy these accessories separately making it more cost-effective. A perfect gift for father’s day!

I’m Working on My PHD T-Shirt

A funny statement t-shirt for dads who are into woodworking. This humorous t-shirt would probably give a laugh to people who’d see it and your dad would definitely love to wear this shirt to brag that he’s into woodworking! A funny gift for father’s day!

Golf Multi-Tool

The golfer’s Swiss knife! If your dad loves to play golf, then consider this one as a gift for him. It has functions that can give your dad an edge to his opponents. It can just be carried in his pocket. The tool Includes Ball Marker, Brush, Stroke Counter, Cleat Tightener, Club Groove Cleaner (Divot Repair tool), and Bottle Opener with Screwdriver. An awesome father’s day gift for your golfer dad!

Magnetic Wristband

This is a wristband embedded with strong magnets to hold screws while working. May it be a house renovation, woodworks, or electronics. This wristband would benefit your dad by giving him less hassle of picking up and finding missing screws while working. A nice father’s day gift for you dad!

Grilling Spatula

A perfect gift for your dad who loves to cook. A sweet reminder of how great of a father your dad is. Also, a great help to let him cook a lot more delicious food. They say that cooking is not just about the recipe and ingredients, the soul of the one cooking is also essential for a delicious meal. Give this as a gift for your dad this father’s day!

Drilling and Driving Set

If your dad is into craftsmanship and woodworking, then this tool set is a must-have for him. Support your dad’s hobbies and be the reason for him to create a masterpiece! A great father’s day gift idea!

Beer Holster

A funny gadget and a way to hold your father’s beer. Instead of a gun, a beer bottle is the one tucked in the holster. A convenient thing to have most especially at parties. A humorous and convenient father’s day gift!

Whiskey Glass with Cigar Rest

Does your dad enjoy having spirits and cigars? Then, this is a great gift for him this father’s day! He can enjoy both of those things at the same time. The glass has a cigar holder at the side, so when he takes a drink he may put his cigar on it. An awesome 2-in-1 father’s day gift!

LED Flashlight Gloves

A light at the tip of your fingers and less bulky than the traditional flashlight. Great for your dad’s night hunting and fishing! But it can also be used in any practical situation. It features a comfortable stretched soft cloth material, large size for adults with position adjustable Velcro strap. A nice gift for your father on father’s day!

Massage Pillow

Once in a while, your dad should be treated with a nice massage. Now with Viktor Jurgen Massage Pillow, he’ll be able to have a massage, anytime and anywhere he likes. This is a perfect gift for your dad in order to give him a relaxed feeling on father’s day!

Cordless Beard Trimmer Kit

With the Hattaker hair and beard clipper, your dad would be able to pamper himself on his own in the comfort of their home. He’d be in control of what styles he wants to apply for himself, no hassle on explaining what he wants.  Can also save him money in the long run. A nice gift for father’s day!

Wood Carving Tools

Has your dad already retired from work? You might be worried that he’ll end up bored? Well, you might consider giving him a new hobby. By giving this carving chisels you’d be introducing your dad into the world of woodwork. A great gift for your father!

Swiss Card

A wonderful “all in one” tool that can fit in your dad’s wallet. If it fits in your dad’s wallet then you can bring it anywhere all the time. And at times it can be very useful. The card includes a Letter Opener/Blade, Scissors, Straight Pin, Nail File, Screwdriver, Tweezers, Toothpick, Pressurized Ballpoint Pen, Ruler, and a flashlight!

Stud Finder Wall Detector

A great tool for housework. If your dad is into housework then this is the perfect gift for him! This stud sensor has 5 scanning modes and can help your dad find the exact column when installing TV, cabinets, garage shelves, etc., This can be easily used in your home, office, workshop, and can make your DIY home easier. A perfect father’s day gift!

