52 Cute Sloth Gifts for the Sloth-obsessed

by mkimmel | Last Updated: October 5, 2020

Do you have someone in your life who’s chill and loves taking things slowly? Or perhaps, a friend, a cousin, or an acquaintance who just can’t get enough of sloths? If you do, that’s super awesome! The next gift giving is the perfect chance to give them exactly what they want! Here are 55 of the most amazing sloth gifts for anyone who’s just obsessed with those furry adorable creatures.

Not Fast Not Furious Sloth Shirt

Let’s start things off with something super sloth-y! Here’s a shirt that has vibrant sloth graphics perfect for reppin’ that chill sloth vibes. It comes in various colors such as black, white, blue, gray, and a few others. This shirt is safe to machine wash, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear, too!

Drop it Like a Sloth Shirt

Here’s another shirt with a different sloth-inspired design! This one has “Drop it like a sloth” printed over the front alongside the cute sloth illustration. It is extremely chill to wear, plus, it features double-needle sleeves and bottom hem for that added quality. It comes in loads of color options as well.

Llama Sloth Hoodie

This colorful hoodie has pink clouds, pizzas, burritos, rainbows, sparkly stars, tacos, and a sloth riding a llama! How cool is that? If you are gifting a kid, this kid’s hoodie makes an awesome sloth gift. Its comfortable fabric is designed to have a comfortable unisex fit perfect for anyone.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Gifting for the holidays? No problem! This ugly Christmas Sweater with a sloth riding a candy cane has got you covered. It is made from 100% acrylic material with a pull-on closure. This sweater is extremely colorful with a bunch of festive illustrations. It fits well and it is ultra-soft, too.

Sunflower Sloth Bracelet

This sunflower bracelet is a stylish accessory meant for sloth lovers. It has is an attractive thick bangle comprised of a combination of leather, fabrics, beads, and other shiny decorations. It features a magnetic buckle and an adorable silver sloth on the frontside.

Sloth Necklace Sterling Silver

Gifting to someone who loves sparkly necklace? Try this sterling silver sloth necklace. It has a shiny sloth pendant hanging from a piece of silver wood. This necklace is hypoallergenic, and it is made of high-quality materials that are tarnish- and fade-proof. It is an adorable sloth gift perfect for any occasion.

Sloth Ring Holder Dish

Speaking of jewelry and sloths, this ring dish holder is an adorable sleeping sloth! It is made with a dense resin material and designed to fit any ring size. At just less than 2.5 inches in height, this extremely cute ring holder makes a great countertop decoration as well.

True Sloth Wine Bottle Holder

The True Sloth wine bottle holder is a unique product from True Decor. It is made with a polyresin material and it sturdily holds most wine bottle sizes. This makes a useful sloth-inspired gift that will surely make anyone smile. Plus, it has a velvet bottom for grip and scratch protection.

Over the Door Hook Hangers

Sloths can hold more than just rings and wine bottles. For heavier weightlifting, this pair of over-the-door hook hangers from the 5th Egg makes an awesome sloth gift. These are super strong hangers which can support up to 20lbs of weight. Perfect for bags, jackets, keys, you will never go wrong with these!

Sterling Silver Sloth Ring

If ring holders, wine holders, or hanger won’t cut it, this sterling silver sloth ring is a gift to consider. It is an adorable piece of jewelry carved from 925 sterling silver. It is available in sizes 5-10 and it looks extremely adorable when worn! At just around 10 grams in weight, this is a tiny yet awesome sloth gift.

Sloth PopSockets Grip

While it’s not exactly a ring. here’s another one for the fingers. The PopSocket phone grip is an awesome gift for someone who’s on the clumsy side of things. It has an adhesive that sticks on the back of the phone providing extra grip. It expands to a mobile phone stand as well, plus, it has a cute sloth painted on the back.

