50 Fantastic Owl Gifts for Owl Lovers

by mkimmel | Last Updated: October 11, 2020

Owls are perhaps the cutest big-eyed creature there is, that’s why a lot of people love them. As much as they are extremely snuggly and adorable, owls are also symbols of wisdom and knowledge. So, if you are out and about looking for the best owl gifts for the owl lovers in your life, here’s a list for you! We have plushies, fun mugs, creative kit, and heaps of exciting owl-themed items. Check it out!

Baby Nail Kit

The Yiveko baby nail kit is a 4-in-1 nail care kit designed specifically for babies. It comes with a baby nail clipper, non-slip scissors, a glass nail file, and a pair of tweezers with soft tip padding. This kit is crafted to maintain the highest hygienic standards, so there are no toxic chemicals here. Best of all, it comes with an adorable owl case!

Owl Print Cotton Canvas Tote

For the owl lovers who always run to get some groceries or always out for a weekend trip, this owl-printed cotton canvas tote is an amazing gift. It is an eco-friendly bag with a sturdy and non-toxic fabric. The outside of the bag is painted with tons of colorful owls! It comes in two variants, one with a zipper closure and one without.

Waterproof Makeup Cases

Packing makeup essentials for trips can be a big pain in the ass, if you are gifting someone who needs a trusty case for their makeup, this owl gift is the one to get! The HappyDaily 3-pack makeup cases come with 3 different sizes of a beautiful owl-painted bags. These bags will keep expensive makeup items safe and secure from moisture.

Owl Statue Decor

That owl enthusiast in your life who’s into house decorating and styling their own space will fall in love with this owl statue decor. It is a chic-looking owl figuring which measures approximately 4.5 inches tall. Embellished with a western dots art design, this display figure will add spice to any countertop. Plus, it comes in two colors, white and black.

Owl 3D Illusion Lamp

If you are looking to get something flashier, get this owl 3D illusion lamp from the Elstey store. It is a night lamp with 7 different interchangeable colors, red, green, yellow, cyan, blue, white, and pink. This lamp charges via a USB adaptor so it’s absolutely easy to operate! The owl figure is constructed using a sturdy acrylic material making it light and attractive.

Owl Succulent Plant Pot

For the plant lovers who are also into owl-themed decorations, this owl succulent plant pot is a wonderful gift choice. This set of ceramic pots comes with 6 different designs for each 2.4-inch tall planter. The pots are simple, functional, and extremely adorable as well. These are fantastic design pieces on shelves, desks, or just any tabletop.

Owl Keychain

A keychain is a very simple gift, yet it is super effective if it has some lovely owl pendant and a witty owl pun! This owl keychain is made with a stainless-steel, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic material. It measures just under 2 inches in length and it comes inside a gift-ready velvet box. The engraving on the keychain reads, “whenever you need me, owl be there.”

Owl Embossed Leather Journal

Taking notes and journaling is a lot more fun with this owl-embossed leather journal from MNDesigns. It is a 7×5-inch blank page refillable notebook perfect for carrying around during travel. This pocket-style journal is 100% handmade and contains 96 blank pages of 125 GSM paper. This one is a fantastic owl gift for notetakers out there.

Sterling Silver Owl

This sterling silver owl necklace is from YinShan. It is a simple necklace with an intricate pendant detail showing a small adorable owl on top of some tree branches. This necklace is nickel-free, cadmium-free, and hypoallergenic making it safe to wear for long periods. This owl gift is something the owl lover in your life would wear on a daily!

Owl Throw Blanket

For lounging around the house during lazy weekends or cold nights, this fancy looking owl throw blanket is a fantastic gift! It is made with a thick and cozy 350GSM high-quality microfiber polyester. This blanket measure 50 inches in width and 60 inches in height. It has a beautiful print of an owl and a night sky scenery.

Rockland Owl Duffel Bag

The Rockland owl duffel bag is the owl gift to get for someone who always has a weekend getaway. It is made with 100% polyester which is a heavy duty 600 denier fabric. The bag features a U-top zippered opening, two front organizational pockets, a sturdy carrying handle, and a shoulder strap. On top of all those, this bag has tons of owl prints!

Owl Eyeglass Holder

There is no cuter eyeglass holder than this purple owl from Homestyle! Designed in Paris, France, this simple contraption is crafted to perform a simple task of holding a pair of eyeglasses all while looking adorable. It measures just around 3.5 inches in height and has an opening that fits most eyeglasses. It works well as a phone stand, too.

