45 Useful Gifts for Medical Students

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 19, 2021

Studying medicine while juggling social life and personal well-being is a tough task. So, for the doctors-to-be in your life, a little help would be much appreciated. If you are looking for some sweet and useful gift ideas for medical students, check these items out. There are loads of useful stuff in here from a coffee cup to a muscular anatomy chart, and everything else in between!

Doctor Surgeon Flash Drive

This adorable flash drive is a practical gift for medical students. The cute doctor surgeon design nicely fits their career paths. This portable thumb drive has a capacity of 32Gb sufficient for lecture materials and a couple of movies. It is universally compatible as well, making it usable on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Apple Watch Series 5

Another nifty tool for soon-to-be doctors is the new Apple watch series 5. It has a 30% larger screen compared to older versions and it features improved electrical and optical heart sensors. The Series 5 can be used to takedown voice notes, set alarms, and receive push notifications which is a useful feature for busy doctors.

Apple MacBook Pro

While on the topic of gadgets, a computer is a must-have for any aspiring doctor. The Apple MacBook Pro is a worthwhile investment in terms of longevity of use. This 13-inch laptop has a hefty 256Gb SSD memory and an 8Gb RAM. Paired with Apple’s timeless design and incredible software support, this computer will last ages.

Heart Art Vinyl Decal

Speaking of MacBooks, this stethoscope decal makes a nice addition to a portable computer. It fits flush on a 13-inch MacBook but will work similarly well on other laptops. This decal is made from high-quality vinyl leaving no residue when removed. The stethoscope design fits nicely to the theme as well.

Human Heart Decal

If you think a laptop decal is a nice gift idea but you prefer something a little more colorful, consider this human heart decal. It is a 5-inch high-quality sticker made with made with full color impressionist painting. It works well on cars, bikes, and other flat surfaces, too! This is a simple yet creative gift for medical students.

Laptop Sleeve Bag

A pretty portable computer is not enough if it’s not well protected when stored. For that, this laptop sleeve bag does an awesome job. It has a colorfully vivid art with an illustration of the left and right portions of the brain. Though it might not be scientifically accurate, the art is undeniably stunning!

Left and Right Brain MacBook Keyboard Cover

This rubber keyboard cover also has a similar left and right brain illustration. The artistic details are vivid, crisp, and extremely attractive, too. This cover comes in three sizes: 13-inch, 15-inch, or 17-inch. It is useful in preventing keyboard damage from coffee spills, dusts, and other tiny particles.

Brain Ice Cube Silicone Mold

Speaking of brains, this silicone molding tray molds ice cubes, homemade soaps, or homemade chocolates to a brain-like shape! It is made with a long-lasting and fade-resistant silicone that is both reusable and easy to clean. It is a funny and simple gift for the medical students in your life.

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup

It is undeniable that the best use of ice for a medical student is for making loads and loads of iced coffee! The Stojo collapsible coffee cup is one sleek-looking cup perfect for iced coffee sessions. It comes in tons of color options from cashmere and mint, to orange and steel blue. This collapsible cup also comes in 3 different sizes.

De’Longhi Espresso Maker

For a medical student who drinks a lot of coffee, a coffee maker would make a sensible gift, don’t you think? This one from De’Longhi can easily prepare lattes and cappuccino with the swivel jet frother. It is extremely easy to use, plus it features a self-priming operation. Also, there are adjustable controls for a more personalized blend.

The Prescription Coffee Mug

Nothing screams “Doctor” better than this prescription coffee mug from BigMouth Inc. It is a 12-ounce ceramic mug styled like a large prescription drug bottle. This mug has a witty label perfect for striking an interesting medicine-themed conversation. This is a simple yet extremely practical gift for any medical student.

Personalized Stethoscope Coffee Mug

For a practical gift with a personalized touch, this stethoscope coffee mug is the gift to get. It can hold up to approximately 11 ounces of beverage perfect for drinking coffee. There are vibrant customized prints on both sides of the mug. Also, it is microwave and dishwasher safe, how convenient!

Funny Doctor Google Mug

Many people tend to ask a lot of medical question to Google, and doctors simply hate it when that happens! For sure, the medical student in your life will giggle upon seeing this mug. It has a funny print that says, “Please do not confuse your Google search with my Medical degree.” It is a hilarious yet practical gift for medical students.

Anatomy Coasters Gift Set

While on the topic of mugs and coffee, this coaster gift set makes a great additional gift. A set of these includes 6 anatomy styled coasters which come inside a tin container. These coasters have a rubber neoprene or cork bottom to prevent slipping. These will look stylish while keeping countertops clean and stain-free.

iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum

It’s not just countertops that need to stay clean and stain-free, floors do as well! The iRobot Roomba robot vacuum makes a great tool for that job. It works on any type of polished floors from hardwood, carpets, and concrete. This feature-packed vacuum will surely help keep floors shiny and clean, the perfect gift for a busy medical student!

