50 Amazing Gifts for College Students

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 19, 2021

Looking to find a great gift idea for a college student? Then, you’ve come to the right place. But, before that, let’s talk about what it means to be a college student.

Well, college life is exciting and might be the most amazing part of most people’s lives. This is the part where we are going to know and have a glimpse of how the real world works. It is where most people transform from being reckless young ones to responsible adults.

And now, it is time for the people we know who are incoming freshmen or currently going to college to experience that life.

In this article, we are going to give you some gift ideas which would be useful and essential for college students. Ranging from novelty gifts, personal stuff, dorm essentials, and study essentials.

Here in giftingareas.com, we’ve chosen products from Amazon that have the best reviews and ratings to ensure that you picked the best gift.

Just continue on reading and surely you’ll be able to find the best gift idea for a college student!

Travel Laptop Backpack

When you’re in college everything seems to be important, and you will need a heavy-duty backpack that can store all your important things. If you know someone who is getting into college or is already in college, giving this gift is a very good idea. This multi-purpose backpack is fit for traveling, casual day hike, or for attending college classes. It’s water-resistant and features an anti-theft design. It also comes with a USB charging port that will surely come in handy for college students.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

College days are busy days. Because of a hectic schedule, college students will likely miss their breakfast just to be on time for school. With this quick and easy breakfast sandwich maker, no one will ever miss their breakfast again. You can get creative with the sandwich you are making by customizing it according to your preference. Another great thing about this sandwich maker is that it’s easy to clean up. An awesome gift for college students!

Keurig Coffee Maker

College students sometimes get so busy and usually end up tired. Brewing coffee right after waking up is a typical way to start a day for college students, making this product a perfect gift. This coffee maker has strong brewing power to give them the most out of their coffee. It also can make them a perfectly brewed instant iced coffee anytime they want.

JBL Bluetooth Headphone

A great gift for college students who love to listen to music while studying! Too much noise while studying is a big “No”! Replace that noise with great music with the JBL headphone as a gift. It has voice assistant connectivity which they can make hands free calls, great bass, and 16-hour battery life that would be able to provide them great music throughout the day.

Netter’s Anatomy Coloring Book

This Anatomy coloring book is a perfect gift idea for college students who are fascinated with the human body. It’s also beneficial for incoming college students who plan to take on paramedical courses as it will prepare them for the real Anatomy lecture. With this coloring book as a gift, they will be able to learn more while they practice their artistic side.

Folding Lap Desk

This folding multi-function lap desk is a perfect gift for college students who like to stay in bed while studying. It has enough storage for school supplies and is sturdy enough to support a laptop. It’s portable and easy to use.

Buddha Board for Water Painting

Being in college can be a bit stressful. Trying to catch up with deadlines and to and meet the requirements is a routine. This Buddha Board let them relax and release stress and negative emotions. They will just simply ‘paint’ on the surface with water and their creation will come to life. great gift for a college student who needs to ease their minds!

Hanes Men’s Sweatshirt

Any busy college students prefer more comfortable clothes. With this as a gift, you would be able to provide comfort and a fashionable outfit for the person you’re going to give it to. It has different varieties of color, made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy Tote

This large and portable shower basket is a perfect gift to give to a college student. It can store all bath essentials and can be placed anywhere in the shower room. There are 7 outer pockets designed to organize all bath accessories making them easy to find. It is made up of durable mesh to make the shower basket dry quickly. It can also be used for traveling.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

An awesome gift for a Star Wars fan college student! Fill up his Star Wars tummy! Why not eat with a lightsaber chopsticks? Everyone would look at their eye-catching utensils. For sure, there will never be a missed meal and they will gain the attention of other Star Wars fans.

Cooking Through College

Instant noodles again? How boring would that be! It may seem so hard to cook. But, with this Cooking Through College cookbook, you will never have to eat noodles day after day. Sure, noodles are easy and quick to cook. But, don’t limit your chef potential with those boring noodles. Have fun and experiment with this cookbook. This is a useful gift for college students!

Apollo Tools

Ready for college? Ready to be on your own? Worry no more! You’ve got a buddy for household DIY repairs away from home. This general toolbox is a useful gift for college students. They would have to worry about what to do when something needs to be repaired or done because these hand tools will help solve the DIY situation. It comes with a sturdy and compact storage case dedicated to hand tools.