Flexible TPU Sloth Phone Case

If a PopSocket is not exactly their thing, a phone case can do wonders in keeping their phone scratch-free. This one from Blingy’s is a clear iPhone case with an adorable sloth painting on the backside. It is compatible with the iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7. It looks absolutely cute!

Sloth Airpods Case

For that sloth lover who wears AirPods all the time, this AirPods case from KT-tagers makes an awesome gift. Alongside the sloth graphic design, it has a carabiner attachment for easier storage. It’s simple, it works on both wireless charging and non-wireless charging AirPods.

Sloth Canvas Pencil Case

This simple sloth canvas pencil case can accommodate up to 80 pens and pencils! It measures 8 inches long, 3.5 inches tall, and 2.25 inches wide. This pencil case is made with durable canvas and has a sturdy zipper closure. Best of all, it comes in a cute green color with tons of sloth illustrations.

Sloth Cosmetic Bag

For the makeup enthusiasts, this sloth cosmetic bag is an awesome sloth gift for any occasion. It is made with durable polyester material with a waterproof coating. This tiny bag can fit up to 7-inch makeup brushes, lipsticks, pocket mirrors, and other essentials. It has a small hook attachment as well.

Sloth Lunch Tote Bag

Made with neoprene material, this lunch tote bag is eco-friendly and breathable. Alongside the adorable sloth print, it has a sweet message on the front that reads “follow your dreams.” This bag is great for picnics, office, and just carrying food because of its insulated padding. This one is definitely a useful sloth gift.

Sloth Drawstring Bag Daypack

This sloth drawstring daypack is a simple polyester bag with a non-toxic print. It comes with double strings on each side for sturdy handling. This makes an awesome backup bag for trips or carrying extra luggage. It works well with shoes, extra clothes, or some towels.

Sloth Hanging Planter

For the sloth lovers with a green thumb, this hanging planter is an amazing gift choice. This planter from Eco-Birch is a 4-inch pot made with a crocheted cotton. It is perfect for succulents and other small to medium-sized plants. This sloth gift is absolutely adorable for any occasion.

Sloth Planter Pot

Here’s another sloth-inspired hanging planter this time from Swiss Industries. Made with a solid ceramic material, this planter is perfect as a succulent pot. It can accommodate small pots up to 2 inches in depth. This planter also has an included 100-inch string ready for hanging.

Sloth Shower Curtain

How cool would it be if your shower curtain has a gigantic sloth print? Pretty cool, right? Here’s one from the Sharp Shirter store. It’s 71×74 inches in dimensions and it is made with a polyester blend material. This curtain fits any standard shower curtain rod, plus, it’s easy to clean as well.

Sloth Print Throw Blanket

This sloth print throw blanket is a 50×60″ blanket made with a high-quality 350GSM microfiber polyester. It is soft to the touch and lightweight, perfect for sofas, beds, and office nap capsules. With its exciting sloth print, the sloth lover in your life will surely get excited with this one!

Sloth Stuffed Animal Toy

Sloths are extremely cute, don’t you agree? Too bad you can’t bring home one as a cuddle buddy. At least there’s this stuffed animal toy from the Winsterch store. It is a gigantic 27.5-inch stuffed animal perfect for kids and cuddle-a-holics. It even has googly eyes for that added cuteness.

Sloth Plushie

If you are looking for a smaller sloth-themed cuddle buddy, here’s one. This sloth plushie is made with premium plush material designed to be child safe. It is just 11 inches in height and 6 inches in width. This one is a great sloth gift for toddlers that’s for sure.

Sloth Plush Backpack Clip

For broadcasting to the entire office their love for sloths, your sloth-lover friend will definitely love this backpack clip! It is a 5.5-inch sloth plushie which comes with a built-in sturdy clip. It is extremely well-made and safe for kids as well. This sloth clip will not fade or shed off fur.

