48 Wonderful Gifts for Ring Bearers

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 16, 2021

Guarding wedding rings is an extremely tough job. So, if you are looking for the perfect gear to get for you ring bearer, look no further. With a wide selection of items from special suitcases, sleek sunglasses, toys and other fun stuff, this ring bearer gift list has you covered! Regardless if you are gifting a ring bearer pre- or post-wedding, here are some of the coolest gift to get. Check it out!

Wedding Ring Security Box

The wedding ring security box is a special gift for the special ring bearer. It is a super cool set of top-secret gadgets to keep those wedding rings in check! The set includes a pair of prop sunglasses, plastic suitcase, and an attachable earpiece. Your ring bearer would definitely get in the mood with these cool stuff in his arsenal!

Ring Bearer Shirt

Here’s a simple yet still cool ring bearer gift! This ring bearer shirt comes in black, white, gray, red, white, and navy. It is suitable for ring bearers of all ages from 12-months old, 2 years old, and up to 4 years old. It has an awesome bow tie print with a printed text that perfectly suits the occasion.

Ring Bearer Pillow Case

For post-wedding snoozing and naptime, your ring bearer will surely fall in love with simplistic pillowcase from EricauBird. It is made with a soft linen fabric and it measures 30x50cm! This pillowcase is also extremely easy to clean, and the print is long-lasting as well. This one makes a wonderful thank you gift for ring bearers for sure.

Alfie Pet Tuxedo

If simple pillowcases doesn’t tickle his fancy, here’s a fun alternative! For the ring bearers who has pets, this pet tuxedo from the Alfie store is a superb gift to get. Whether his dog will be walking down the aisle or not, this adorable tuxedo will perfectly match his attire! This cool-looking tuxedo comes in a bunch of sizes from XS to 4XL.

Ring Bearer Sunglasses

If you want to give something simple yet still sleek and functional, this pair of ring bearer sunglasses make an awesome choice. It is a simple pair of sunglasses with a lightweight plastic frame. This pair comes with a UV 400 protection rating and a super cool “Ring Security” printed on the frame itself. This is perfect for picture taking sessions, too.

Ring Bearer Backpack

Speaking of functional, here’s something he’ll surely use a bunch of times. This ring bearer backpack is made with a tough nylon material making it extremely durable. It has adjustable straps, a cool badge print, and a top flap opening design. This will surely get your ring bearer excited on your wedding day.

Funny Ring Bearer Sleeves

This funny ring bearer sleeves is great as a thank you gift. It has a hilarious printed text which reads “Guard Rings. Steal Show. Dance. Eat Cake.” Made with a cotton poly blend, this 3/4 sleeve top is extremely comfortable to wear. It has a dual color combo and sizes which can fit kids age 7 to 9 years old.

Ring Bearer Cuff Links

For adding a little bit of personality to his suit, this pair of cuff links make a wonderful ring bearer gift. It has a simple white text on black background design which does not fade. This gift is an awesome proposal gift for your ring bearer! He’ll definitely get excited to carry and guard your rings for you.

Boy’s Suit Set

An attractive suit set might be the gift you are eyeing for. If that’s the case, here’s an awesome 4-piece dresswear from LuoboBeiBei. It comes in 5 different color variants, black, gray, blue, purple, and white. The suit set comes with a cool looking jacket, a pair of pants, a vest, and an awesome-looking tie.

The Ring Bear: A Wedding Book for Kids

This beautifully illustrated full-color wedding book for kids is an awesome thank you gift for your ring bearer. It is a great keepsake your ring bearer will surely keep forever! Plus, the storyline of the book is awesome and full of valuable morals, too. It revolves around Robert, the ring bearer in his aunt’s wedding.

Ring Security Services Shirt

How about a tuxedo-looking shirt with a printed badge and a lovely rose design? If that’s what you’re looking for here’s the perfect shirt to get for your ring bearer! Printed with top-quality screen-printed ink, the design in this shirt does not crack nor fade. It has a ribbed crew neck and double needle stitching as well.

Ring Bearer Double Frame

For storing your lovely wedding photos with the ring bearer, this double frame keepsake is truly amazing. It is two pieces of 4×6-inch frames hinged together. It comes with a printed poem for ring bearers on one side and a slot for a picture on the other. The frame itself has a classy silver paint which adds to its elegance.

Ring Bearer Tumbler with Straw

It’s sleek, functional, and it comes in tons of colors! This ring bearer tumbler with an included straw has a laser engraved text design. It can hold up to 12 ounces of your ring bearer’s favorite beverage. This bottle is made with stainless-steel material and features a double-wall insulation ideal for retaining temperature.

Ring Bearer Coloring Book

For easing pre- or post-wedding tantrums, you will find this ring bearer coloring book extremely handy. It has personalized page perfect for signing dates and signatures. This coloring book includes tons of mazes, puzzles, and other drawing activity sheets. Plus, there are keepsake journal pages as well.

Ring Bearer Activity Book

Here’s another fun book for your ring bearer. The Ring Bearer Activity Book is a 12-page cardboard book filled with hours and hours of fun. It has a durable construction specially designed for clumsy hands and messy scribblers. It comes with a set of fashionable accessories, too! This one is definitely one cool ring bearer gift.

