45 Adorable Nana Gifts for the Best Nana

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 11, 2021

We all have a super loving and super caring nana in your lives, and sometimes it feels good to give back the love through meaningful gifts. So, if you are looking for the best nana gifts out there, look no further as we have plenty in store for you! This list features 45 of the most adorable nana gifts you can get. Regardless of what hobbies she has, you’ll find a lot of goodies here. Read on!

Large Zippered Tote Bag

For carrying all those granny essentials, this large zippered tote bag from Brooke & Jess store is something nana will love. It has a sturdy canvas outer material and a striped shoulder carrying strap. This tote also features two exterior pockets alongside the spacious main pocket. Plus, the adorable high-quality print is sure to make nana feel loved!

Nana Stoneware Coffee Mug

Gifting to a grandma who loves her coffee or tea? Well, this nana cup makes a wonderful choice! Made with a premium quality ceramic with a vibrant design, this coffee mug surely pop! It is safe to use with the dishwasher as well as with the microwave. For a simple yet functional nana gift, this one won’t disappoint.

Electric Tea Kettle

Here’s one for the nanas who love stylish appliance and decorative pieces. The BELLA electric tea kettle is a 1.5-liter kettle with a unique marble finish. It claims to be able to boil water faster than a microwave! Also, this kettle has an automatic shut off timer as one of its protective features.

Best Nana Ever Water Bottle

Help keep your nana hydrated during her yoga sessions or Zumba classes with this best nana ever water bottle! Made with a high-quality stainless-steel, this 21-ounce water bottle has 2 included twist on caps. There is also a carabiner for easy carrying. This water bottler has a high gloss print which looks super chic!

Best Nana Ever Tumbler

Here’s another amazing tumbler that would make a great nana gift! This best nana tumbler ever is from GK creations store and it comes in a bunch of fun colors. It has a hefty 20-ounce capacity, a slide-close lid, and an engraved text design on the front. This tumbler is made with a tough 18/8 stainless-steel which is vacuum-insulated and built to last.

Nana’s Garden Stepping Stone

Is your nana one of those garden-junkies who spend most of their time in their backyard? If so, then this garden stepping stone is the nana gift to get! It is made with resin and calcium carbonate and it has a super vibrant design! This stepping stone works well on garden porches or even as a wall plaque.

Nana Plush Throw Blanket

For the nanas who love their blankets soft and silky, this nana plush throw blanket is a gift to consider. Made with a 320 GSM royal plush material, this blanket has premium quality and is extremely soft to the touch. It measures 50 inches by 60 inches and it even comes packaged in a ribbon-wrapped open-faced gift box!

Nana’s Brag Board

Nanas who love keeping printed photos of their family member will love this brag board. Crafted to have a rustic finish and a unique whitewash hand stencil, this piece of wood looks extremely attractive. It measures 12 inches by 5.5 inches and it comes with a sawtooth hanger out of the box. Plus, there are 5 clothespins included to some of those cute photos.

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

Does your grandma love knit sweaters and knitted slippers? If so, then you should definitely grab this chunky knit throw blanket as your next nana gift! It comes in beige, slate gray, navy, and yellow, plus, it’s 100% hand-knit! With a soft texture and durable build. for sure, this will be her favorite knit blanket.

Grandmother Necklace 925-Sterling

If you are gifting to a nana who loves shiny accessories and chic-looking pieces, you should definitely consider getting this necklace. This 925-sterling necklace has a pearl pendant made of Zirconia crystal. It is crafted with 3 high-quality layers of white gold rhodium plating which makes it extremely elegant. This is a nana gift, she’ll surely love.

Silver Huggee Hoop Earrings

For nanas who are more into earring than necklace, here’s a fantastic nana gift to get. The Silver Huggee hoop earrings is a unique pair of 925-sterling silver earrings with a 14k champagne gold plating. Plus, it features an embossed zodiac sign so make sure to get the right one for her. This pair of earrings are absolutely amazing!

Shangri-La Luxury Teabag Collection

A premium set of assorted tea might be the gift you are looking for, so here’s one from the Shangri-La Tea company. This gift sampler set comes with 9 different teas inside a prestigious and chic-looking gift box. This gift set contains a total of 81 tea bags! This is no ordinary tea set, for sure, nana will love this one.

Nana Gift Necklace

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry for your next nana gift, consider this necklace from Dear Ava. This beautifully packaged necklace comes with a heartwarming note and a presentable gift box. The chain measures 18 inches in length and comes with a 2-inch chain extender. Plus, the simplistic pendant makes for a classic look.

Best Nana Ever Throw Pillow Cover

Remind nana of the never-ending love you have for her with this throw pillow cover from Decopow. This one is a 18×18″ pillow cover perfectly suited for couch or car pillows. It is made with a durable woven fabric which is easy to clean and soft to the touch. This one also has a top-quality print which does not fade easily.

