40 Unique Gifts for Grandma That She Will Love Forever

by mkimmel | Last Updated: March 2, 2021

Every visit to Grandma’s house is always an adventure. It doesn’t matter what the occasion it is, the thrill of seeing what grandma is cooking in the kitchen is never short of exciting, right? Now do yourself a favor, the next time you visit grandma, give her a gift to show her what she means to you! If you are looking to steer away from those “I love Grandma” mugs, then here’s a refreshing list. Check this list of 40 gifts for grandma out and find the perfect gift!

MENUS: A Book for Your Meals and Memories

If your Grandma is a fan of cooking and art, then this book journal from legendary chef artist Jacques Pepin will surely get her smiling. The book contains custom painted pages where she can write recipes and favorite memories. She can have her guest leave her thank you notes, too! This gift is a perfect way to relive her favorite kitchen recipes and memories.

Crock-pot Programmable Multi-cooker

You might not always be in the kitchen to give Grandma a hand, but this multi-cooker surely got her back. Slow cook, pressure cook, sauté, boil, and simmer, it does all the basic things for her! This multi-cooker can feed up to 10 hungry stomachs, it has intuitive buttons, too. You know, to make sure Grandma knows what to press.

Pyrex Simply Store Containers

When was the last time you looked out for Grandma? Can’t remember anymore? Well one good way to do this is to check her food containers, make sure she is using BPA-free ones. Gift grandma with a simple Pyrex glassware set. It is a better food storage than plastics, better for the food and for her health.

Custom Cutting Board

There is always something about gift personalization that makes it more valuable. For those days she’s probably missing the kids, Grandma could use a custom cutting board as a companion in the kitchen. This high-quality premium oak and walnut wood will surely last long.

Assorted Tea Bags

If your Grandma is on to teas or a fan of Oprah then, as ridiculous as it sounds, a set of dried leaves might be the perfect gift idea for grandma. These assorted tea bags are among Oprah’s 2019 list of favorite things, and can make the perfect unexpected gifts for grandma. In this package are 40 individual tea bags with 8 different flavors.

Milkshake Maker

Not all Grandmas love milkshakes, but mostly all grandkids do. So, let’s be honest here, a milkshake maker? This is a gift to yourself as much as it is a gift for Grandma. You know very well she’ll be making those milkshakes for you anyway! Get this for her, and you’ll be guaranteed refreshing milkshakes in your every visit.

Personalized Map Print

Family members may be far, but their love for Grandma is just always nearby. Give grandma this long-distance family map as a good reminder that it doesn’t matter how far you are from her; you will always be there! The printed maps are customizable and so are the frames. Check it out!

Fancy Centerpiece Bowl

In case you want to give Grandma something fancy as a gift, this Michael Aram Dogwood centerpiece bowl is a good choice. This will go well on any table-top or kitchen counter. Perhaps this is a ticket to becoming Grandma’s favorite. Try gifting her this!

Bird on Peach Blossom Flower Vase

It’s a simple vase with an elegant-looking design. If your Grandma loves plants or home decoration, unless she follows a strict motif in the house, then this makes a fantastic gift for grandma! She can have this tall vase along the porch or by the patio outside, and it will surely look classy.

Actual Fingerprint Necklace

If you want something memorable and unique, then having your fingerprint engraved on a gift is the way to go. The way this works is you send a picture of your fingerprint and a handwritten message when your order. Afterward, the company engraves those on to a pendant. Cool Right? Don’t worry she will not be able to unlock your phone using this!

Actual Handwriting Bangle

Maybe Grandma wants a bling for her wrist rather than her neck. If so, you should consider getting her a bangle with your personalized handwriting. This bangle comes in 3 finishes, rose gold, silver, and a 16k gold plating.

Fun Wine Glass

This one is for the Grandmas who love a quick sip of wine. It comes with a funny print, too. A good reminder of the catchy tune the little grandkids dance to during family gatherings. This simple yet cute gift will surely bring a smile to Grandma, it’s dishwasher safe too!

Fill in the Love Journal

This cute little book contains 112 pages of fill-in-the-blank phrases about the little things we love about Grandma. It would be a nice and thoughtful gift that will surely get her teary-eyed whenever she flips open. Little kids can give this to their Grandmothers as gifts, and they’ll surely enjoy scribbling their answers in it, too!