Owl Salt & Pepper Shaker

For the home kitchen master chefs, this owl salt & pepper shaker is a must-have in their arsenal. This 3-piece set comes with a pair of matching salt & pepper shaker alongside a 5.6-inch owl figuring which doubles as a shaker holder. The entire set is made with high-quality cold-cast polyresin and is meticulously hand-painted.

Owl Kids Art and Craft Activity Kit

This activity kit for kids and kids-at-heart is the owl gift to get if you are gifting someone who loves coloring and painting stuff. The set comes with an owl-shaped rock, paint brush, and different colors of paint. This activity kit is suitable for kids ages 8 and up. It is a simple yet fun gift which promotes creativity and hours of enjoyment.

Grumpy Owl

Grumpy Owl is a kids-friendly paperback story book which features an owl who woke up on the wrong side of bed. The story also has appearance from the Brown Bear, Tan Toad, Red Rooster, who all happens to have their sounds all jumbled up! It is an amazing story book that teaches kids the valuable lessons of kindness.

Melissa & Doug Owl

If you are looking for a realistic owl gift, here’s one from Melissa & Doug store. This lifelike plush owl is a 17-inch tall stuffed toy crafted with superior quality materials. It is complete with intricate and realistic details ideal for promoting imaginative gameplay. This is a gift that works well for displays and art collections as well.

Owl Ear Stud Holder

For the jewelry hoarders and the bling bling specialists who has a thing for owls, this owl-styled earring holder make a fantastic owl gift. With over 134 holes for earring pieces, this holder is perfect for storing all their shiny ear accessories. It has an easy to assemble and scratch-free metal base, a unique design, and a ton of room.

Snoozies Pairables Night Owl

The Snoozies Pairables is a pair of ultra-comfortable house slippers. It features an easy slip-on closure and a soft, warm, and cozy Sherpa fleece interior. It has an anti-skid sole, a beautiful owl embroidery, and a machine-washable material. This pair of slippers is the one to get for that stylish house lounger who also happens to be owl lovers.

Owl Stone Bead Bracelet

If you are looking for a simple owl gift, here’s a fantastic choice to consider. The owl stone bead bracelet from the Top Plaza store is a 7-chakra stone bracelet designed for promoting calmness and relaxation. It is a symbol of wisdom, reason, and justice, and it is made with high-quality crystals. This bracelet has an adjustable elastic cord, too.

Owl Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

For the owl lovers with a thing for sweets and chocolates, the owl dark chocolate from the Endangered Species store is the owl gift to get. This chocolate bar come in a pack of 12 and features the signature bittersweet taste. This treat is gluten-free, non-GMO, and promotes Fairtrade. Plus, it has crunchy nuts on the inside!

Owl Labs Meeting Owl

The office junkies and work-a-holics will find the Owl Labs meeting owl a nifty little tool. This 360-degree conference camera can record in 720p resolution and it comes with a built-in microphone and speaker. This smart camera is fairly easy to setup with just a plug-n-play operation. It is a fantastic tool which makes an amazing owl gift for the office setting.

Owl Mason Jars

For a simpler yet multi-functional gift, this set of owl mason jars make an incredibly useful owl gift. A set of these includes 4 pieces of clear 15-ounce mason jars with an included plastic straw. These jars are perfect for cold beverages since they are BPA- and PVC-free. These will also be fantastic as a decorative piece or a DIY flower vase.

Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine

The Skip Hop baby sound machine is an amazing owl gift for someone who’s having trouble putting their little crawlers to sleep. It is an ingenious device which imitates 4 different sounds of nature and 4 different lullabies. It comes with a star and moon ceiling projector as well as a glowing night light, too. This sound machine even has an auto-off!

Woodlink Owl Nesting Box

For the more serious owl enthusiast, the Woodlink owl nesting box make a fantastic owl gift. Made with a natural inland cedar, this nesting box has a 3-inch hole and is designed to be wall mounted. The nesting box includes mounting peripherals and two Philips head screws. This is an amazing starter gift for someone who’s looking to have a pet owl.

