43 Sweet and Useful Gift for Bakers

by mkimmel | Last Updated: November 16, 2020

Bakers can be as sweet as their sweetest treats, as warm as their tasty and lovely pies, and as generous as their cake serving. That’s why the baker in your life deserves all the treats they can get! For that, this list of gift ideas has you covered! Here are 43 of the sweetest and most useful gifts for awesome bakers. Read along!

Cupcake Stand

This elegant-looking cupcake stand from the Jusalpha store is a 3-tier white ceramic stand which comes with a gift box. The platters have diameters with measurements 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. It makes a fantastic gift for bakers especially those who make tasty pastries for special occasions. This set also comes with a free sugar tong.

Fancy Sprinkles Black Widow

Fancy Sprinkles is an exquisite mix of black and gold edible candy pearls. It is a useful gift for bakers who do cake decorations, cupcake making, and other sorts of treats. This version of the Fancy Sprinkles is called the Black Widow but there are other kinds such as Bombshell, Firecracker, Wanderlust, and heaps more. This one is something they’ll definitely appreciate!

Retro Kitchen Timer

The baker in your life who fancies a little bit of retro will love this kitchen timer from Zassenhaus. This 60-minute timer comes in assortments of color options such as black, yellow, mint, white, orange, and even a fancy kiwi green. This timer has a metal construction as well as a built-in magnet on the backside. It measures 2.75 inches in diameter and has easily readable markings.

Scratch Oven Mitt

For the bakers who also happen to be fond of cats, this oven mitt is a fantastic gift choice. This Scratch oven mitt from Blue Q is a standard-fitting mitten made with heavy-duty materials. It has a comfy feel, ample insulation, high-quality print, and it is easy to clean as well. The design on this mitt shows a fierce looking cat!

Joie Yolky Egg Separator

Cookies, cakes, pies, all of them need the gooey magic of eggs! The Joie Yolky egg separator is a BPA-free and FDA-approved product which makes separating egg whites from yolks extremely easy. It is fun to use, easy to clean, and it looks cute! This gift for bakers is surely a must-have for any kitchen.

Fancy Panz 2-in-1

The Fancy Panz 2-in-1 set is a double size foil pan set with an included serving spoon. It comes in different colors such as aqua, forest green, charcoal, navy blue, and a lot more. This serving pan has a removable riser, plus, it is stackable and easy to carry while traveling. This foil pan makes an awesome gift for bakers.

The Smart Baker Cheat Sheet

The Smart Baker cheat sheet is a simple-looking apron with a neat trick. It has a printed conversion of cups to ounces, tablespoons to teaspoons, and a lot more. This apron comes in 5 different color options and it makes a useful gift for bakers. There is also an option to have it customized to your preferred size!

Pizzelle Maker

Equipped with extra thick baking plates, a non-stick surface, and a steam guard, this Pizzelle maker is a must-have for any baker. It measures 10.5×10.5 inches and it can make 2 pizzelles at one go. This pizzelle maker set also comes with an included recipe guidebook. It is easy to clean, easy to store, and simple to use.

Fine Mesh Strainer

This fine mesh strainer set from the IPOW store is made using an anti-corrosion and rust-resistant material. It has a premium quality fine mesh and it comes in 3 different sizes. This set is something every baker must own in their arsenal. Equipped with long sturdy handles, these strainers will make fishing out fried goods or filtering clumpy noodles a lot easier.

Betty Crocker Cooling Rack

Here’s a gift for the bakers who cook in large portions! This cooling rack from the Betty Croker store is a 3-tier rack made with a mesh wire design and heavy-duty arm rails. This cooling rack has a non-stick finish which facilitates easy clean up and it folds flat for easy storage. This one is a gift for bakers they will definitely find a use for.

Carlisle Sparta Brush

The Carlisle Sparta brush is a basting brush made with boar bristles and hardwood. It comes in plenty of sizes and in single-pack or packs of 12. The bristles in this brush are double-boiled, bleached, and sterilized which makes them extremely heat resistant even up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. It is an amazing gift choice for bakers as it will make basting meat and poultry a lot easier.

Classics Pie Dish

For that baker in your life who always has a special pie on the menu, this modern classics pie dish makes a great gift. This Emile Henry 9-inch pie dish comes in a rogue red, white, blue, leaves yellow, and spring green color. It is made with all-natural materials and it is highly resistant to heat. This one is definitely a premium pie dish!

Rotating Cake Turntable

The cake expert in your life will find this rotating cake turntable from the Kootek store a must-have. This turntable comes with 2 icing spatulas as well as an icing smoother. It can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to facilitate control and precision. This turntable measures 11 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height.

2-Tier Cake Stand

This 2-tier cake stand has marble platforms and a wooden middle stem. It is hand-crafted from a natural marble and polished to create a smooth and elegant finish. This cake stand is versatile and can double as a dessert stand, a fruit stand, or a cupcake server. It has a solid and evenly distributed weight making it a super stable and secure.

