50 Awesome Gifts for Bird Lovers

by mkimmel | Last Updated: November 2, 2020

Birds come in all sorts of beautiful and mesmerizing colors, they sing in the morning, and their flying is fun to watch! These are just some of the reasons why many people consider themselves are bird lovers. If you know someone who’s into birds, regardless if they are serious birdwatchers or pet owners, this list is for you to check out. Compiled here are 50 of the most awesome gifts for bird lovers. Read on!

Birds Writing Journal

This writing journal with a faux leather cover and bird designs is refillable and perfect for travel. It has a silky-smooth leather finish which feels extremely premium to the touch. The intricate bird design on the covers would make this journal a super attractive and useful gift for bird lovers. This alongside a nifty pen or pencil would make a nice companion when bird watching.

Bird Nerd Mug

If you are looking for a super simple gift with some bird elements on it, this Bird Nerd mug is an amazing grab! It is an 11-ounce white ceramic mug with a cool line art print. The print on this mug is present on both the back and front of the mug and it is super high-quality. This mug is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe as well.

Bird Magnets for Fridge

For the bird fanatics in your life, these bird magnets make a fantastic gift idea. A set of these comes with 6 different stones with embedded magnets on the backside. Each stone features a unique painted artwork which look extremely adorable. These magnets have a tough exterior and will not shatter even when dropped.

Outdoor Vest

This outdoor vest from Flygo is an amazing utility vest which packs in a ton of extra pockets on the go. This vest would make an incredibly useful gift for bird lovers who are into serious bird watching. It comes in heaps of color variants and it is made with a lightweight material combination. This vest has multiple pockets for storing maps, binoculars, and electronics.

Kowa YF Series

The Kowa YF series is a waterproof binocular that would make a wonderful gift for bird lovers. This pair of binoculars is fog-proof, climate-proof, and features an improved grip. It also has the high quality Japanese eco-glass with Kowa Repelling lens coating. This nifty tool will surely produce an incredible closeup view of those swift tweeters.

Perky-Pet Wooden Cage

If you are gifting someone who keeps birds as a pet, this Perky-pet wooden cage is something to consider getting. It has a unique Dutch-style roof with a rope attachment for easy hanging. This wooden bird cage stands 6.5 inches tall and has a bird hole with a size of 1.5 inches. The aesthetic of this cage will easily match any house or garden theme.

Birds on a Wire Heat Changing Mug

Here’s another simple yet useful gift for bird lovers. This heat-changing mug features a set of super cool birds chilling on top of wires printed on this 10-ounce capacity ceramic mug. This mug is microwave-safe and it packs in 18 different bird species on the print. The bird lover in your life will definitely be chirping away while sipping his/her coffee in this mug.

Willow Tree Happiness

For the bird lovers out there, who also love figurines and sculptures, this hand-painted figure from the Willow Tree store is an amazing grab. It is a 5.5-inch figurine which shows a happy woman with a bunch of birds. It comes in a gift-ready box with an enclosure card where you can write a message. This figurine is easy to clean and it looks extremely elegant.

Floral Birds Print Scarf

The fashionistas who are into birds will definitely fall in love with this scarf with a floral bird design. It is made with lightweight material combination with an ultra-soft texture. This scarf can be worn in multiple ways such as like a dress shawl, a head scarf, or even as a beach cover up. This scarf is a must-have for the bird lovers!

Aurosports Monocular Telescope

For the heavy birdwatchers in your bunch, the Aurosports monocular telescope is a great gift to get. It features a 12×40 HD monocular lens inside a tiny one-hand-friendly form factor. With up to 12 times magnification and a wide field of view, this telescope is great for spotting those chirpers. It has an ergonomic build and an easy to hold size.

LEGO Ideas Birds Model Kit

Here’s a gift for the bird lovers who are into tinkering with puzzles. This LEGO Ideas Birds Model kit is a puzzle with over 580 pieces. With this kit, a 7-inch Blue Jay, 5-inch hummingbird, and a 6-inch robin comes to life! The kit also includes accessories such as a display stand, flowers and branches, as well as a label plaque.