Owl Paper Towel Holder

This owl paper towel holder from Home Basics store is a stylish and functional decorative piece that would make an amazing owl gift. It has a raised bottom design to keep paper towels off the surface. This holder is free-standing making it compatible on any flat surface. The heavy weight powder-coated steel construction gives off a super sturdy build quality.

Owl Compact Multi-Tool

Speaking of sturdy, this owl compact multi-tool is a tiny tool which is built like a tank. Measuring around 3.75×2 inches, this survival tool comes with a carabiner attached. It has a built-in hex wrench, cord cutter, flat head screwdriver, a 1-inch ruler, a butterfly wrench, and a bottle opener. This is an amazing owl gift for someone who’s always out and about!

Owl Funny Side Up

If you are gifting someone who you think would love an owl-shaped sunny side up, here’s the gift to get! The owl funny side up is a small piece of silicone tool in the shape of an owl. It is meant to be used on flat pans for cooking eggs or molding pancakes. This is a simple yet unique owl gift suitable for anyone who would appreciate a tasty adorable meal.

Owl Wearable Loungewear

This owl wearable loungewear is the perfect gift for youngsters who are into owls. Made with 100% fleece polyester, this onesie is machine-washable and extremely comfortable to wear. It is crafted using the highest quality fiber, plus it comes in two size variants—one for kids 2 to 5 years old and another for kids 5 to 9 years old.

Lazy One Fuzzy Feet Slippers

The Lazy One Fuzzy feet slippers is an ultra-soft pair of footwear which is perfect for lounging indoors. It has a super-fluffy fleece interior lining, non-slip soles, and an extremely adorable tiled owl print. These slippers come in adult sizes ranging from small to XL. This super cute pair of slippers would surely be a candidate for the cutest footwear ever!

Owl Shape LED Desk Lamp

If you want to get an owl gift that is both flashy and classy at the same time, consider this owl-shaped LED desk lamp from Eshion. It is an energy-saving lamp which has a lifespan of around 10000 hours. Its super bright LEDs make a wonderful decorative piece especially at night. The lamp also comes with an included screwdriver for an easier setup.

Natural Enemy Scarecrow Horned Owl

The Natural Enemy horned owl scarecrow is the perfect owl gift for gardeners or farmers. It is designed to effectively repel birds from damaging crops and plants. This scarecrow owl stands 16 inches tall and is hand-painted for a realistic finish. It has intricate detail, lifelike colors, and a fierce-looking eye ready to drive away those pesky flyers!

Vintage Owl Hanging Lantern

For someone who’s into retro and vintage pieces, this vintage owl hanging lantern is a fantastic gift choice. It comes in 3 different color variants: gold, brown, and red bronze. This vintage lantern is made with the highest quality materials making it feel and look premium. It holds a standard-sized candle perfectly as well.

Sterling Silver Vintage Owl Ring

The owl enthusiasts who are also into shiny jewelry and accessories would definitely appreciate this silver owl ring. With a vintage design, this 925-sterling silver ring comes in a handful of sizes. This ring is nickel- and lead-free making it safe to wear for anyone. Also, this ring is an emblematic symbol of deep connection with wisdom!

Harry Potter Hedwig Mug

If you are gifting a Harry Potter fan, chances are, this Hedwig mug is the gift they have always wanted. The Harry Potter Hedwig mug is a highly detailed ceramic mug that is packed inside a collectible packaging. It weighs 0.45 pounds and sits in at 4.5 inches in height. This one is definitely a magical owl gift especially for wizards-wannabe.

MissOwl Adjustable Bib Apron

For the cook in your life who’s into some owl action, this adjustable bib apron from MissOwl is a fantastic gift choice. With two large front pockets, a 38-inch long ties, and a fade-proof design, this apron is meant to cater every day kitchen needs. Plus, it features two layers of fabric and an extended fit providing ample clothes protection.

Embossed Leather Owl Journal

The stationery hoarders who are also into owls would surely love this embossed leather owl journal from Kennedy. Made with a PU leather, this journal notebook measures 5.9 inches in width, 8.7 inches in height, and 0.8 inches in thickness. It comes with 100 sheets of 200 GSM lined paper perfect for keeping important notes.

Hanging Owl Storage Basket

Look at these hanging owl storage baskets! Who wouldn’t want to have these adorable pieces of crocheted organizers? This adorable basket is eco-friendly and handmade, plus it has a built-in loop which is ideal for hanging onto hooks. These are useful organizational bags for everyday items such as remote controllers, wallets, and other items.

