53 Fun Gifts for Avid Fans of The Office

by mkimmel | Last Updated: August 25, 2020

The Office is one the most loved TV shows of all time, it aired from 2005 all the way to 2013 and is still being watched on streaming platforms today! If you are looking to grab something the fans of The Office will love, check this list out. Here are 53 fun The Office gifts every avid fan will surely appreciate. Read on!

The Office: The Complete Series

Gifting a fan who haven’t seen the entire show? Or perhaps someone who wants to see it over and over again? If that’s the case, grab the complete series now! It is among the best ways to support the show. Plus, this item is nice to have for collectible, it will surely promote a fan into a super fan!

UNO The Office Card Game

Having a get together with some of your friends who are fans of The Office? This The Office-themed UNO card game is a must-have! It is the classic fun and easy-to-learn UNO card game with a bit of a twist. It is sized similarly as the classic UNO cards, weighing 5.6 ounces. Also, there’s an included special rule for extra fun.

Dunder Mifflin Branch Construction Set

This construction set includes 369 individual pieces and plenty hours of fun. There are also 3 included collectible minifigures inspired from characters of The Office, Michael, Dwight, and Jim. When finished, the puzzle is fully decorated from the desks and couches all the way to Pam’s water-colored painting!

The Office Clue Edition

Another game in this list is The Office Clue Edition. It is a fun game complete with 6 Dunder Mifflin employees, 9 different locations, and 9 custom weapons. There is also a deck of personality cards, deck of rumor cards, a scandal envelope, and a custom score card. This is a fantastic gift for fans of The Office.

The Office Trivia Game

Trying to settle who’s the King or Queen of facts regarding The Office? This Trivia game will surely settle the brawl! It can be played by 2 or more players of ages 16 and up. The game is comprised of 150 interesting questions only true Dunderheads know. Plus, an easy instruction card is also included.

The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary

This beautifully illustrated fun book makes a great gift for younger audiences of The Office. It brings the cast to a friendlier setting, the Dunder Elementary. Filled with tons of colorful pictures, the story has various Easter eggs to hunt. There are a handful of references from the original show as well.

The Office Themed Coloring Pages

For that artsy The Office fan, these coloring pages make a fantastic gift! It comes with 5 high-quality coloring pages including Threat Level Midnight, Shcrute Farms, and a few others. Made with a durable and heavy card-stock paper, these pages lay flat and comes inside an envelope packaging ready for gifting.

Box Against Office

Box Against the office is yet again, a card game inspired by the original TV show. It is a hilarious fill-in-the blank game played by 3 friends or more. The game comes with a total of 352 cards packaged inside a sturdy box. With this game, you and the other Dunderheads in your life will surely laugh out loud.

Funko Pop Dwight with Gelatin Stapler

The classic gelatin stapler will always be one of The Office’s iconic moments. For fans of Dwight and his peculiar taste in Jell-O, this Funko Pop makes a fantastic gift! It has great details and a sturdy vinyl build quality. Plus, it comes in the Funko Pop’s signature box which is great for display or for collection purposes.

Funko Pop Pam Beesly

Do you know someone who loves Pam Beesly, the mastermind of the iconic watercolor art from The Office? In case you do, this Funko will definitely put a smile on their face! It is a collectible Pam Beesly Funko complete with her classic skirt and blazer look. It stands 3.75 inches tall, an awesome size for a display!

Funko Pop Michael Scott

Looking for a great gift for your boss who loves The Office? This Michael Scott Funko pop is something worth checking out. In this Funko, Michael Scott holds his favorite coffee mug with a printed text that reads “World’s Best Boss.” It makes an awesome desk decor and it can function as a paperweight pretty nicely as well.

The Office: Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

The Dwight Schrute Bobblehead is a lot more hilarious than it sounds! It is a 5.5-inch display figure with a (you guessed it) a bobbing head. This display figure is an officially licensed product from the show. It comes with a wooden stand, and it makes a nice decoration on top of any fans’ work desk.

Cotton Linen Throw Pillowcase

For home buddies who are fans of The Office, this funny pillowcase makes an awesome gift. It is an 18×18″ durable linen pillowcase with an invisible zipper design. The frontside of the pillowcase has some chuckle-worthy hilarious text! It is a nice addition to a sofa setup or even in the bedroom.