KitchenIQ Knife Sharpener

A sharp knife is a good knife, every chef and baker knows that, and that is exactly why this knife sharpener is a worthy gift to consider. The KitchenIQ knife sharpener is a 2-stage knife conditioning system which is easy to use and extremely effective. It features a patented edge grip system, coarse and fine sharpening blades, and a non-slip bottom. This one is a gift every baker would find useful.

Precision Kitchen Food Scale

Nailing the perfect amount of ingredients is essential in making an excellent dish. This precision kitchen food scale from the Escali store is a digital scale with an LCD display. It measures 8×6 inches and it has an easy 2-button operation. With a water-resistant rating, a compact body, and an easy to clean design, this food scale makes a nice gift for bakers.

Sugar Saver and Softener

This adorable bear-shaped sugar saver and softener is a nifty little kitchen tool. Essentially, this bear maintains moisture in brown sugar for approximately 3 to 6 months. It is made from specially fired clay, and it is completely food-safe and reusable. This cute little bear will extend the shelf-life of spices, salts, sugar, pretzels, chips, and a lot more. This one is heaven-sent for bakers!

Bluapple Produce Saver

The Blueapple produce saver is a simple yet super useful gift for bakers. What this produce saver does is extends the lifespan of fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene gas in the surrounding air. It is a money- and food-saving product that is simple to use and works up to 3 months. This will ensure those apple pies and blueberry cheesecakes always have the freshest ingredients.

Over the Sink Strainer

This over-the-sink strainer from the Dexas store is an 11.5×20-inch board which features a 2.5-quart removable strainer. It has non-slip rubber edges, it is dishwasher-safe, and it has raised corners which direct juices towards the center. This simple yet effective strainer is something bakers will benefit from. It is easy to clean as well!

Blueberry Scone Mix

If you know a baker who’s trying to make one of those blueberry scones, this mix is the perfect gift to get. This 12-ounce blueberry scone mix is straight from the experts at Stonewall kitchen. This mix is complete with all the essential ingredients such as malted wheat flour, sour cream, blueberries, baking powder, and a lot more. This mix makes a wonderful gift for bakers.

Adjustable Rolling Pin

Here’s something that would prove extremely useful in any kitchen setup. This adjustable rolling pin is designed to flatten dough to ensure uniform baking. It has a solid beech construction, an etched pastry measurement guide, and 4 removable measuring discs. This rolling pin would make a fantastic gift for bakers who love making pizza, tarts, pie crusts, and more.

Sondiko Butane Torch

The Sondiko butane torch is a culinary professional torch specifically tailored for dessert making. It features a safety lock, an adjustable flame nozzle, and it is refillable, too. This torch is perfect for crafting that mouth-watering Creme Brulee or for that juicy BBQ! This one is a must-have for all the bakers out there.

Wilton Cake Tester

If you are gifting someone who’s big into cakes, this Wilton cake tester is the gift to get. This simple contraption is a full-proof way to ensure cakes, brownies, muffins, and cupcakes are perfectly cooked. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, a reusable pick, and a plastic cover, this cake tester is a nifty little tool. Plus, it’s super simple to clean, too.

Wilton Donut Baking Pans

For the baker whose specialty are those round tasty donuts, these baking pans make a fantastic gift. A set of these comes with 2 individual 6-cavity pans which are made of steel and non-stick. It comes in 2 different color options, gray and orange. This pan makes standard-size donuts which measure 3.25 inches in diameter, plus, it is dishwasher-safe as well.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

This stainless-steel mixing bowl set from the FineDine store comes with 6 pieces of easy-to-clean nesting bowls. These are space-saving, heavy-duty, and lightweight. Perfect for everyday kitchen use, these bowls are ergonomically designed and are all-purpose as well. These would definitely make a useful gift for bakers.

Digital Kitchen Timer

This 2-pack digital kitchen timer is an easy-to-use timer with a big digit display and a loud alarm. It is perfect for kitchen use, plus, it has large buttons as well. This timer can count up or count down up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. It has a magnetic back and a retractable stand, too.

Whisk Wiper

Whisks are always a tough kitchen utensil to clean, well not anymore with this whisk wiper! This nifty little tool will save the baker in your life plenty of time in cleaning the whisk. It comes in heaps of color options such as aquamarine, blue, clear, green, orange, red, and violet. Plus, there’s even an included 11-inch whisk freebie!

Polished Marble Rolling Pin

This polished marble rolling pin from Fox Run is an elegant kitchen tool which is made from 100% marble. It measures 10 inches without the handles and 18 inches with the handles included. This rolling pin has a smooth surface which has a natural non-stick property. It comes with comfortable wooden handles as well as a wooden resting base.

