25 Best Graduation Gifts for Her 2022

by mkimmel | Last Updated: January 3, 2022

Graduation is one of the most special times in a person’s life. Picking a gift is always difficult, but choosing a graduation gift for that special girl in your life? That is next-level difficult! Here’s a list of 25 graduation gifts for her to help you out with that. Check it out!

Stone Resin Figurine

At 8 inches high, this stone resin figurine makes good memorabilia for display. It has crystal accents, intricately sculpted details, and a heartwarming message engraved. The message reads: “Reach for your dreams, follow your heart.” It is a part of Enesco’s foundation’s collection, and it will surely make a good gift for the new graduate in your life!

Freshman Survival Guide

If you are buying a gift for a high school graduate and want to make sure that she’ll find the gift useful, then get her this! The Freshman Survival Guide will be her first mentor in venturing college life. It has a handful of advice related to studying effectively, socializing, dating, money management, and more. This issue is an updated version complete with new research, tips, and more helpful advice!

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 535 Easy(ish) Steps

It’s terrifying to be an adult, but it will be less terrifying if you have a manual for it! If you are gifting someone who just got out of college and is on their way to adulting, they’ll love this for sure. This book has a funny “real world” adulting approach, it teaches readers how to fix toilets, what to look for when renting a new apartment, and many more! She’ll surely stumble on something useful here.

Adult Weighted Blanket

Finally, no more finals! Post-graduation is the perfect time to get uninterrupted sleep, isn’t it? This weighted blanket from ZonLi is perfect for a good night’s sleep for the fresh graduate. It is made up of high-density material, which prevents loose threads. The blanket looks good as well, it comes in a ton of color options!

Mayberry’s Frost Slippers

Mayberry’s frost slipper is a good choice for a relaxed yet useful gift for her. It has a premium frosted sheepskin upper and a rubber outsole. It’s flexible, easy to wear, and comfortable. It is a good companion in stepping on to the real world (pun intended)!

Victrola Vintage Turntable

This retro-looking, three-speed belt-drive turntable is an awesome gift for the fresh graduate in your life. With plenty of color options and patterned designs such as pink camo, tie-dye, and rose gold, this will surely look good in her place. Aside from being able to play records, it also has Bluetooth connectivity, so she can also play tunes straight from her phone!

Apple Airpods Pro

If she loves working while listening to tunes or you just don’t really know what she might want, grab the Apple Airpods Pro. It pairs easily with her iPhone, is seamless, is comfortable to use, and is water-resistant as well. This latest Airpods model is better than last year’s – this one is feature-packed with a transparency mode and active noise cancellation.

Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

Does your dear fresh graduate spend a lot of time in the morning doing make-up? Well, she’s going to love this mirror with Bluetooth speakers! It is small, functional, and travel-friendly. This vanity mirror will let her listen to her favorite podcast or audiobooks while doing her daily routine. It also has Google Assistant and Siri integration; she’ll love this for sure!

Atomic Habits

If you are giving a gift to a book lover, then Atomic Habits by James Clear is surely a timely graduation gift. The book talks about how to progress in all parts of life. It details how important it is to pay attention to atomic habits and how it affects the bigger things in life. Grab one for her! It is a good read while venturing into a new chapter in life.


For the fitness enthusiast fresh graduate in your life, the infamous NutriBullet may be the best gift. The NutriBullet is the easiest way to make nutritious smoothies. It’s the perfect way to ensure she’s getting stuffed with nutritious treats despite a busy post-graduate lifestyle. The BPA-free cups it comes with are easy to clean and long-lasting, and are dishwasher safe, too!

Instax Mini 90

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 90 is definitely a lovely gift for the retro lovers out there. The Mini 90 is easy to use and is a featured pack. This will be a great tool for her in documenting the “fun” stages of adulting! It has a cool double exposure mode which will let her produce two overlapping images in one film. It can shoot macro, light trails, and fast-moving objects, too!

Instax Mini Photo Printer

If she prefers taking photos on her phone but likes them printed out, then this is a gift she’ll thank you for! The Instax Mini photo printer uses Fujifilm’s Link mobile app. Once she has the app installed, she just needs to connect to the Mini Photo Printer via Bluetooth, and that’s it! She’ll be able to print her favorite photos straight from her phone.