Prison Mike Flip Sequin Pillow Cover

Looking for a pillowcase with a little more gimmick? This sequin pillow cover from Cygnus shows an image of the one and only Prison Mike! Flip the sequin and it hides Prison Mike beneath a plain layer of glossy black sequins. Also, the backside of this pillow cover has a nice texture made with a soft suede fabric.

Dwight Schrute Flip Sequin Pillow Cover

This gold sequin pillow cover is the one to get if you are gifting a Dwight Schrute fanatic. It is a 16×16 pillowcase embellished with shiny gold sequins. This pillow cover has a satin back and a simple zipper closure. The high-quality 3mm sparkly sequins add a ton of spice to whichever place the pillow will be used.

Jim Halpert Sequin Pillow Cover

Finding the perfect The Office gift for a Jim Halpert fanboy? This item is yet another sequin pillow cover and it might be the one you’re looking for! This 16×16″ pillowcase comes in different colors, black, blue, red, champagne, and purple. It is the perfect pillowcase to use on the next The Office show marathon!

Boom Roasted The Office Mug

This 11-ounce mug features a funny print inspired from The Office. It is made with high-quality ceramic and it is microwave and dishwasher safe as well. This mug is a simple tool that will make an awesome gift for The Office fans. It comes wrapped with a protective plastic foam inside a giftable box.

The Office Dunder Mifflin World’s Best Boss

Speaking of mugs, this mug makes a fantastic gift for your boss who’s a fan of The Office. It has a bold print that reads, “World’s Best Boss” on one side, and a Dunder Mifflin’s company logo on the other. This mug can hold up to 11-ounces of cold or hot drinks. It is a practical gift for The Office fans, perfect for any occasion.

Jim Halpert The Office Fact

We all know that true fans have more than one show-inspired mug in his/her arsenal! This one from Wampumtuk is derived from Dwight’s famous “False” line. It is made with pure white ceramic, safe for use on both the dishwasher and the microwave. It is a humorous The Office gift any fan would surely appreciate.

Schrute Farms Coffee Mug

If you are gifting someone who drinks a ton of coffee throughout the day, here’s another coffee mug gift idea! This Schrute Farms coffee mug is an officially licensed product distributed by Off The Show. This mug is a lot better than what you will get in Beets Motel or the Radish Inn, that’s for sure!

Prison Mike Beer Glass

Nothing else fits a cozy night of re-watching all of The Office’s episodes than good bottle beer, and this beer glass is perfect for that. This Prison Mike 16-ounce beer glass is made with durable high-quality glass. This is a practical The Office gift anyone would love. Also, with this mug, there’s no need to rob the President’s son again.

Michael Scott Bottle Opener

Speaking of beer, this bottle opener is a nice gift for The Office fanboy who loves his beer. It measures just around 2.75 inches and is made with a thick iron. This bottle opener is coated with premium Zinc alloy and Nickel plating. There are also magnets on the backside making it easily attachable on to refrigerators.

Pam Beesly Watercolor Painting

This list will not be complete without a high-quality poster print of Pam Beesly’s iconic watercolor painting! At 11-inches by 17-inches, this poster will fit any wall decoration nicely. It is an absolute must-have for The Office fans. Also, remember to throw in a frame in the gift box as this poster does not come with one.

The Office Cast Autographed Signed Reprint

An autographed signed reprint might be the gift you are looking for. This 8.5×11″ reprint comes in a framed or unframed option. The paper used in this item is FSC-certified making it the highest quality. Plus, it comes with a guide card which lists down the names of the cast as well as the location of their individual signatures.

I Like to Bring in Some of My Kevin’s Famous Chili Poster

While on the topic of posters, this one from Poster-Store has a hilariously long text. It is inspired from one of the episodes of The Office with an added custom art. This poster ships unframed and comes rolled inside a neat cardboard tube. Also, the poster comes in two size options 16×24″ and a larger 24×36″.

Dundie Award Trophy

The Dundie award trophy is perhaps one of the most cherished memorabilia in all of The Office. This replica from Alpha Awards makes an awesome The Office gift for its excellent quality. Despite having a plastic build and a plastic base, this 7-inch trophy feels like an actual premium award!