Ring Bearer Party Glasses

These pair of party glasses are awesome for post-wedding photo booths! It is a fun accessory your ring bearer will surely have fun using. The set comes with two pairs of sunglasses, one for your ring bearer and another one for your flower girl. These sunglasses would definitely add a dash of style to a rather boring tux.

Ring Dude Canvas Tote Bag

For carrying his extra pair of clothes, diapers, a bunch of toys, this canvas tote bag makes an incredible ring bearer gift. It is made with a durable cotton material which can be reused multiple times! It is easy to clean, easy to carry, and extremely hard to rip! Plus, there’s a bold text design which reads “Ring Dude” on the outside.

Ring Bearer Gift Puzzle

If you are gifting a ring bearer who loves tinkering with puzzles, then this one is the gift to get. It is a 6×6-inch jigsaw puzzle with a safari theme and a written text which reads “will you be our ring bearer?” This puzzle is also customizable, and you can put your ring bearer’s name on it! This is one cool ring bearer gift, no doubt.

Fire 7 Kids Tablet Backpack Combo

The Fire 7 kids edition is a wonderful ring bearer gift for video game fanatics or TV show enthusiasts. Your ring bearer would find using the Fire 7 super enjoyable. It comes with a 1 year of Amazon Kids+ subscription with over 20,000 apps, games, books, and audiobooks. The Fire 7 is built especially for kids, so it has a super tough construction, plus, this bundle also comes with a free backpack.

Earpiece and Sunglass Set

Carrying the rings is a no joke job, it is extremely dangerous, and your ring bearer would need all the tools he can get. This sunglass and earpiece set is an awesome way to get him engaged and acting like a ring guard! It is a super fun gift which he can use post-wedding for other role-playing games. He’ll surely get excited with these!

Animal Series Casual Crew Sock

While on the topic of exciting, here’s a pair of exciting socks from Hot Sox! This dinosaur printed crew socks comes in black and hemp heather color variants. It is made with 58% cotton, 21% polyester, 19% nylon, and 2% spandex. This pair of socks are easy to clean, and it would fit a kids’ shoe size of 10-13.

Ring Bearer Gift Boxes

If you already have a gift on hand, these ring bearer gift boxes is an awesome way to wrap them! Made with high-quality white cardboard, these boxes are sturdy and thick. It features a foil printing and a foldable one-piece design. These boxes fit the occasion super well and will surely get your ring bearer super happy.

Personalized Night Light

A personalized night light is a super functional ring bearer gift. This one features a simple warm glow and a natural wooden finish. The lamp is enclosed in a stylish letter cutout which can be personalized with your ring bearer’s name. This lamp is an awesome addition for any bedroom setup as it surely adds personality to the space.

Boys’ Formal Vest Set

For a useful pre-wedding ring bearer gift, this formal vest set makes a great option. It is made with high-quality fabric and it comes in a bunch of color combination such as black and lilac, gray and sliver, black and yellow, and a lot more. There are heaps of sizing options, and the set comes with a vest, shirt, pants, necktie, and a bow tie.

Dress Shirt with Bowtie and Suspender

If your wedding’s theme is a little bit on the casual side, perhaps one of this Sangtree shirt and suspender combo would make a great gift for your ring bearer. This 2-piece combo comes with a dress shirt and a suspender pants. There is also a free included bowtie! This combo comes in heaps of colors as well.

Ring Bearer T-Rex Shirt

For the dinosaur enthusiast ring bearer, here’s the gift to get! This ring bearer T-rex shirt is made with 100% cotton. It has a classic lightweight fit with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. This shirt has a super cool dinosaur-wearing-glasses print and a text that reads, “I’m the ring dude.” This t-rex shirt comes in two colors black and brown.

Ring Bearer Bear Shirt

Ring bearers are literally incomplete without a “bear.” Jokes aside, this ring bearer bear shirt is a cool ring bearer gift anyone would find adorable. It is made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton so it’s easy to clean, feel ultra-soft to the touch, and comfortable to wear. The minimalistic design adds to the overall simple look of the shirt.

Shark Soprano Ukulele

Ukuleles are cool and all, but have you seen one with a shark design? Have a look at this Makala Surf green shark ukulele! It is an adorable instrument made with the highest quality material. This soprano ukulele is one for the ring bearers who has a passion for music at an early age.

Get A Load Shirt

If sharks and bears aren’t cool enough as a ring bearer gift, this shirt has a dinosaur riding a truck! It comes in a dozen of colors such as black, baby blue, brown, heather gray, dark grey, purple, and a bunch more. It is designed perfectly to suit any ring bearer! With a 100% cotton construction, this shirt is lightweight and comfy!

Ring Bearer Wedding Day Frame

A frame with a rustic wooden look is also an awesome ring bearer gift. This one from Kate Posh has a natural wood material with an engraved design. It can be used in either portrait or landscape mode which is super convenient. In this poster, you ring bearer can display his favorite photo during the wedding.