Vintage Leather File Case

This premium-looking leather file case will surely get your fresh graduate excited about landing a job. The Hide & Drink’s leather document holder features a rustic handmade design over the full-grain leather finish. This bag is guaranteed to last a lifetime! Give her this and it will still be her file case when she’s on top of her career years from now.

Moleskin Notebook

Moleskin is known for quality notetaking materials. From time to time, Moleskin releases limited edition notebooks in collaboration with pop culture characters such as The Simpsons, Toy Story, James Bond, Star Wars, and many more. If you are gifting someone who is a fan of something and loves notetaking, look for a Moleskin notebook!

Cozy Fleece Throw Blanket

Made from 100% premium microfiber, this fleece throw blanket is both cozy and decorative. You can choose from plenty of bright punchy colors, so the blanket will always match your style. The material used in this blanket is wrinkle and fade resistant, so no need to take extra care when doing the laundry. This makes a perfect graduation gift, especially if she’s moving to a new place in the near future.

Lululemon Align Pants

No more school means more time for workouts! If you are gifting to a fitness junkie or someone who is looking to get into yoga, then a pair of workout pants is a safe bet. The Lululemon yoga pants feature a high-rise fit and lightweight materials. It is stretchable, sweat-wicking, soft against the skin, and has a waistband pocket as well.

Philips Hue Starter Kit

After graduation comes moving out of town, landing a job, and getting a new place. What better way to ease the stress of your fresh graduate than by having her bring a set of Philips Hue with her. The Philips Hue Starter kit comes with three LED bulbs with adjustable RGB colors (meaning any color she wants!) a smart switch, and a hub. Check it out!

Dabbing Unicorn Shirt

If you are looking for a goofy graduation gift, this dabbing unicorn tie-dye shirt is a good choice. The print may say “5th Grade Nailed it!” but any fresh graduate with a good sense of humor will surely love it. It’s funny, it’s groovy, and it has a dabbing unicorn! Just make sure to give this gift after graduation, she might get too excited and wear this in her graduation picture!

Diploma Frame with Tassel Holder

Do you want to give her a gift she’ll surely use? Get her a diploma frame! This simple gift gives off a minimalistic look that is perfect to hang on bedroom or office walls. It looks professional! The size fits standard-sized diplomas and tassels. It comes with easy to install hanging hardware, too.

Brave New Girl: How to Be Fearless

This Lou Hamilton book titled “Brave New Girl” talks about everything related to being a strong girl. She will find this useful especially during challenging times in her adult life. The book contains inspiring illustrations and heartwarming quotes. It will encourage her to be kind to herself while finding her best version. Cool, right?

Friends Inspired Seniors Shirt

Does your fresh graduate love the TV series Friends? Yes? Then this dope Friends-inspired top is a surefire way to get her excited! It’s a simple gift that says a lot about how you remembered her favorite show. She will love it! It comes in black and heather grey color. The shirt is printed using high-quality ink, thus the punchy colors!

Tie Die Shirt

If she likes wearing casual shirts and is a fan of bright and mesmerizing colors, get her this awesome tie-dye shirt! The print which says, “Seniors 2020 the one where they are in quarantine,” is extremely hilarious and timely. Available colors are black, kelly green, light rainbow, USA rainbow, and many more. Make sure you get her favorite colors right or if you’re unsure, get her two!

Graduation Headband Cap

Missing those cute headbands she wore when she was little? Remember those glittery fun things? Well, this graduation cap headband is a goofy yet sentimental gift! The band is padded with soft material and contains an embroidered message which reads “Grad.” She’ll surely have this on display in her room or in her future office!

Quarantined Class Emoji Stickers

Does she like slapping stickers on the back of her laptop or car? Well, that’s a coincidence because here is a goofy-looking emoji sticker! These stickers are waterproof and fade-resistant – she can stick these in her water bottle and have no problem. It’s a timely gift and a keepsake for all the graduates this pandemic season.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Graduation costs for a travel celebration (after the quarantine at least)! Help your fresh graduate celebrate with this limited-edition collaboration cocktail kit from the Sugarfina candy team. The kit has Moscow Mule gummy bears and all the necessary ingredients to mix two top-shelf mules. The package comes in an elegant copper travel tin!