How to Babysit a Grandma

If there’s a new crawler in the house whom Grandma cannot get a hold of, perhaps this book is worth checking out. How to Babysit a Grandma is a delightful read and a ridiculously fun role reversal. It’s a story book that Grannies can read to their little ones about… well, babysitting a Grandmother! This book is guaranteed to come with hours of laughter and bonding between Grandma and her little toddlers.

ProCase Crochet Hook Case

This Knitting Case is for those Grandmothers who just love to knit, knit, knit. This product is 6.5 inches long and can carry needles, hooks, threads, and everything else! The form factor is compact and comfortable to hold. The material is heavy-duty and flexible, Granny will surely love the tons of organization pockets inside, too!

Chunky Knit Blanket

If you want to keep Grandma extra comfortable during cold nights and you also feel splurging a little bit on a piece of fabric, get her this chunky knit blanket! It’s super soft and cozy, and it looks extremely elegant too. This premium faux wool throw blanket comes in dark gray, beige, pink and ivory.

Facial Cleaning Brush

Skin damage knows no age. Make sure Grandma has all the tools she needs to keep her skin on tip top condition. This advanced electric cleaning brush can help in exfoliation and it also has a massage feature. It has 3 speed settings and rechargeable built in batteries, so no need to buy new ones; just pop it on the charging stand!

Relaxing Lavender Wrap

For tiring nights after her Yoga classes or Zumba session, Grandma can surely use a soothing neck wrap. This relaxing wrap has a silky texture and it naturally conforms to the shape of her neck. The best thing about it is that it has a soothing smell of lavender and it’s easy to use. She just needs to heat it up in the microwave and relax away!

Grammingo Planner

Does Grandma like planning occasions and family trips? Does she usually miss appointments with the doctor or the hair salon? If yes, then you better make yourself useful and get her one of these fancy Grammingo planners. It has 110 pages of cream paper with matte finish and a funny theme. She can also track her habits, movie watch lists, birthday list, and many more!

UGG Women’s Scuffette II

In case you are looking to polish Grandma’s kicks game, UGG Women’s Scuffette II is a good choice for her. It has amazing online reviews, silkee suede upper finish, rubber sole, and a sheepskin full lining. It’s water repellant too! Take note of the sizing, however, some customers claim the shoes to run small.

Skechers Women’s Go Walk 5

In case Grandma likes walking for fitness, or she just needs a quick slip-on on her way to the grocery, get her the Go Walk 5 as a very practical gift idea. It’s easy to wear, it’s comfortable, and it’s lightweight. It features Skechers’ Air Cooled Goga Mat insole and it has a breathable flat knit upper. She would not want to take these off!

(Re)Zip Lay-Flat Leak Proof Lunch Bag

For occasions when Grandma needs to sneak in food inside the cinema or the into the gym, the lay-flat lunch bag is the perfect gift. A few of her cheat-day food will fit flush inside her small pouch. The bag is also reusable and airtight making sure her chips doesn’t lose the crisp.

Chocolate Soaps

Does your Grandma love chocolates but follows a strict health diet? Well then these soaps make the perfect gifts for grandma. It’s the next best thing, right? The Soulflower Raw Cacao Soap is purely vegan, it is handmade and a good natural skin moisturizer too! Best feature: It’s literally like bathing in chocolate.

Echo Show 5

It shows her the time, date, a few notifications, and it also has Amazon’s Alexa, the smart virtual assistant. This one is for the techie Grandmothers. The Echo Show 5 is perfect for bed-side tables and kitchen countertops. Alexa can remind her to not forget drinking her vitamins, and it can also tell her if it’s going to be rainy today.

Fujifilm instax Mini 9

Grandmas love actual photos on paper, right? If you are contemplating too much on what to get Grandma excited, then an Instax camera is a very safe bet! The best thing about this is there is little learning curve here. Grandma knew how to use those old analog cameras anyway. The only difference this has with those is that this prints the photos instantly!

The Skylight Frame

Grandmas also have a thing for hanging picture frames on the wall or displaying them by the night side table, don’t they? But let’s be honest, a basic picture frame is not an exciting gift. That’s why the Skylight Frame offer more. This smart digital frame will let you send grandma your latest vacation photos straight to the frame via email! It’s a fancy way of DM-ing Grandma!