Customized Leather Baseball

For baseball fans, a customized baseball is the perfect ring bearer gift! This custom baseball has a laser engraved customizable text on top of its synthetic leather cover. The center of the baseball is made with high-density solid cork and rubber combo. It is sized similarly to the standard baseball which makes it ideal for casual games.

Ring Bearer Personalized Ornament

Holiday decorations make an amazing ring bearer gift as well. This one from EricauBird is a customizable Christmas tree ornament. It is made with a premium ceramic material with a size of 3.25 inches in diameter and 0.12 inches in thickness. This works well as a keepsake as well or just a random room decorative piece.

The Ring Bearer Book

The Ring Bearer is a book for (you guessed it!), the ring bearers. It is told in a carefully structured yet playful rhyme. The book details the fun, excitement, and joy of a wedding scene. From watching the bride walk up the isle to hearing the vows and eating a piece of that yummy wedding cake, your ring bearer will truly get hyped with this book!

Ring Bearer A to Z

If you are worried that your little ring bearer might hit you with one of those tantrums during wedding day, this book is the answer. Ring Bearer A to Z is everything a ring bearer need to know about his special job. It is a fun take on a ring bearer’s guidebook! Filled with colorful photographs, this is something he’ll surely enjoy flipping through.

Star Wars Cuff Links

For that Star Wars fan who’s about to become your trusty ring bearer, this Star Wars cuff links make a great gift. It has a sleek black design with an image of Darth Vader and a printed text that reads “Ring Bearer.” This is definitely a gift that will suit the occasion quite nicely.

Ring Security Badge

The ring security badge is a fancy accessory your ring bearer will surely find amazing! It is a 2.7×2.7-inch badge made with actual metal. It has an engraved writing and a gold-coated finish. He’ll definitely feel like he’s part of some secret agency with this on his arsenal!

Bringing the Rings with the Bling

Bringing the Rings with the Bling is a planner for ring bearers. It has a size of 6 inches by 9 inches and it contains over 130 pages. There are dozens of extra pages for notes, to-do lists, 3 pages of contacts list, 2 pages of birthday trackers, and a bunch more. This is one neat way into hyping him up for wedding day.

Ring Bearer Gray Shirt

This ring bearer gray shirt is as simple as it can get for a ring bearer gift. It has a minimalistic black print with a simple badge design. Made with 100% ring spun cotton, this shirt is lightweight and features a classic fit. It is something your ring bearer would wear on a daily, for sure!

SlideAway Toy Storage Bag

This SlideAway toy storage bag from Creative QT store is both a fun and functional ring bearer gift. This ingenious contraption serves as a playing mat and a storage for toys at the same time. Plus, it has a huge and attractive graphic print which any ring bearer will enjoy. This is a must-have gift for ring bearers especially those who love lounging on the floor.

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle

If you are gifting a tinkerer or someone who loves puzzles, the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle is an amazing gift to get. It is a truly challenging Lego kit with over 900+ pieces. This is a great puzzle for him to bond over with his parents, playmates, or siblings. This set makes a great ring bearer gift, guaranteed.

Gentleman Jumpsuit & Vest Set

If your ring bearer is still a baby boy, here’s a fancy jumpsuit and vest set from Zoerea. It comes in brown, gray, and brown short and gray short variants. This baby’s formal wear is made with a high-quality organic cotton which is super comfortable to the touch. It is an awesome ring bearer gift everyone will find adorable.

3D Wooden Brain Teaser

Still for baby ring bearers, this 3D wooden brain teaser is designed to challenge critical thinking and develop dexterity. This wooden puzzle is precisely cut to fit perfectly with each other. It is a wonderful gift any ring bearer will surely appreciate. Plus, it’s an awesome way of developing their ring-handling-skills.

Sage Green Bow Tie

If you are looking for a rather simple gift but something functional, this sage green bow tie is an awesome choice. This is ideal as a pre-wedding ring bearer gift, something he can use in your wedding! This bow tie also comes inside a gift-ready box and it has a variety of sizes, too. Its rustic design makes for an awesome look!

Ring Security Aluminum Water Bottle

For sporty ring bearers or someone who just like running around the house, this aluminum water bottle can help keep them hydrated. This bottle can hold up to 20 ounces of beverage, plus, it comes with 2 different lids. There is also an option to clip a carabiner around for easier carrying around.

Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons love Tacos is a hilarious children’s book ideal for nosey ring bearers. This book talks about the random things that could go wrong at a dragons’ taco party. It is filled with tons of watercolor illustrations, drawings, and bunch of fun stuff. This ring bearer gift is an extremely adorable one!

Tamagotchi on

Tamagotchi on is a new take on the classic pocket electronic game. It is a wonderful way of teaching a kid how to tame and take care of a virtual pet. Your ring bearer will surely find this gift adorable and extremely entertaining. Plus, there are loads and loads of color and design options for Tamagotchi On.


Bananagrams is a gift for the ring bearers who has a thing for spelling (a.k.a young nerds). With a banana shaped case, this fun educational toy is one interesting gift that packs in tons of fun! This would be an awesome bonding activity for post-wedding parties and the likes.