Convenience Kit

Men need routine skincare too! And nothing can go wrong with this travel kit package. It includes 20 necessary travel toiletries and accessories for men. An all-in-one package and a perfect gift for a college student who is about to travel. Grooming and oral care for college men.

Adulting Note Pad

Who said adulting is easy? No one! With all those things to be done, you will need this Adulting Note Pad that will help you get everything organized. Just jot down everything you needed to do with this To-Do List, so you can have a more productive day ahead. This gift idea is perfect for college students who are always busy with academic requirements and other stuff.

Pencil Case

A perfect gift for a college student! Let them put their fancy pens all in one place with this big pen pouch. It is a durable and uniquely designed product that can store all their most used stationery. They can also separate different pens and customize the main compartment anyway they like because it has an extra detachable velcro partition. A perfect gift for a college student.

Study Coffee Mug

This premium ceramic coffee mug is a must-have for college students. A thoughtful and funny gift to remind them to study. It is perfect for any beverage they’d like to have. May it be coffee, juice, cola, or just plain water. Also, this Study Mug is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and lead-free.

Moon Lamp Light

Fall in love with this Lunar lamp! It is made from eco-friendly materials and then shaped like a full moon. Imagine heading back to your room after a long tiring day, then seeing this at your bedside. It will make your room a lovely place to relax for a while. It’s a perfect gift for college students.

Electric Hot Pot

Getting hot fresh food in the dorm is a rare thing. Most college student’s staple food is ramen. With this Electric Hot Pot as a gift, they would be able to make it possible for them to have an instant yummy dish. They can cook or saute food without the bulky stove. A great gift for college students who love to cook instant food!

Polaroid Instant Film Camera

The current trend for aesthetics right now is the retro look. This polaroid camera can be connected to Bluetooth, has a 60-day life battery, and would be able to provide instant pictures with a hint of the retro aesthetics. College students are fond of taking selfies, so it’s a nice gift for college students!

USB LED Clock Fan

A novelty but somehow a useful gift. It’s a Led Clock fan that they can just carry anytime and anywhere. Just connect it to a laptop and it will provide them with some cool ventilation. Plus, it will remind them what time it is. An awesome 2 in 1 techy gift for college students!

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

An awesome gift for a heavy sleeper college student! The hardest part of being a student is waking up for an early class. With this alarm clock on wheels, it will make waking up easier. Unlike a traditional alarm clock that you can easily turn off by just pressing it, this alarm clock has a loud alarm and will run, hide, or jump away from you.

Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor Sneakers

A great gift idea for a college student! What can I say about this classic? Nothing. These sneakers have been tested with time. A durable, fashionable shoes that have been in stores for years. You might want to consider it.

Personal First Aid Kit

It’s better to be prepared than sorry! College life teaches us to be independent. We’ll, sometimes accidents just happen, and it would take a considerable time before medics arrive. It’s great to have this in hand in case of unexpected events. A practical gift for a college student and they might be able to save someone or themselves!

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight

A great useful gift for college students! Going through the college dark dorm halls at night is scary. This tactical flashlight is an ultra-bright and long-lasting product. It can light up to 1000 meters away and is 10 times brighter than old incandescent lights.

Simple Modern Water Bottle

Sometimes college students go out and exercise. Other times they just roam around the campus. Eventually, they’ll find themselves thirsty. This water bottle would come in handy by hydrating themselves anytime and anywhere. It has a stylish design and can store up to 32 ounces of water. A great gift for college students.

Mogix Hard Drive Bag

Electronic files are important. With modern technology today, a whole library of books can just fit in 1 hard drive. Most college students nowadays would prefer their laptops to a couple of bulky books. So, protect those valuable e-files and other accessories with this Mogix hard drive bag. A great gift for college students to protect their files!

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

A perfect gift for college students who live in a dorm! In universities, dorms have a public toilet. Well, it would be kind of embarrassing if the person who’s going to use the toilet right after them would smell the stench that they’ve just released. With this product, that embarrassing moment can be prevented. And, you don’t have to worry cause it’s non-toxic and comes with a vanilla mint smell. A perfect gift for college students who live in a dorm!

Variety Snack Care Package

A great gift for a stress eater! Everybody can’t deny that being a college student is very stressful. A lot of them find ways to cope up. Others may prefer eating as a stress reliever. If the person you’re going to give a gift is like that, then consider this item. It comes with 40 varieties of snacks that will surely ease the stress away.