Kindle Paperwhite

If your Grandmother loves reading and she wants to look cool doing it, then the Kindle Paperwhite is for her. With this device she gets access to a glare-free reading experience with millions of available books. The paperwhite has waterproofing, too. This means she can read anywhere, even in the bath! Bonus: A single battery charge lasts weeks!

The Keeping Quilt

In case Grandma loves reading actual paper books, The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco is a good read. It talks about an ode to family tradition; a quilt passed on for almost a century. This heartwarming book will surely entertain Grandma for a while.

Tile Stickers

Does Grandma misplace stuff all the time? If she does, then tile stickers can be life-changing gifts for grandma. The Tile sticker is among Tile’s line of smart location-tracking devices. Stick it on anything and find it using your phone whenever it’s lost! Get her this, I’m sure she’ll be a fan of technology after seeing one of these in action.

Mandala Coloring Book

Is Grandma getting bored of newspaper crossword puzzles? Try giving her a Mandala coloring book, it’s stress-relieving, has fun colors, and it’s specially designed for adults. Finishing a page is so satisfying, that a Mandala coloring book is practically almost like an addicting video game for adults. Grab one now!

The Martha Manual: How to do (Almost) Everything

In case coloring books aren’t for her and she’s still looking for new hobbies, this manual from Martha Stewart will teach her all the new skills she might need. From gardening, building a campfire, bathing a cat, and decorating, this manual has it all! She’ll enjoy finding something useful in this, guaranteed!

Click and Grow Smart Garden

The Click and Grow Smart garden is perfect for Grandmas with a green thumb. This futuristic-looking contraption will let her grow fresh herbs and vegetables without getting soaked under the sun. She will need to fill up the water reservoir every once and a while, but the device does everything else. Bonus: this elegantly designed garden will surely look good in her house too!

Gardening Set

In case she’s fan of the actual soil and fancy colors, then this gardening set will surely make her smile! It’s a complete set of everything she might need for gardening, from hand shovels, rakes, pruning shears and a sprayer. The materials are stainless steel with plastic handles, it’s lightweight; she’ll love it!

New Yorker Tag Sale Puzzle

If your Grandma loves tinkering with tiny stuff or she just loves art, get her this New Yorker Tag Sale puzzle. This 1000-piece puzzle will surely get her off binge-watching television shows. The puzzle shows a painting of a dog selling dog tag, it’s adorable! It can be framed once it’s complete, neat isn’t it?

Mighty Bright Reading Magnifier

In case Grandma is having a hard time with those puzzle pieces or just looking at small texts in general, get her this reading magnifier. This reading magnifier from mighty bright is optical graded with 2x lens and 6x bifocal. Powered by an LED-light, this is rated to last up to 100,000 hours of use.

Digital Weighing Scale

In case she doesn’t have one of these yet, Grandma will surely appreciate a digital weighing scale. It is also a good reminder for her to keep her health in check! This makes a thoughtful, useful, and simple gift. It’s fairly easy to use as well, just hop on and get off, no more tricky switches and complicated buttons. She’ll love this!

Circuit Press Mini

The Circuit press mini is a good starting gift for Grandmas treading down the artistic path. This heat press machine for T-shirts and small projects will surely get her projects done. It works on hats, shoes, bags, stuffed animals, and many more. The built-in insulated safety base and auto shutoff feature makes it a safer device to use for Grandma.

Packing Organizing Cubes

In case Grandma is a travel junkie and she can’t pack well; these organizing cubes will surely help her. With a top mesh panel and double zipper pulls, clothes are easily distinguishable and accessible for her. A set of these comes in four sizes and there are different colors too. Get these gifts for grandma now before her next travel!

Portable Travel Organizer

If organizing clothes are troublesome for her, just imagine how much more in organizing her gadgets. This Patu portable 8-inch tablet sleeve organizer can store her tablet, a few peripherals she has no idea what for, her phone, and a lot more. Get her these, it will ease her organization worries!

Scratch-off Travel Poster

If your Grandma visits a ton of places, you should probably get her this. This package from Wanderlust Maps comes with two traveler maps, a World map, and a map of USA. She can hang it on the wall as memorabilia to all the places she conquered. You can also put in a plane ticket if you’re feeling generous.