46 Best Gifts for Gamers 2021

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 26, 2021

Is there someone special in your life who loves video games? Looking for some ideas to use as gifts for gamers? This is the perfect place to find those gift ideas! Our team has already picked for you the things that are perfect to give as a gift to gamers. Our team has specifically chosen the products that have the best reviews and are absolutely a must for all gamers! Ranging from technical to novelty gaming gifts, carry on reading and look through 46 hand-picked products we are going to present to you. Definitely, you’ll be able to pick a gift that is a fit for them.

Razer Tartarus Gaming Keypad

“Soft cushioned touch with crisp tactile click”, a perfect gift for a gamer who loves to play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, such as LOL, DOTA, and many more. This gaming gadget would give an edge to the person who’s gonna use it. The Razer Tartarus v2 gaming keypad can be programmed to have hotkeys for various skills in the game.

RUNMUS Gaming Headset

Great music is good, but being able to hear someone lurking behind your back during a game is better. Most games require great hearing, if you ask gamers, surely they would admit it. With RUNMUS gaming headset you will be able to provide a gamer a great hearing advantage, plus he could also listen to good music while respawning. It would be a nice addition to his or her arsenal. Surely the game you love would love this gift.

VicTsing Gaming Mouse Pad

Durable, ultra-soft, and a smooth surface are the preferred qualities of every gamer for a gaming mouse pad. Having a good gaming mouse pad would give more precision, as it allows the mouse to measure any movement accurately. The VicTsing Gaming mouse pad has all the qualities mentioned, plus a cool RGB lighting, and it is waterproof. It fits perfectly with the mouse and keyboard, and has larger movement space than others. A perfect gift for a gamer!

PICTEK Gaming Mouse

A great gift idea. A wired gaming mouse designed for efficiency and comfort. It can be programmed with 5 DPI levels up to 7200 DPI. Precision is important to warfare, just like a sniper aiming at a target it uses its scope for precision. On the other hand, gamers need their mouse. With PICTEK wired gaming mouse, it gives any gamer an edge with its precision. So buy this one and give it as a gift to your gamer love one!

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

Comfort and optimal results? The Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard got both! It features an ergonomic design, a wrist rest, and fast actuation registering key presses at the speed of light. Every gamers know that in a critical time anything can happen, even in a split-second. With the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard, a gamer can turn a losing situation the other way around.

4TB Seagate External Hard Drive

Does a gamer love one can’t just have enough games for their PS4? Well, the Seagate 5TB External Hard Drive for PS4 is the perfect gift for them. An external hard drive is an extension to the memory capability of a gaming console, therefore, making it able to have more games. This is a perfect gift for an extreme gamer who just can’t get enough of things. Get a gamer one now!

ButterFox Slim Carrying Case

This ButterFox Slim Carrying Case is specifically designed for the Nintendo switch lite and its accessories. A durable, sturdy, and compact casing, with an outer hard shell providing excellent protection for the hand-held gaming console. The casing includes 19 game holders and 2 micro SD slots. A perfect gift for gamers who own a Nintendo Switch Lite. Get this as a gift for them now!

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

The Fortnite Jet black edition of DualShock 4 Wireless Controller gives precised control, enhanced feel, and sensitivity to  players. An absolute control while playing games on the PlayStation 4 system is possible with this wireless controller. The exclusive Fortnite content gives Epic Neo Versa Outfit, Epic Neo Phrenzy Back Bling and 500 V-Bucks. This gift is perfect for a Fortnite player. Let the battles begin!

Nintendo Switch lite

Do you need a gift for a person who is a handheld gaming console fan? Or someone who wants to play games on the go? Well, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a perfect gift for that person. You can play a game anytime and anywhere with this gadget. With a battery life of 3-7 hours, depending on the games they are playing.  Get your gamer friend one now!

Legend of Zelda Heat Changing Coffee Mug

A great gift idea for a gamer who is a Legend of Zelda fan! A novelty gift with a Nintendo Legend of Zelda reference. This heat changing coffee mug will add color to their morning coffee sip. Just add any hot drink to see the full image magically appear. It is also a unique collectors item.

Overwatch Water Bottle

It is important for everyone to be hydrated. A gamer would need a lot of time staying and sitting in front of his desktop, and there are some games that you just can’t pause. With the Overwatch Tracer stainless steel insulated travel water bottle any gamer can be hydrated while gaming. Any overwatch gamer fans would love this as a gift!

Funny Video Game Poster

Funny inspiring quotes with gaming references! Any Gamer would love to put this out on their walls to get some inspiration. If you want to inspire someone who is a gamer, then this would be a perfect gift for him! This funny video game canvas paintings poster would surely keep the fighting spirit of a gamer alive.

Playstation T-Shirt

Well, What could we say? PlayStation Logo + kanji, if combined together, forms a very aesthetic t-shirt. Any gamer would admit that the PlayStation is one of the classics. So, getting this shirt as a gift for a gamer would be awesome. Who would say no to this, right?

Super NES Classic

A classic gift for gamers! It is the console any gamer in the 90’s played with, but a little bit smaller. Giving this to a gamer will bring them nostalgia and get them a blast from the past! Might as well revisit their old habits with games like Mario kart and Street Fighter.

Finger Sleeve

If the person you’re trying to give a gift is passionate about mobile gaming, then this is a perfect gift. The finger sleeves will help them to get more traction on a slippery surface such as a phone screen. Having more traction can give a more precise aiming in mobile gaming. So what are you waiting for, get this as a gift now! This will come in handy for a PUBG player out there.