Window Bird Feeder

This window bird feeder from LUJII is a clear feeder with super strong suction cups and an anti-shock build. It comes with drain holes and a safe rounded design which makes it extremely bird-friendly. This feeder is easy to clean, easy to assemble, and easy to remove as well. It will be awesome to watch those flappers chirping away in this feeder!

Bird Bingo

Featuring over 64 different bird species from all over the world, this Bird Bingo is a gift for bird lovers they will definitely love! From robin to kookaburra, the included bingo cards in this set has the most interesting bird species. The set includes 12 bingo cards, brightly colored counters, vibrant bird tokens, and an instructional leaflet. This one is surely a delight!

Handmade Painted Wooden Birds

Great as decorative pieces or display ornaments, these handmade painted wooden birds from AzKrafts are amazing gifts for bird lovers. Made from handcrafted wood, these birds are painted with vibrant and exciting colors. The set ships with 5 different wooden pieces with different designs and colors. This one is a super fun and eco-friendly gift.

Bird Trivia Game

This Bird Trivia game from Outset media is something that will definitely grind the gears of those bird lovers. It is the ultimate game to test all they know about birds! The set includes 300 pieces of beautifully illustrated birds in their natural habitats. It utilizes an easy scoring system making it friendly for all ages.

The Backyard Bird-Lover’s Guide

The Backyard Bird Lover’s Guide is a nifty guidebook complete with useful tips on attracting, nesting, and feeding birds. It is an awesome gift for bird lovers who are either looking to get into birdwatching or someone who’s just interested. This book details over 135 different American bird species! Plus, it has stunningly detailed illustrations, too.

Bird Enamel Pin

If you are looking for a super simple gift that any bird lover would appreciate, consider getting this bird enamel pin from FoldIt Creations. This 1.25-inch pin has a gold metal military clutch back and some vibrant colors. It comes in 5 different designs: American Robin, Chickadee, Flamingo, Northern Cardinal, and Pileated Woodpecker.

Birds Page-A-Day Calendar

For the bird fanatics in your life, the Birds Page-A-Day calendar might be the best gift to get. It contains hundreds of detailed photographs alongside a nifty event planner. The bird photos also include scientific names and common names as well as some facts on their plumage, nests, and habits. This calendar is one of the most amazing ways to learn about birds!

Audubon Singing Bird Wall Clock

Here’s a fun gift for the ones who fancies decorating every piece with bird designs. The Audubon singing bird wall clock is an 8-inch round wall clock which sings according to the tune of different birds. It is powered by 3 pieces of AA batteries and it can be either hung or placed on top of a flat surface. This one is definitely a must-have for bird lovers.

Birdies On Wire Tote Bag

For the shoppers in your life who are also bird lovers, this tote bag makes a wonderful gift! This 14×17-inch tote bag has a Birds-on-Wire design which looks super adorable. It is an amazing bag to use while shopping for groceries and it makes a nifty backup bag as well. It is made with a tough canvas material making it suitable even for heavier loads.

Blue Bird Stained Glass Suncatcher

This adorable-looking stained glass suncatcher comes in a form of a 4-inch blue bird. It is made using hand-cut stained glass and soldered together with copper foil. Everything about this suncatcher is high-quality and well made. It is an amazing keepsake and accessory, and it makes an incredibly awesome gift for bird lovers.

Anker PowerCore 10000

Birdwatching can sometimes take plenty of long hours, so to keep your bird fans in check, this Anker PowerCore 10000 is a nice gift to get! It is an ultra-compact power bank with a hefty capacity. The PowerCore comes in 4 different colors, too! It is a perfect companion for camera gear, phones, and battery-operated binoculars when out watching some birds!

Bird Song Pocket Identifier

The Identiflyer is a pocket-sized bird song identification tool. It has over 40 different “bird lyrics” and it is super easy to use! This device produces crystal clear sounds, and comes with a 2 double-sided Super Song cards. This is a must-have gift for bird lovers, especially those who are serious about the hobby.

Audubon Engagement Calendar

The Audubon engagement calendar combines a week view, a writing grid, and dozens of spectacular nature photos. It has beautiful photographs of birds alongside other wonders of nature. This planner is a gift for bird lovers they will definitely find useful. Also, this works well as a calendar for planning those much-awaited bird hunts!