DNA Ring

Speaking of clean and shiny, this DNA ring is a theme-fitting shiny accessory for a medical student. It comes in all sizes from 5 to 9 so make sure to grab the correct one! This DNA ring is made with a 925-sterling silver, and it comes inside a gift-ready box. This one is a simple yet adorable gift for a medical student.

DNA Double Helix Necklace

If you are gifting a necklace lover, this DNA necklace makes an awesome choice. It is made with a zinc alloy material which features a silver-coated double helix pendant. The pendant has size of 1.4 inches in length and 0.3 inches in width. It comes in an adorable gift box which looks absolutely premium.

Anatomy Crystal Brain

Looking for a unique gift? Check this one out! This is 3-dimensional laser-cut image of a brain encapsulated inside a beautiful crystal glass. It weighs approximately a pound making it an ideal paper weight. This boxy crystal measures 2 inches in height, 3 inches in width, and 2 inches in depth.

Anatomical Brain Necklace

For someone who will soon have their neuroscience exams, this anatomical brain necklace would come in handy! It has a similar form factor to a pocket watch but instead of a watch face it has an illustration of the different parts of the brain! The bronze chain straps add a bit of an antique look to this necklace.

Bone Ball Pen Set

This bone ball pen set from EOM Novelty is a 4-piece pen set. It includes a black ink pen encapsulated in a spine, femur, tibia, and fibula cases. These pens measure approximately 5 inches in height, and they look absolutely unique. It is a fun and useful gift for any medical student that’s for sure!

Syringe Highlighters

For the medical students who love making colorful highlights on their review notes, these syringe highlighters would make a wonderful gift. This one is a set of 60 syringe highlighters which comes in 6 different colors: purple, green, orange, blue, pink, and yellow. The set includes 10 pieces of each color.

Dissection Kit

The most practical gift for a medical student is probably a premium quality dissection kit. This one from DR Instruments is a complete dissection set with heaps of high-quality tools such as tweezers, 4 kinds of scissors, 2 scalpel handles, magnifying glass, grove director, forceps, and a bunch more.

4D Vision Human Anatomy Torso Model

Complete with 32 detachable parts, this 4.5-inch torso model makes a useful gift for any medical student. The set includes an assembly guide with descriptions of each part as well as a question and answer sheets. When assembled, this model can also serve as an attractive room display for someone studying medicine.

Standard Skeleton with Roller Stand

If you want to give a useful human model in a life-size form factor, this skeleton model makes a great choice. It is designed in accordance with the standard skeleton model which is being used in universities and laboratories worldwide. Alongside the skeleton model, this set also includes over 11 courses with 23 lectures and 117 models.

Band Aid Sticky Notes

These Band Aid sticky notes set is a theme-fitting stationery piece for doctors-to-be. With a total of 60 pieces of sticky notes, these come in 3 different sizes. These will work well in jotting down tons of to-do lists as well as placing important notes on books. It is a simple yet nifty gift for medical students.

The Muscular System Anatomical Chart

Some people have colorful wallpapers while others have abstract art. For the medical students, a classic muscular system chart is the way to go. This one from the Anatomical Chart Company measures 20×26″ and is made with a laminated material. It is a great poster to post on a blank wall for easier familiarization.

Gray’s Anatomy: The Classic Collector’s Edition

For a more in-depth anatomy reference, you will never go wrong with the classic: Gray’s Anatomy. Complete with 780 original illustrations, this book is the bible of the basic human anatomy. It is known for featuring the most effective and intelligible anatomical structures—an ideal tool for doctors-to-be.

Soul of a Doctor

Soul of a Doctor is a must-read for any medical student. It is an interesting take on the journey of a doctor from his/her early years up to the peak of professional life. This paperback is a great read to spice up that burning desire to be a doctor! It is authored by three Harvard Medical doctors who have gone through a lot of challenges.

Kill as Few Patients as Possible

Here’s another great book choice for a gift for medical students. Kill as Few Patients as Possible is an all-time favorite quote in the medical field. It is also the title of this book written by Dr. Oscar London. In his masterpiece, London beautifully narrates the challenges and joys of doctoring.

OrganATTACK! Tabletop Card Game

Now this one is also a book, but it’s technically a little goofier than that, it is a card game! OrganATTACK is a fun and simple game disguised as a classic medical journal. It can accommodate up to 6 players and includes a free expansion pack! This makes a nice gift for medical students who love winding down with friends.