Bearington Simon Plushie

For a less cartoonish sloth plushie, this one from the Bearington Collection store makes an awesome gift choice. It is a 10-inch plushie styled to resemble an actual sloth! Its expressive face and accurate colors give off a true-to-life resemblance! In terms of cuddling an actual sloth, this is as real as it can get.

Sloth Cuddlekins

Here’s yet another awesome sloth stuffed toy! The cuddleskins sloth plushie is a 20-inch toy made with the finest fabrics. Compared to other sloth plushies, this one has a lighter color and features posable limbs. Kids will love playing with this stuffed toy!

Sloth Hooded Neck Pillow

If you are gifting someone who’s always on the go, get this sloth hooded neck pillow. It looks extremely adorable, plus, it’s actually functional as well! It is comfortable, soft, and easy to carry around. The hoodie features a drawstring closure which makes it suitable for sloth fans of all ages.

Sloth Onesie Costume

For the ones who into putting on cute onesies and taking a bunch of cute photos, this sloth onesie costume is an awesome gift. It is made with 100% polyester fleece which gives it an ultra-soft and relaxed fit. It is great for just chilling at home or even costume parties!

Snackin’ Sloth Crew Socks

Are onesies a bit overboard? Consider getting this pair of Snackin’ sloth crew socks! It is equally as fun and this one has more colors, too. Made with 55% cotton, 43% polyester, and 2% spandex, this pair of socks is extremely comfortable to the feet.

Snoozies Pairables Slipper

Speaking of feet, here’s a sloth-themed slipper from the Snoozies stores. The Snoozies pairables is a no-closure slip-on slipper perfect for home use. It has a soft Sherpa lining and a breathable upper material. Plus, it features anti-skid soles for better grip as well.

Fisher-Price Sensory Sloth Gym

The Fisher-Price sensory sloth gym is one for the little crawlers. It is a full-blown gym for the babies which promote both upper body and lower body strength. It comes with 6 moveable BPA-free toys including a teether, mirror, rattle, and a few others.

Trolli Sour Brite Sloths

For the ones who are in love with sloths and candies the Trolli Sour Bite Sloths edition make an awesome sloth gift. It is a simple treat with the added fun of colorful candies and cute little sloths! A bag of these is just 4.25 ounces, so you might want to grab more than one!

Sloth Sticky Notes

Notetakers and students will appreciate these sticky notes from the Fancy Land Store. A single purchase of these comes with 3 sets of sloth sticky notes each with 6 different designs. These are great for taking notes on books or jotting down a few important reminders.

Sloths Picture Hangers

Here’s another stationery items for sloth lovers. These sloth picture hangers come with a 36-inch vine for hanging photos. A set of these include 6 individual picture hangers with 3 varying sloth poses. This is a fun and useful sloth gift for the ones who are into Polaroids.

Sloth Bookmark

The book lovers will appreciate a sloth-inspired bookmark. This one from MyBookmark is a unique handmade product made with clay, acrylic paint, and laminated cardboard. The small sloth head measures 2.5cm in height and the entire bookmark is approximately 18cm.

Sloth Sewing Craft Kit

A sloth sewing craft kit is one for the artsy sloth lovers. With 8 pre-cut felt animals, 8 embroidery threads, 33 self-adhesive accessories, and all of the essentials, this kit has everything! It is perfect art kit for kids age 7 and up who would appreciate a closer look at sloths.

Waterproof Vinyl Sloth Stickers

While on the topic of art, here are some sloth-themed sticker packs. This waterproof vinyl sticker set comes with 50 adorable sloth characters. Each individual sticker measures 2.5 to 3.5 inches. There are no duplicates in this pack, plus, all stickers are safe and extremely adhesive.

Sloths Magnetic Page Markers

These page markers are magnetic and have an awesome sloth print! A set of these comes with a pair of 4 different sloth styles for a total of 8 markers. It can be used as bookmarks, paper management clips, and magnets. This is something stationery enthusiasts would love!