Nana Angel Figurine

If your nana loves figurines or other types of display figures, then this nana angel figurine would make a great nana gift. Measuring 6 inches in height, this awesome keepsake comes packaged in a plain box with a stamped logo. It will look good on one of her shelves at home or alongside her other keepsakes.

Nana’s Sippy Cup

Here’s a nana gift perfect for grandmas who love their iced tea cold or coffee hot for longer. This nana’s sippy cup comes in rose gold and green and it can hold up to 12 ounces of beverage. It features a double wall vacuum insulation, a spill resistant push-on lid, and a tough stainless-steel construction. This one will definitely last a long time!

Grandma’s Magic Baking Spoon

For the nanas who love cooking delicious meals for their loved ones, this wooden baking spoon is a fantastic gift choice. This baking spoon is made with high-quality engraved wood which does not chip nor impart flavors. It has an ergonomic handle, a simple design, and it makes a great keepsake, too.

Love You Nana Trinket Dish

This trinket dish is perfect for nanas who have a lot of jewelry and other tiny accessories. It is a simple dish with a white finish and a gold trim accents on the edge. This dish features a heartwarming message that nana will surely find sweet! It is a simple yet functional nana gift she’ll surely enjoy.

Good Morning Nana Spoon

If you are looking for a super unique nana gift, here’s a fun one, and it’s a spoon! This good morning nana spoon is something your nana will surely appreciate whenever she’s making her favorite beverage. At just 7.5 inches long and 1.2 inches wide, this spoon is fully functional and works as a keepsake as well. It is crafted using the highest quality food-safe materials, too.

Engraved Cutting Board

Make nana’s meal preparation sessions extra fun with one of these engraved cutting boards. Made with a bamboo butchered wood and with a back-to-back finish, this cutting board looks and feels premium. It measures 11.75 inches in diameter and ships with a gift-ready box. Plus, the engraved text is something nana will surely relate to!

Grandma Keychain

Looking for a super simple gift for nana? Consider this tiny yet adorable keychain from Bauna. This keychain comes with a goofy word play which reads “Nana Banana,” and there’s even a banana pendant made from an enamel material! The keychain comes in black as well as silver. Also, it ships in a valet pouch ready for gifting.

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Dish Towel

A nice pair of multi-purpose kitchen dish towel is another nana gift every nana should have. This one from the Honey Dew gift store is a 27×27-inch dish towel which is made with 100% premium high-quality cotton. This dish towel is easy to clean and safe to machine wash. Plus, the print looks extremely attractive as well.

Echo Show 8

For the techy nanas out there, the Echo show 8 makes a fantastic gift choice. Featuring an 8-inch screen, a set of stereo speakers, and Amazon’s Alexa assistant, this smart home gadget will not disappoint. It is perfect for nightstands, kitchen countertops, or even in bathrooms. It shows photos, plays music and videos, and lists down groceries!

Best Nana Ever Coffee Mug

If your nana is the type who loves her coffee nice and simple, here’s a coffee mug that will likely tickle her fancy. This 11-ounce white ceramic coffee mug from Maustic is a very minimally styled mug. It just has a printed text which reads “Best Nana Ever.” This mug is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and it’s extremely simple.

Birds Design Ceramic Coffee Mug

For the nanas who love artistic paintings and bright and vibrant colors, here’s a fun mug to give them. This painted mug from Essence of Europe gift store has a bird-themed design and heaps of colors. It is constructed with an easy-grip handle, a high-quality ceramic, and food-safe paint.

Nana’s Makeup Bag

Carrying makeup is a tough job especially for a nana, so here’s a nifty makeup bag to help her out. Nana’s makeup bag is a cosmetic bag from Blue Leaves. It is crafted with a tough canvas material with a waterproof coating. The bag comes in a natural beige with a black zipper and double-sided print.

Crossbody Bag

For carrying more than just her makeup kit, this crossbody bag with tassel makes a wonderful nana gift. It measures 10 inches in width and 9 inches in height perfect for carrying her phone, a purse, and some of her daily essentials. It has a zippered front pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a faux leather finish.

Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

Looking for a nana gift with a bit of a personal touch? Take a closer look at this fill-in-the-blank gift journal from Knock Knock. This 4.5×3.25-inch journal packs in 112 pages of heartwarming messages and customizable blanks. It comes with a hardcover and a removable clear plastic jacket for that added layer of protection.

Grandma Stemless Wine Glass

For the fun grandmas out there, this is the perfect nana gift to get. This stemless wine glass has a large 17-ounce capacity with an etched text design on the front. It is dishwasher-safe and it comes packed inside a presentable gift-ready box. This, for sure, will be nanas new favorite wine glass!

ASUTRA Therapeutic Foot Soak

Help nana ease some of her muscle pain with the Asutra therapeutic foot soak. With a soothing lavender scent and over 20 natural healing minerals, this foot soak promotes relaxation and combats stress. It is infused with essential oils, skin-smoothing enhancers, organic dead sea salts, and other natural goodies.

Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper

The Jessica Simpson women’s comfy faux slippers make another amazing nana gift. This pair of house slippers are made with 100% synthetic material, it comes in heaps of color variants such as pink, burgundy, gray, ivory, purple, and a lot more. It has a thick memory foam cushion and an anti-slip sole. Plus, it’s machine-washable as well.

Peace Lily Live Indoor Plant

For the nanas who are into plants and home decoration, this peace lily live indoor plant is a wonderful gift choice. It fits naturally to any house theme and adds a dash of greenery in sight. This plant measures 15 inches high and ships with an included 6-inch decor planter. This is a nana gift she’ll definitely find awesome!

Tile Mate

Nanas are a bit of forgetful at times, that’s why these Tile trackers make an extremely useful nana gift. The Tile mate is a small Bluetooth tracker in the form of a keychain. It sits flush with keys, wallets, or other valuables that are prone to getting lost. It works well with Amazon’s Alexa, and has a range of up to 200 feet.

Pure Silk Pillowcase

This pure silk pillowcases from Fishers finery store is made of 100% Mulberry silk. It comes in different color options such as natural white, silver pearl, taupe, burgundy, dark green, and a ton more! These pillowcases are easy to clean and extremely soft to the touch. Plus, there are 3 different sizes: 20×26″, 20×30″, and 20×36″.

Nana’s Ride License Plate

Here’s a cool gift for nana’s car! This fun license plate protective cover has a printed text that reads “Nana’s Ride.” This one is definitely a simple gift for those nanas who love their rides. It is made from aluminum material with a silver finish, plus, there are also pre-drilled holes in here.

Bronze Family Tree Frame

For displaying some of her most favorite family photos, this bronze family tree frame would make a wonderful nana gift. This 13-inch tree frame features a simple tabletop mounting, a durable structure, and a couple of attractive bronze-painted leaves. It can accommodate up to six 2×3-inch photos perfectly.

Unicorn Grandma Cosmetic Bag

This unicorn grandma cosmetic bag is something for the funny nanas out there. This simple canvas bag features a hilarious unicorn design which grandma can totally relate to. It has a zippered closure, a natural beige color, and a sleek black zipper. Plus, the print is double-sided!

Chair Armrest Caddy

For keeping her remote, magazines, and sanitizers always in reach, this chair armrest caddy is a fantastic gift for nana. It comes in 4 different colors: chocolate, gray, white, and navy, so make sure to get the one that fits the color of her couch! This caddy is made with durable microfiber material and it fits flush on most sofa armrests.

Skechers Go Walk 5

The Skechers go walk 5 is an ultra-comfortable pair of walking shoes. It has a rubber sole, a lightweight construction, dual-density outsole, a sleek silhouette, and heaps of color variants. The go walk 5 is also machine washable and features a mesh upper. This is definitely a nana gift she’ll surely use on a daily basis.

Homesick Scented Candle

Does your nana love sniff on scented candles? If so, then this Grandma’s kitchen scented candle from the Homesick store might be the gift for her. Made with a natural soy wax with warm apple pie, cinnamon, and vanilla scents, this candle is super pleasing! It has a burn time of 60 to 80 hours perfect for multiple uses.

Instant Pot Duo Nova

Make sure nana has everything she needs in the kitchen by gifting her an Instant Pot Duo Nova! This 7-in-1 cooker can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sauté, warm food, make yogurt, and cook rice! it comes in 4 different sizes from 3-quarts all the way to 10-quarts! With this all-in-one cooker, nana will surely enjoy cooking a lot more.

Nixplay Smart Digital Frame

Have you ever wanted to show nana a photo of your vacation trip abroad but she can’t seem to find her way around her phone? Well, here’s a fun solution for that! The Nixplay smart digital frame will allow you to mail nana your favorite photos straight to her nightstand! This is definitely something she’ll enjoy using!

Amazfit Bip Fitness Smartwatch

Are you gifting a techy nana or perhaps a nana who’s into working out? If you are, then you should totally consider the Amazfit Bip smartwatch. This smartwatch features a rechargeable 45-day battery, built-in GPS, sleep monitoring sensor, and a heart rate sensor. It comes in all sorts of colors and it is super lightweight, too.

Kindle Oasis

Here’s a nana gift for the nanas who love reading novels and magazines. The Kindle Oasis is a 7-inch reading tablet with a spectacular 300ppi screen, 32Gb storage, and a waterproof rating. It is designed with ergonomics in mind, plus, it has an adjustable warm light perfect for night time reading. It’s thin, light, and has intuitive buttons.

RFID Leather Wallet

If you are looking for a simple nana gift that she’ll find adorable and useful at the same time, get this RFID leather wallet. It is made with 100% top-grain cowhide leather and it features an included wrist wrap and a zippered closure. This wallet can fit up to 8 credit cards, a 5.5-inch phone, a few bills, keys, and other tiny accessories.