Cookie Scoop

The OXO cookie scoop is a simple tool which comes in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. It is a spring-loaded tool which features soft and comfortable padding and an easy-to-clean wiper. A single serving of this scoop makes a 2.75-inch diameter cookie. This is a gift for bakers they would definitely find handy.

Bamboo Book Stand

For the baker in your life who fancies printed recipe books, this bamboo book strand is the perfect gift to get. The stand measures 11 inches by 8 inches perfect for holding coffee table books and guidebooks. It is made with high-quality bamboo, and it can be adjusted between 5 different reading angles. It is multi-function and it conveniently lays flat when not in use.

Now Designs Utensil Crock

The Now Designs utensil crock is a simple yet useful gift for bakers. It is a charming utensil holder with a minimalistic print and lots of colors to choose from. This durable kitchen caddy is multi-purpose and it is made with galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish. Measuring 6 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter this holder can accommodate a lot of tools.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid’s Artisan Series stand mixer is a 5-quart capacity mixer with a gloss cinnamon color. It is entirely made with a stainless-steel material and it is powered by a 325-watt motor. Featuring a 10-speed slide controller, this mixer can whip extremely fast or very slowly. The mixer also comes with an included flat beater, dough hook, and a wire whip.

Pie Marker Cutter

For the baker in your life whose specialty is with pies, pizzas, and cakes, this marker cutter makes a fantastic gift. This 8-slice cutter is made with a durable aluminum and it weighs approximately 0.3 pounds. It is simple to use, and it works with circular pastries of size 9-inches or larger. This cutter is simple to clean, too, a simple hand-wash will do!

100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen

100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen is literally what the title claims to be. With 100 recipes for making pleasantly tasty cookies, this is a kitchen book that is essential in every household. Also, it comes with a ribbon marker making it ideal as a gift for bakers. Plus, there are tons of delicious-looking photographs in this book as well.

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

These Ann Clark cookie cutters are shaped like adorable little dinosaurs. Made from a food-grade alloy steel, these cutters are durable and safe to use. It would make a fantastic gift for bakers who use cookie dough and fondant on a frequent basis. These cutters are great for making brownies, small cakes, and even decorative cake designs.

Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

Measuring cups are vital in any kitchen space, that’s why you should totally grab a complete set for the baker in your life. This one from the U-taste store is a set of 7 measuring cups and 5 measuring spoons. These utensils are made with an anti-rust 18/8 stainless-steel which is food-grade and durable. Plus, these have thick colored handles, too!

This is F–king Delicious Oven Mitts

If you are gifting a baker with a sense of humor, this hilarious oven mitts make a fantastic gift choice. Made with a premium quality cotton material, this mitten has a vibrant comic-style print. It is easy to care for, highly heat resistant, and it has a naturally fitting shape. This is definitely a useful gift for bakers!

Baking Journal Note Book

This baking journal notebook is something every baker should have in their arsenal. It is a beautiful journal with a hardbound cover and hundreds of blank pages designed to record their favorite baking memories. It is made with a high-quality fabric and pages, plus, it comes with a protective sleeve. This one is a simple yet functional gift for bakers.

Booze Cakes

Those who said booze and cakes do not belong together are clearly wrong. Booze Cakes is a baking guidebook complete with hundreds of step-by-step recipes. From the sweet-salty honey spice beer cake to the bourbon-filled lane cake, this book has all the secrets to making booze cakes! It is a fantastic gift choice for the baker in your life.

Citrus Floral Recipe Tin

This Recipe Tin can from Rifle Paper Co. is a wonderful gift idea for bakers. It is a beautifully designed recipe box which measures 6.25×4.25 inches. The tin can has a gold metallic interior, a gold-framed label, and dozens of hand-painted florals. The included cards on this set are awesome to write recipes on!

Ugly Xmas Sweater Holiday Sprinkles

If you are gifting for the holidays, these ugly xmas sweater sprinkles is something to consider. This 3-ounce jar of sprinkles will add a dash of color to any pastry or treat. These colorful treats are colored using all-natural plant-based food coloring from paprika. It comes in all sorts of holiday-inspired shapes as well.

French Rolling Pin

This French rolling pin from J.K Adams is a simple and lightweight pin that’s easy to maneuver and easy to clean. It is an awesome gift for bakers, plus, it is made with 100% sustainable American hardwood. This rolling pin is slightly textured to ensure non-stick performance. It measures 20.5 inches in length and 2 inches on its thickest side.

Sterling Silver Sweet Necklace

For the baker who is into shiny jewelry, this simple-looking “Sweet” necklace is a fantastic gift to get. It is made with a high-quality 925-sterling silver and it has an adjustable 18-inch rhodium-plated chain. This necklace makes a great keepsake and an adorable piece of accessory. It will definitely make a cool gift for bakers!