Chips and Dip Serving Platter

For serving fries, potato chips, nachos and fun other snacks, this chips and dip serving platter shaped like an owl is a fun gift! It is a decorative kitchen utensil which measures a hefty 30 cm in length and 17 cm in width. This one is an owl gift which will surely be put to use! It would add a dash of excitement to snack time.

Owl Measuring Cups

These owl measuring cups are for the avid bakers in the kitchen who love owls. A set of these come with 5 pieces of measuring cups, a 1/8 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1 cup. These adorable cups are designed to fit nested to each other for easy storage. This is absolutely something worth considering if you’re looking for an owl gift.

Owl Bottle Opener

Prying bottles open can never get easier than with this owl-styled bottle opener. From the Bar Amigos store, this fun looking novelty tool is a 3-in-1 multi-tool with a soft silicone handle. Alongside the bottle opener, it also includes a corkscrew and a foil cutter. Plus, this tool is made with food-grade high-quality materials.

Ceramic Owl Cooking Spoon

Here’s another one for the home cooks out there who has a thing for cute owl items. This ceramic owl cooking spoon comes in an attractive aqua color. It features a vintage design which combines mid-century kitsch and an antique look. The glazed ceramic finish of this spoon makes cleaning a total breeze!

Owl Wine Bottle Stopper

The fanciest way of keeping opened wine bottles fresh and sealed is with one of these bottle stoppers from T-maker. This stopper comes in an elegant gift box ready for gifting. Its premium build and air-tight seal is perfectly compatible to any wine bottle. Also, the owl designs up top with the diamonds and the gold trim is absolutely stunning.

Owl Macrame Wall Hanging

The owl Macrame wall hanging decoration is an eco-friendly piece made with a natural cotton rope. It measures 8 inches wide and 22 inches long and it has an elegant white finish. A set of these comes with two hanging decoration perfect for adding a bit of owl element to a boring room. It is a truly unique and attractive owl gift.

Sleeping Owl Eye Mask

For the travelers out there, the sleeping owl eye mask is something to consider getting. Made with soft and comfortable material, this eye mask features a removable gel pad and a non-toxic set of ear plugs. The eye mask is worn using a non-plastic elastic band which is comfortable and won’t mess up your hair. This one is a charm!

Owl Throw Pillow Covers

Adding a dash of excitement on old throw pillows can be a little hard, but not anymore with these owl throw pillow covers! This 4-piece set of 18×18-inch pillowcases has vibrant owl illustrations. Each illustration is digitally printed using a water-based ink with a high-definition quality. These pillowcases are easy to clean and extremely adorable to display.

Owl Shape Ceramic Tea Light

This owl-shaped ceramic tea light is a handcrafted candle holder with a cut-out owl design. It is made to spread fragrance and luminance while providing that warm candle glow. This is an amazing piece to add to a meditation corner, a bedroom, or a yoga room. This tea light measures 4.5×4.5 inches and has a depth of 3 inches.

Owltopper’s Bottle Stoppers

If you are gifting someone who loves to taste every single wine in his/her bar counter, you must get them these owl bottle stoppers from Owltoppers. A set of these comes with 4 different bottle stoppers suitable for most wine bottles. It can also work on oil bottles, vinegar bottles, and even soda bottles. These stoppers provide a tight seal while looking super adorable.

Owl Stemless Wine Glasses

Also for the wine hoarders, these stemless owl wine glasses make an amazing owl gift. A pack of these glasses come with two 16.75-ounce capacity wine glass which have an owl engraving design. With its dishwasher-safe design, these glasses are resistant to flaking or fading. It is an absolutely lovely gift for someone who loves wine and owls.

Owl Leather Backpack

The owl leather backpack is a small bag made with a PU leather material. It has a solid color and a vintage owl design. The gold accents and the high-quality stitching makes the bag feel and look premium. With a single main compartment, zipper closure, and two extra compartments on the sides, this bag is perfect for carrying everyday essentials.

Ceramic Owl Mugs

If you want to give something colorful, this set of ceramic owl mugs make a fantastic owl gift! These handcrafted mugs have a capacity of 12 ounces each making it a perfect companion for early morning coffee or late-night iced tea. These mugs are durable, easy to clean, and extremely vibrant! Every owl lover would want to get their hands on these!