Home-X Hummingbird Swing

For that bird lover in your life who probably owns a jungle filled with tweeters, the Home-X hummingbird swing makes a great gift. This simple piece of wooden dowel attached to a metal structure is made using high-quality materials which does not stain or rust. It is simple to setup and makes an ideal perching spot, too.

The New York Pigeon

The New York pigeon is a photo book with tons of brilliant photographs capturing the beauty of pigeons. It is as if the direct equivalent of Vogue magazine for birds! This is an amazing grab for bird lovers looking to spice up with a little bit of bird controversy. In this book lies some of the most controversial and intriguing splendor of the New York pigeon!

Gosky High Definition Monocular

The Gosky high definition monocular telescope has a 12×55 high-power magnification and an included smartphone holder. It promises crystal clear images, plus, it is waterproof, dustproof, and fog-proof. This monocular telescope is arguably the best of its kind! It makes a fantastic gift for bird lovers, that’s for sure.

Vankey Cellphone Telescope Adapter

If you are gifting someone who already owns a birdwatching telescope, then you might want to up their game by grabbing them this phone telescope adapter. This one from Vankey conveniently connects any smartphone to any telescope. It has an adjustable smartphone bay which can accommodate up to 5-inch wide phones. This is definitely a must-have too for bird enthusiasts.

Hummingbird Throw Blanket

Looking for a gift for a bird lover who’s also into large colorful blankets? Well, you’re in luck because this hummingbird throw blanket from Pure Country Weavers is super amazing! It is made with a premium cotton material and it is completely woven. This throw blanket features stunning colors, plus, it is super easy to maintain!

Nikon Prostaff 3s Binocular

The Nikon Prostaff 3s is a professional-grade pair of binoculars which features a multi-layer lens coating. It produces crystal clear images, and it has a lightweight body with a sturdy plastic build. This binocular also has a turn-and-slide eyecup, and it is waterproof and fog-proof as well. With this in their arsenal, no bird will pass their sight unnoticed.

Antique Bird Painting

This antique bird painting from Vintago is a 16-inch by 20-inch painting printed on a 175-GSM fine art paper. This poster also comes in other sizes depending on user preference. This museum-quality poster has an incredible vintage vibe and will look amazing anywhere! This one is definitely a fun addition to any avid bird lover’s collection.

ROXANT Grip Scope

The Roxant grip scope is a unique monocular telescope which features a retractable eyepiece. It is equipped with a multi-coated optical glass lens, a comfortable molded grip, and a BAK4 Prism technology. It is durable, has a wide-angle field of view, and ideal for travel. This one is another great telescope option that would make a fantastic gift for bird lovers.

Bird Nerd Graphic Tee

Are you looking for a simple and goofy gift for the bird lover in your life? If so, then this shirt from the Pop Threads store is an amazing gift choice. It has an adorable printed design of a bird and a telescope alongside the text that reads “Bird Nerd.” This shirt comes in heather royal blue, black, gray, white, red, green, and charcoal.

Songbird Watercolor Ceramic Coasters

These coasters set from the Demadaco store is a 4-inch by 4-inch ceramic and cork coaster set. Each coaster in this set features a watercolor painting of a bird. The paintings are incredibly detailed and vibrant, and they are definitely an eye-candy! This coaster set is something bird lovers would appreciate having, that’s for sure.

Dove Blue Necklace

If you are gifting a bird lover who fancies adorable and elegant jewelry, then this Blue Dove necklace is the perfect gift to get. The dove is a symbol of peace and purity and this necklace looks absolutely peaceful and pure! it is made with a high-quality 925-sterling silver which are lead-free and nickel-free. The necklace comes with an 18-inch chain as well as a 2-inch adjustment.

River of Goods Birds on a Wire

This 9.5-inch high stained glass suncatcher is an adorable piece to get as a gift for bird lovers. It is hand-crafted with the finest glass and metal pieces, and it comes with a chain to facilitate easier hanging. This suncatcher features 10 different colorful birds sharing a wire, and they look extremely adorable.

Birds Highball Glasses

Featuring a red cardinal, a green hummingbird, an American Golden Finch, and a Bluebird, this set of highball glasses from Mary Elizabeth Arts store is makes a wonderful gift for bird lovers. Each of the glasses are 8-inch tall and can hold up to 16 ounces of beverage. Plus, the set comes inside a gift-ready box!