Seafoam Green Classic Ceramic Teapot

This green ceramic teapot is what Jim got Pam for Christmas in the second season of the show. Recreate that wonderful episode with that special fan in your life by getting this as a gift! It is microwave- and dishwasher-safe and it can serve up to 6 cups. Bonus: the outer material is a high-quality glazed ceramic.

Pam and Jim Teapot Keychain

If you want to give a more lowkey yet similarly thoughtful gift, this teapot keychain is worth taking a look at. It comes inside a presentable gift box with a heartwarming text print on the outside. With this gift you’re definitely going to be Jim Halpert to your own Pam Beesly. It’s an absolutely adorable The Office gift.

Dwight Schrute Megaphone Keychain

This megaphone keychain is another great way to express your genuine love to someone who’s a fan of The Office. This 1.9-inch gold-coated keychain comes packaged inside a gift-ready box with a sweet printed message. It is made from polished brass and it ages really well just like Dwight’s love for Angela.

Dwight Schrute Mask Keychain

For avid fans of Dwight Schrute and his mask shenanigans on the episode “Employee Transfer,” this simple keychain makes an awesome theme-fitting The Office gift. The key ring pendant measures approximately 1.2 inches and is 1.25mm thick. It is made with high-quality Zinc alloy with nickel plating.

Funko Pop Keychain Jim Halpert

Fangirls and fanboys of The Office’s Jim Halpert will appreciate this adorable Funko Pop keychain. At just 3 inches long, measured from the hook down, this keychain is a great way of bringing along your favorite The Office character wherever you go. It is a small yet functional gift suitable for any fan of The Office.

The Office Talking Keychain

This talking keychain is perhaps the keychain that features the most fun! It has a built-in audio box which features a total of 6 famous phrases from Michael Scott (The World’s Best Boss) and Dwight Schrute (The Annoying Assistant). It is powered by 3 button cells and it has an included key ring out of the box.

The Office Stickers Merchandise

Stickers, who doesn’t love stickers, right? This set of 50 vibrant and funny stickers is something avid The Office fans would appreciate. It is perfect for adding a bit of personality on laptops, cars, skateboards, luggage, virtually anywhere! These stickers are made with high-quality waterproof PVC material.

Premium Michael Scott Poster

This inspirational poster features a portrait of Michael Scott alongside his famous words of wisdom. It is an 18×24″ poster printed on card stock with the highest quality possible. The watercolor styled illustration makes will surely add a great look on any wall. It ships unframed so don’t forget to throw in a photo frame in the gift.

Michael Scott Inspirational Tote Bag

Gifting to a fan who cannot stop talking about Michael Scott, the World’s Best Boss? This tote bag is worth considering! It is made with natural canvas material great for grocery shopping and everyday use. This tote bag measures 16 inches in length and 14 inches in width providing ample space for loads of stuff.

The Office False T-Shirt

This women’s top is made with a soft comfortable cotton blend material. It features Dwight Schrute’s famous “False” line alongside a stylized art of the character. This shirt is easy to clean and it comes in grey, blue, and pink. This is a simple The Office gift that will definitely be a fan’s next favorite shirt.

Michael Scott for President T-Shirt

Big fans of the World’s Best Boss, Michael Scott will love this funny and adorable shirt from Asher’s apparel. It comes in two different colors, athletic heather, and heather navy. The poly-cotton blend material of the shirt makes it soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. It is truly an awesome The Office gift.

Rabies Awareness Fun Run Shirt

Only those who have seen the first and second episode of the show’s fourth season will be able to relate to this shirt. This shirt comes in 4 different colors, azalea, heather red, sapphire, and Irish green. It is made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton material with a pull-on closure. The sizes of this shirt go from S to 3XL.

The Office Creed Cops Graphic Shirt

Creed is perhaps the weirdest character in all of The Office. To commemorate that one friend in your life whose favorite character in the show is Creed, get this graphic shirt as a gift! This short-sleeved shirt is made with 100% cotton and is safe to machine wash. The print in this one is high-quality as well.

Schrute Farms Sweatshirt

For chilly days, this Schrute Farms sweatshirt will come in handy for any fan of The Office. It comes in loads of color options such as royal blue, heather green, maroon, black, and a lot more. This sweatshirt from Nuff Said features high-quality print, super-soft material, and a unisex fit.