Funko POP Disney: Zootopia

Zootopia is an animated movie which featured the city of talking animals and one of the characters is a Sloth and he’s extremely adorable! This Funko Pop is a 3.75-inch model of Flash, the sloth. It comes in the classic Funko packaging which makes it an awesome sloth gift for collectors.

Sloth Garden Solar Lights

Here’s Zootopia’s Flash again in the form of a garden solar light. Made of resin material with incredible details, this garden light is fun and useful. It is powered by a 300mAh Nickel Cadmium rechargeable battery which is included in the package. This one would make any garden look extra cool for sure.

Hug a Sloth Kit

The Sloth kit is a book with a plushie! It is a fun guide on how to properly name your new sloth and how to cuddle it properly. The 5-inch included soft sloth plushie peaks out of the top of its box and it’s absolutely adorable! The book also has tons of sloth facts and even an adoption certificate

The Sloth Game

This fun game is obviously sloth-inspired! It comes with an electronic sloth plushie performer with a built-in timer. This charades game can be played in 3 modes where players must act in slow motion! It is a game for all ages and it’s a sloth gift anyone would surely enjoy getting.

Sloth Coloring Book

Adults will love this one! This sloth coloring book for adults is filled with tons of sloth-inspired illustrations, patterns, and intricate drawings. It is a proven way to relieve stress and help with anxiety. This coloring book can be used with a variety of coloring tools from pens, colored pencils, to markers.

The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy

Gifting someone who’s always stressed with work and could use a wind-down? Consider this book of sloth philosophy. It has the wisdom of the sloth encapsulated in a fun and enjoyable book. The book packs in hacks for living better, sleeping soundly, and eating mindfully.

Social Climbers Sloth Drink Markers

It’s frustrating whenever you’re in a party having fun and laughing with friends then all your drinks get shuffled up. Well, here’s a way to deal with that! These social climber sloth drink markers come in different colors and conveniently attaches to a wineglass stem. Handy!

Sloth Tea Infuser

For a different kind of drinking session, this sloth tea infuser from Fred & Friends store makes an awesome sloth gift. It is an extremely adorable and functional tea infuser that is environmentally friendly as well. This tea infuser is made with food-grade BPA-free silicone.

Sloth Lazy Coffee Mug

Coffee lovers will appreciate this sloth lazy coffee mug. It has a funny print that reads “Today, I will do absolutely nothing.” This mug is a fun and useful sloth gift ideal for anyone and for any occasion. It holds up to 12 ounces of beverage, plus, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe as well.

Sloth Stemless Wine Glass

For nights when a good glass of wine is well-deserved, the sloth lover in your life would find this wine glass handy. It is a 15-ounce stemless wine glass with a cute ceramic ink sloth print. This glass is extremely durable and dishwasher safe. It is an awesome sloth gift for your drinking buddies!

Sloth Water Bottle

This BPA-free sloth water bottle can store up to 17 ounces of beverage. It features double-wall insulation with a leak-proof seal cap. This stainless-steel water bottle is built to last. This one is great for trips, office use, sporting activities, and other everyday endeavors.

Sloth Ring Dish

For storing precious rings, necklaces, pairs of earrings, and tiny bits of accessories, this ring dish makes an awesome sloth gift. It is made from glazed ceramic material featuring a gold-plated trim. The vivid sloth illustration on the middle comes with a funny text, too! It’s hard not to find a use for this one.

Sloth Cookie Cutter

Everyone loves cookies and that’s a fact! For the sloth lover in your life who loves baking cookies, this cookie cutter is something they’ll love. It molds 3.75-inch cookie dough, biscuits, brownies, cakes, and other smaller treats. It is a certified food-grade, too.

Fingerlings Baby Sloth

The Fingerlings baby sloth does not do a lot, but it’s extremely cute! It responds to sound, motion, and touch with slowly blinking eyes and sloth-y head turns. Bonus: batteries are included with this Fingerlings baby sloth! It is a cute sloth gift, something everyone would have fun with!