Pandemic is a board game where players take the role of a disease fighting team. It has a cooperative gameplay where the goal is to prevent epidemics, cure the sick, and stay safe. Its 45-minute playtime is perfect for study session breaks! It can be played by a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4.

RX Prescription XXL Flask

In case the real pandemic happens, and things go south, this XXL flask is a doctor’s best friend! Disguised with a prescription label, this flask can hold up to 7-ounces of booze. It features a durable hinged cap for easy opening and closing. Its pocket-size form factor makes it ideal to bring anywhere, too.

E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) Lunch Bag

Here’s another nifty carry for doctors and doctors-to-be. The Emergency Meal Transport, a.k.a EMT is a fun lunch bag which has an insulated padding and an EMT tag. This bag measures 9.75×7.5×6.25″, a perfect size to fit a six-pack beer. This is fun yet extremely useful gift for medical students!

Stasher Reusable Storage Bag

These locking sandwich bags from the Stasher store is a brilliant way to store snacks on the go. Whether its for library breaks or for all-nighters, snacks will be kept safe and fresh inside these reusable bags. Made from a food-grade silicone material, these stashers come in a bunch of color variants and sizes. It is one of the most practical gifts for medical students for sure.

Cherokee Cargo Scrubs Pants

Another way for carrying snacks into the cinema or gym is this pair of cargo scrub pants from Cherokee. Made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these pants have loads of pockets. This pair of pants also features a pull-on closure and a functional zip fly. This makes an awesome utilitarian tool for any medical student.

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Studying medicine is one of the most difficult things to do, and sometimes a little bit of exercise and meditation helps. For that, this Yoga mat from Manduka makes an incredible gift choice. It has high-performance grip, ultra-dense cushioning, and tons of color options! Plus, it’s eco-friendly and Oeko-Tex certified as well.

Bone High Socks

Sometimes a good pair of cozy socks is all the relaxation a medical student need. In that case, these pair from the brand Tatuo fits the theme perfectly! It has a bone design print which looks incredibly unique and fun. These black high socks fit most feet sizes, so there’s no need to worry about sizing! Plus, these will look awesome for a Halloween costume as well.

Bone Oven Mitt

Made with a heat-resistant nylon material, these x-ray bone gloves from the Heat Guardian store is a great gift for medical students who loves cooking. It features a cool-looking design and a stretchable material. These gloves offers adequate padding for effective insulation and it will fit most users comfortably. Medical students will have fun with this as a gift!

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Nothing beats a personal back and neck massager while reading thick pages of medical journals. The Zyllion Shiatsu massager is an ideal companion for doctors-to-be. It features powerful 3-dimension deep-kneading nodes and heating functionality. It is an absolutely relaxing experience to use this massager.

Hypervolt Massage Gun

The Hypervolt massage gun is another awesome choice for medical students. It is a cordless massager with 3 speed settings which can go up to 3200 percussions per minute. On a single charge, this massager can run up to 3 continuous hours. It features this industrial design which comes in a silver and black combo.

Philips SmartSleep

For medical students who keeps getting their sleep schedule messed up, the Philips SmartSleep makes an awesome gift. This unique alarm clock is designed to mimic the sunrise and sunset using a simulated light. It has 5 built-in wake-up alarm sounds, an FM radio, tap to snooze controls, and the PowerBackUp+ feature.

Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask

The Nodpod sleep mask is no ordinary sleep mask. It lays flat on your head providing a gentle even pressure which helps with sleep and relaxation. It has a 100% blackout design which blocks any incoming or stray light sources. This is also an awesome gift choice for medical students who usually feel restless.

Funny Doctor Taco T-Shirt

If you are looking for a laid-back gift for the medical student in your life, consider this fun graphic shirt. This shirt comes in black, cranberry, kelly green, dark heather, and purple. It is lightweight, double needle sewn on sleeves and hem, and it is hilarious! This would make a useful gift for sure.

Foldable Clipboard

This folding clipboard is a great tool to have for any doctor-to-be. Its compact design which unfolds to a standard-size clipboard is great for simulating an actual hospital setting. It features a document clip which can support up to 30 pieces of regular paper. This would make a useful gift for any medical students for sure.

Anatomical Heart Oil Diffuser

A heart-shaped heart diffuser might sound like a boring gift for medical students, but this one is surely an exception. Yes, it is a heart-shaped oil diffuser, but this time it is actually anatomically accurate! Made by the craftsmen from Bloomair, this ultra-quiet air diffuser has seven light changing color LED and a few mist settings. It can be powered by either USB or through a wall socket.