Large Laundry Basket

A pile of laundry can be messy. This laundry basket can store your unwashed clothes all in one tidy place. It has a capacity of 82 liters, collapsible, and it would be easier for your trip to the laundromat. A perfect gift for college students to help them with their laundry duties!

Mini Waffle Maker

It is well-known that the staple food of college students is ramen. I guess it would be much better if you provide them with a different kind of food that is easy to make. That would be possible by giving this Mini waffle maker as a gift!

Engineer Nutrition Facts Mug

A funny novelty gift for engineering students! Let them enjoy their hot beverage with this glass mug while bragging the fun facts about being an engineer. It would surely bring a smile on their faces. A humorous gift idea for college students!

Mini Fridge

An awesome gift idea for college students! Basic home necessities for college students is now possible with this mini fridge gift. They would be able to enjoy cold beverages and stock leftover foods just like at home. It’s small and portable. And, can hold up twelve 12-Oz cans or nine 500 m.l. bottles.

Pizza Throw Blanket

Let them feel at home with this throw blanket. It is made of 100% microfiber and has a great thermal insulating ability that would keep them warm on their cold lonely nights. A nice gift for college students to keep them warm and comfy!

BIC Brite Liner Highlighter

If the college student you want to give a gift is an avid reader of traditional books, then you might consider a highlighter as a gift. It would be useful for them to highlight the important details on the topic they are studying. It has super-bright fluorescent ink in Yellow, pink, orange, green, and blue colors, which they can use on different topics.

Big Capacity Canvas Pencil Case

One of the problems of college students is they keep on losing their pens. With this big capacity pencil case, they won’t worry anymore about losing those pens. It has a pretty design and can be used on a multi-purpose function. A pretty and practical gift for college students!

Desk Organizer

As a college student, living in the dorm is pretty suffocating (literally). There’s just limited for all of your belongings. This desk organizer gift idea would be able to provide them more space for their stuff. Having more space gives a more comfortable feeling!

French Fries Shaped Sticky Notes

A funny study aid gift! Being able to learn more is the reason why people go to college. Aid them in their studying and let them keep track of their notes through these fries sticky notes as a gift. A humorous but useful gift for college students!

Reading Pillow

To have a more productive studying, the comfort of the student should be considered. Well, it is hard to retain what you’ve read if you are always getting distracted. Get them comfortable with this reading pillow as a gift. It is perfect for reading in bed and curling up on the sofa for much more efficient learning. A nice comfy gift for a college student’s study session!

7 in 1 Tech Tool BallPen with Ruler

This ballpen is a perfect gift for engineering students! It’s a 0.7mm black ink pen. But, it’s not just used for writing because it also comes with a bottle opener, phone stand, ruler, stylus, mini flat-head, and Phillips screwdriver. An awesome gift for college students!

Dimples Excel Stylus

Smartphones are essential nowadays, especially for college students. Any information they need is just inside their pockets. Because we know how important phones are, they should be treated well. With Dimples Excel stylus gift, it can avoid scratches on their phone. The stylus can also be used by artistic students in making their digital arts.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Most college students study through their laptops that emit Ultraviolet rays, which can be harmful to the eyes. Protect their eyes with this blocking glasses as a gift. It reflects and filters blue light, prevents color distortion, and can also be used as reading glasses. A useful gift for college students.

College Hacks

Going to college is an exciting moment. For most people, it would be their first time to be independent. Most people would be having a hard time coping up because they’re not just used to it. This book would give them tips on how to go ahead in their college life easier and is filled with hundreds of ways to simplify situations they’re in. An awesome gift for incoming college students!

Bliss Collections Daily Planner

College students have a lot of things to comply with. Most probably, it would be difficult for them to remember all the things they need to do. With this Bliss Collections Daily Planner gift, they can keep track of their daily productivity. Also, it can teach them how to manage their time! A great gift to let a busy college student keep on track!

PurSteam Garment Steamer

Ironing a shirt is not an easy task. So, bringing an iron and ironing board to make their uniform wrinkle-free is a hassle. Getting the Pursteam Garment steamer as a gift would give a much easier job for college students to take wrinkles off their clothes. Bring comfort from their homes to their dorms!