Car Vacuum

It’s really difficult to clean all the filth of the car squeaky clean. But with the ANKO Car vacuum it can now be possible. Cleaning the interior of the car is now made easy with this portable gadget. You may not be able to help your dad clean the car physically, but at least you lessen the work with this gift. An awesome father’s day gift!

Bicycle Tool

If your dad is into cycling, then this Topeak bicycle tool is a must-have for him! It has 9 tools in total and is made from hardened steel, to ensure durability. A perfect father’s day gift for dads who love cycling!

Smartphone Holder

Sometimes dads can be a little bit careless. With this beam phone holder, your dad would be able to use his phone hands-free while driving his car. The best thing to ensure his safety! Most accidents happen because of people being on the phone while driving. If you care for your dad then this is a great father’s day gift for him!

Car Seat Gap Organizer

As we know, most dads are messy and sloppy. Most things are unorganized, especially in cars. Things might be placed anywhere, things fall down at the side of the seats. But with this car seat gap organizers, all his essentials are at the tips of his fingers, and he can organize all his things at his convenience. A nice father’s day gift!

Lighted Backpack

An awesome gift for dads who love the outdoors and go fishing! Your dad can fish at night with it’s LED light system. It has a mounted molded sunglass holder, removable plier holder, and the backpack features a protective rain cover. And also has a large space to store all your fishing essentials. A perfect father’s day gift!

Vehicle Fishing Rod Rack

Of course, you could not go out fishing without your fishing rods! Now, most problems of people who go out fishing are where to put their fishing rod during the trip. This vehicle rod rack hold is designed to solve the storage and transportation problems of fishing rods. It has a capacity of 5 rods. A perfect father’s day gift idea!

Rod Holder

Fishermen know how hard it is to reel in some big catches. Sometimes you lose your grip or you’re gonna be pulled away by your catch. With this rod holder, it would be able to assist your dad on his fishing. If you want your dad to have more convenient fishing experience, then this is an awesome gift for him. You might consider giving this on father’s day!

My Dad Had That Car Book

An awesome book for dads who are crazy about cars! Cars  from 1920-1990, with over 12,000 illustrations of 10,000 cars. A great father’s day gift for a gear head dad!

Golf Cap

Fashionable athleisure designed golf caps from Nike. A nice gift for a golfer dad. In golf, the game takes place under the sun so players would definitely need something to cover up their faces from the heat. If your dad loves to play golf, then consider this cap as a father’s day gift!

Seat Cushion

As a child of our parents, we always thought of giving back to them for taking care and loving us. Dads are the most hardworking people we know and what we must give is their ultimate comfort. With this seat cushion, your dad is able to achieve it. It is portable and it can be used anywhere your dad wants! An awesome father’s day gift!

Office Chair

Is your dad an office worker? Or does he work at home, but without a comfortable chair? Does he complain about body aches he gets from sitting all day long? Then this is the perfect father’s day gift for him. This chair is built for comfort and designed with human-oriented ergonomic construction which would give the full human comfort possible!

Short Order Dad Cook Book

Is your dad fond of cooking? But he seems to only have limited dishes in his menu? Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. With this book, your dad would be able to discover a lot of new dishes! Also, this is a great father’s day gift since he loves to cook!

Electric Throw Blanket

Give the ultimate comfort to your dad during the cold nights! The electric heated throw blanket comes with a 3-setting heat controller. Low, medium, and high which can be adjusted depending on your dad’s comfort! This is a nice father’s day gift!

Engraved Wooden Watch

A nice fashionable personalized wooden watch for your dad! A personalized message can be engraved for you. 100% Guaranty & High-Quality Service. It’s a great father’s day gift idea!

Multi-Function Tool Pen

A perfect gift for dads who are engineers, carpenters, architects, and many more. This ballpoint pen is an all in one package! With Ruler, Level gauge, Ballpoint Pen, Stylus, and two Screw Drivers. An awesome and unique father’s day gift idea for engineers, carpenters, and architect dads!