Zoko Apparel The Office Hoodie

This fun hoodie from Zoko Apparel has a unique stylized print, it features the different hairstyles of characters from The Office. This hoodie comes in light blue, light pink, white, and sport grey. There is also a T-shirt option with a similar design. It is fun yet practical The Office gift for any avid fan.

The Office Enamel Pins

No outfit is complete without these enamel pins from Proper Panda. This set of 8 enamel pins is heavily inspired from The Office. It features Dwight Schrute, Kevin Malone, Michael Scott, and a few others. Sized at 1.5 inches to 2 inches, these pins make a great accessory for bags, jackets, or jeans!

Kevin’s Famous Chili Dress Socks

Kevin Malone’s famous chili dress socks is now up for grabs and it comes in three different colors, gray, light blue, and pink. These socks are made with 80% combed cotton, 17% polyester, and 3% elastic. Also, the iconic Kevin’s famous chili design printed on these socks does not fade.

Dunder Mifflin Costume Lanyard

For Dunder Mifflin employee-wannabes this officially licensed costume lanyard makes a fantastic gift. Made with superior quality, it will keep keys and I.Ds securely strapped. There is also an included rubber badge card which has Dunder Mifflin Inc. design. This is a fun The Office gift any fan would surely thank you for.

SoulPancake: Chew on Life’s Big Questions

SoulPancake is a book written Rainn Wilson. Yes, Rainn Wilson, the actor who plays Dwight Schrute! This book is Wilson’s take on some practical yet mind-boggling life questions such as “Can men and women really just be friends?” and “What paralyzes your creativity? What fuels it?” It is an interesting little book, a fantastic The Office gift!

The Bassoon King

While on the topic of books, here is another one from Rainn Wilson. In this book, Wilson tells the story of how he developed his undeniably unique sense of humor. The Bassoon King: Art, Idiocy, and Other Sordid Tales from the Band Room is a wonderful read for any Dwight Schrute fan out there!

One More Thing

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is a book written by one of the writers and executive producers of The Office. In his masterpiece, B.J. Novak writes a handful of stories from a boy winning $100,000, a new arrival in heaven, an artificial intelligence capable of love, and other brilliant passages.

Why Not Me?

If you remember the episodes, Hot Girl, The Dundies, and The Injury, there’s a good chance you know Mindy Kaling, the lead writer of those episodes. Why Not Me is a New York Times Bestseller book written my Kaling herself, it is a delightful read where she shares her deeply personal stories. This is a book any avid fan would surely want to read, for sure.

The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide

Jenna Fischer is the woman who played Pam Beesly in The Office, and true fans know that! The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide is basically Fischer’s Hollywood journey as a professional actor. It is where she tells the story of how it took her 8 years to land her iconic role as Pam Beesly. This guide is a perfect The Office gift for Pam’s fans.

My Squirrel Days

Erin Hannon, Dunder Miffler’s receptionist was played by actress Ellie Kemper. Erin first appeared in the show in Season 5 and quickly became a crowd favorite! If you are gifting to someone who stans Erin Hannon, My Squirrel Days is a great book to get. It is a fun narrative of Kemper’s experiences as a mother, improv actress, and as Erin.

The Book with No Pictures

Here’s another one from The Office writer and producer, B.J Novak. The Book with No Pictures is an innovative take on a read-aloud book. It turns any reader into a full-pledge comedian! Having no pictures at all, it’s easy to mistake this book as boring, until you read it yourself. This is certainly an incredibly fun The Office gift.

The Office and Philosophy: Scenes from the Unexamined Life

Fans of both philosophy and The Office will go crazy for this book! The Office and Philosophy brings the wonders of mind-boggling questions in the context of The Office. There are sprinkles of wisdom from Aristotle in this book! It makes a wonderful The Office gift for any fan who’s up for new knowledge.

Threat Level Midnight Great Scott Film

Every fan of The Office probably wishes that Threat Level Midnight is an actual film. In case you know someone who does, this movie poster makes a fantastic gift! It features Scott, Halpert, Schrute, Philbin, Bratton, and Bernard in a blockbuster action-themed movie poster. The poster has a dimension of 24 inches by 36 inches.