Linen Body Wrap

Being in a dorm is a little less convenient than being at home. Even taking a shower is already a task. From your room to the public bathroom, one little mistake, and you’ll find yourself naked. This body wrap is a perfect gift! It has a secure hold of your body that would avoid slipping. This shower wrap for women is made using the softest 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester for a comfortable and absorbent bath.

CLUSE Connected Wrist Watch

A perfect gift for someone you know who is a busy college student. It would keep them on time for their classes. It has an elegant design, with classic analog, and leather straps. A nice classy gift for college students!

CM Reusable Coffee Sleeve

Anybody needs some energy boost with some hot coffee. Especially for college students to meet their deadlines and other requirements. With this reusable sleeve gift, you can protect them from getting burned from the hot coffee. An awesome gift for an avid coffee drinker college student!

HOUSE DAY Black Magic Hangers

As we all know, college dorms don’t have much space. But, we do find ways to organize our things. This black magic hanger can help you organize your clothes. It can be hung vertically or horizontally and can support 5 clothes at a time. A great gift to give for a college student who stays in a dorm!

IVY LED Desk Lamp

Most college students study at night, cause that’s the only time they are free. Let them study more comfortably by giving them great lighting for reading. The Ivy desk lamp has three lighting modes and a USB outlet for them to charge their gadget. A perfect gift for a college student who aims high!

Toiletry Bag

Let them organize their toiletry and keep it in one place with this bag. All the college student’s essentials for the toilet are stored together so they won’t lose it. It is a durable waterproof bag that can withstand all demanding conditions. A nice gift for college students to keep them organized!

Hanging Storage Organizer

If space is an issue, then you might want to get this hanging storage organizer as a gift. Most college dorms have little to non-extra space for the college students’ belongings. But, with this, they’ll be able to organize and store their things. If they won’t be using it in the meantime, no worries cause it is easy to store.

Personal Air Fan

Most problems in college dorms are their ventilation. Provide a cool refreshing air to the college student you know through this air fan gift item. Comfort prevents distraction and it would be much more beneficial for their studies if they’re comfortable.

Power Strip with USB

There are only limited electrical sockets for each student in dorm rooms. And, most college students have more than one gadget to charge. Giving this charging station as a gift to a college student would be great because looking for another socket to charge with would no longer be a problem!

The Freshman Survival Guide

Getting into new things can be nervous and exciting at the same time! Just like entering into college. Incoming college students have no idea what to do and sometimes end up getting depressed. Now, with this freshman survival guide as a gift, they would be able to adapt to college life much easier. The book provides “Soulful Advice for Studying, Socializing, and Everything In Between”.

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen

In college, it is very important to attend lectures because it can substantiate the things that you didn’t understand from your readings. This is an awesome gift for a college student because, with the Livescribe smartpen, you can record everything you write and hear. It can also save notes and audio recordings to your computer through the echo software.

Homesick Scented Candle

Going to college means having to be away from your family temporarily. But, even though time passes by so quickly, you would always miss everyone back home. This Homesick Scented Candle will at least ease the moment of loneliness. As you light these candles, you will surely bring home closer to you. This is a perfect gift for college students who’s likely to feel separation anxiety.

Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand

Sometimes, you don’t need a big study room or office to work. You just need to have a table that can support your laptop and you’re ready to work. This adjustable laptop stand will do that for you while you sit on your favorite couch or just stay in bed the whole day. It has built-in cooling fans for your laptop, a mouse pad on the side, and you can adjust it however you like. This is a great gift for college students who are staying in a dormitory where there’s limited space.

Peeramid Bookrest

An amazing gift for college students who love to read. Read your book, tablet, or iPad comfortably hands-free with the Peeramid Bookrest. It is portable and would let you read comfortably, whether it is on a table, a chair, a bed, or a couch. It’s available on different colors and is made with Polyester Microfiber which resists stains.

LCD Writing Tablet

A perfect gift for Arts, Engineering, and Architecture college students. The 15 inches screen size of this drawing tablet is much bigger compared to others. It is durable and has a pressure-sensitive surface. Perfect for taking up notes, sketching, writing, doodle pads, office memo board, and message board.

HAKACC Bedside Caddy

This bedside caddy has 2 large pockets to store gadgets, books, and magazines. It has an additional 3 mesh pockets for smartphones, remotes, eyeglasses. If you have a powerstrip, you can also charge your gadgets while being stored there, because it has a powerstrip compartment. This will help a college student in dealing with issues about room space.