Birdhouse Key Ring

This birdhouse key ring is a fantastic piece of home accessory that would make a great gift for bird lovers. The set comes with a bird key ring and a wooden bird box which holds the key ring nicely. The key ring comes in 3 different colors: yellow, white, and pink. It is made with 100% recycled materials making it eco-friendly as well.

Cardinal Work Tote

Here’s a spacious tote bag with an embroidered design that looks awesome! This tote bag from Chala group features a handsome looking Cardinal design on the frontside. The bag has large front pockets, rear slide pockets with magnetic snaps, and a removable shoulder strap. It is made with a combination of canvas and faux leather, and it makes an awesome gift for bird lovers.

Parrot Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker

This Parrot glass salt and pepper shaker set is an adorable gift for bird lovers! The parrot holder is made from hand-crafted cold resin and the shakers are made from glass. This would make a fantastic-looking piece for the kitchen, plus it is super useful as well. This adorable parrot will definitely make someone’s day!

Bird Watching Prompt Journal

If you are looking for a gift for bird lovers that will certainly be put to use, then this bird watching journal is the gift to get. This journal is a 7.5-inch by 9-inch journal with over 200 recycled pages. The pages are printed with easy to fill-in prompted format, making taking notes while birdwatching easier than ever. It has a hardcover and a tough spring binder.

Greatest Variety Blend Wild Bird Food

For that someone in your life who keeps a lot of birds as pets, this sack of bird food might be the best gift to get! The Greatest Variety Blend Wild Bird Food is a mix of 11 different ingredients. It is tube-friendly and can be used on platform feeders, too. This sack of bird food is essentially a tasty buffet for those adorable chirpers!

Pennington Blue Cedar Platform

This cedar platform from Pennington is made from a naturally weather-resistant red cedar. It is a multi-functional bird feeder which doubles as a bird bath. This is an amazing gift for bird lovers who are into building a functional sanctuary for their pet birds. This platform comes with a removable water tray which is easy to clean and easy to dry.

Bird Nest Necklace with Ivory Eggs

For that bird fanatics who are into jewelry and shiny items, this bird’s nest necklace makes a chic-looking gift! This adorable pendant which resembles a bird nest features 3 ivory eggs, and is attached to a 20-inch chain. It is a versatile piece making it perfect for everyday way and even for dressier attires. This makes an awesome keepsake, too.

Wingspan Board Game

Wingspan the board game is a fun game designed for 1 to 5 players. In the game, players play as bird enthusiasts seeking to attract the best birds into their own aviary. The game comes with 170 unique cards with beautifully illustrated birds. Wingspan can be played for 40 minutes up to 70 minutes, and it is a fun game every bird lover must have.

Hummingbird Wood Art Gift Box

If you already have something to give for the bird lover in your life, this Hummingbird wood art gift box is an awesome way to wrap it up. Crafted using the finest wood, this gift box has an unmatched quality. It is designed and built to last a lifetime, and the wood work shows a fantastic patina over time. It comes in 4 different sizes as well.

Birds on a Wire Umbrella

This transparent umbrella with an adorable birds-on-a-wire print has a 51-inch canopy which offers maximum coverage against rain. It has a lightweight construction, a matte silver handle, and an aluminum shaft. This one is a gift for bird lovers they will definitely find useful. Its windproof design makes even the strongest downpour no match!

Backyard Birding Postcards

Sibley’s backyard birding postcards is a collection of over 100 different postcards with watercolor bird illustrations. It makes a wonderful collectible piece and a truly informative tool in learning everything about birds. These postcards are packed in a sturdy box making it easy to wrap as a gift.

The Warbler Guide

Ask any bird nerd about Warblers and for sure they will ramble all day! That is because Warblers are among the most challenging birds to identify. They exhibit an array of seasonal plumages, sing oft-confused calls and songs, and they come in a million of different colors! The Warbler guide is a fantastic book designed to teach readers a thing or two about those hard to identify chirpers.

Birds Novelty Crew Socks

Are you gifting someone who just cannot get enough of birds? Well, this set of bird novelty socks is a super fun gift you should consider. Made with 80% combed cotton, these colorful socks are ultra-soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. A set of this comes with 5 owl-painted vibrant socks with different colors.