UNO Minecraft Card Game

A Minecraft themed UNO card is a perfect gift for minecraft fans, a great thing as well for hanging out with real people. Just like minecraft, where they break and build blocks, UNO, on the other hand can break or build relationships. Kidding aside, it’s a nice gift to give, also a unique collectors item for minecrafts fans!

Playstation Console Messenger Bag

A cool fashion statement for a gamer. The bag’s appearance is emulated from the classic PS1 console. A classic gamer will find this one cool, might as well consider this one as a gift for a gamer. It includes a main storage compartment, front zip-up pocket and adjustable strap and an ideal collectible for video game fans. Get one now!

Mobile Game Controller Joystick

A perfect gift for a Mobile gamer! With a 4-in-1 function, it can be a gamepad, a game trigger, mobile phone holder, and a power bank. With a comfortable handle, surely it will give you a different kind of experience. It gives you not just optimal results, but is also a money saver! Get one now!

Gamer Neon Light Banner

This streamer is a perfect addition for a gamer’s room. It can be placed anywhere and will definitely give the room an impression that someone is a great gamer. Therefore, if you know someone who is a great gamer, then this is a perfect gift for him.

Video Gamepad Wall Art

This Video Gamepad Silhouette Wall Art illuminated LED night light is definitely for someone who is into gaming. It’s an amazing wall art that glows and changes color by itself. When you invite your friends for an overnight stay in your house and they see this, they too would love it!

Skyrim Dog Tag

Hello Skyrim fans! This gift idea is for you or for someone you know who is a Skyrim gamer. Your Skyrim gamer friends will love to have this dog tag. It would feel like a warrior in two different era’s, the dark ages knight and the modern soldier feels, while playing Skyrim then wearing this dog tag. Get one now!

3D Mario Night Light

Gamers are always awesome! From computer stuff to merchandise, they surely have one of them. This 3D Night Light Desk Lamp is an epic decoration idea for a gamer’s room. It features an automatic color changing mode and you can have different game characters. It’s a great gift for gamers who are at the same time movie fanatics because you can add this to their memorabilia.

Funny Welcome Doormat

That nostalgic feeling, Mario looking for Princess Peach in Bowser’s castle. She ain’t in my castle! This is a funny gift you can give to a hardcore gamer!

Deadpool 3D Bust Mouse Pad

A funny gift for a gamer! Deadpool having a big busts? Doesn’t really make sense right? But don’t be fooled by that because the purpose of that bust is to support your wrist from fatigue and avoid wrist and hand pain. So if you care for someone who is a gamer you might consider giving one as a gift.

Fallout Navy Backpack for Gamers

Perfect gift for gamers, most especially the Fallout fans! This bag is great for anyone who would own this. It perfectly fits for all genders, has spacious compartment which allows a gamer to bring his gadgets, and is great for travelling too. It is also a collectible item as it is a licensed product. Giving this backpack as a gift is definitely a great choice!

Fortnite Llama Loot Plush

A cute novelty gift for gamers! If not all, many of the Fortnite players would love this Llama loot plush. If in the game, it gives you items essential for the battle, then in real life this would give you comfort. So giving this as a gift is a must, if it is someone who loves Fortnite!

Fallout Vault Boy T-Shirt

If you’re going to give a gift to someone who loves fallout, you might consider giving this shirt to him? Any gamer would love to flex his passion. So this shirt is a nice pick to give as a gift!

Retro Game Console Phone Case

If the gamer you’re going to give a gift is always on the go, then consider giving this gadget. With this product, games can be played anytime, anywhere with classic games like Mario, Contra, Galiga, Tetris and many more!

SupaBoy Portable Pocket Console

A classic in your pocket! Got nothing else to say, who wouldn’t want this Supaboy portable pocket console? Just give it to a gamer and definitely he’ll never get bored again. Perfect gift for someone who loves bringing a console on the road!

Playable Mini Arcade

Another great gift for a retro classic gaming fan! A mini  Pacman Arcade machine which is playable. With a 2.75 Inch Full Color Display, speaker, volume buttons, headphone jack, and battery or Micro USB Powered. A great collectible for gamers. Give this as a gift to a retro gamer now!

Nintendo Controller Keychain

A nice gift for a Nintendo fan! A NES controller keychain, which is a classic item! Definitely a classic gamer would love to add this one in his collection. Get one now!

PS4 Controller Charger

A nice charger for a PS4 controller! A PS4 gamer would be excited to have this one. It has a dual purpose, for charging and storing their controllers. You wouldn’t have to worry about overheating or over charging their controllers as it has a built-in protection chip. Get them one now!

Retro Video Game Poster

A poster with a retro gaming reference! The poster is a great addition to decorate a gamer’s room, plus, this poster comes in 2 different sizes as well. If you’re going to give a gift to a hardcore gamer, then this is one great idea! How many of these consoles has the gamer in your life played with?

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

A novelty gift for gamers! The Pac-Man lamp is a collectors item! Also adds art to a gamer’s room. The lamp is remote controlled, which can control the brightness and it also includes 12 retro Pac-Man sounds. Get one for the gamer you know!

Sega Genesis Mini

This console defined a generation of gamers in the early 90’s! No need for an introduction, it is indeed a classic, but on a smaller scale than the original one. The product includes  wired controllers, 40 games plus 2 bonus games, power cable and USB adapter, and HDMI cable. Get one now!

Oculus Quest 2

Virtual Reality, well what can we say? Wanna do things that you couldn’t do in real life? You can almost do anything with this baby! Might save you a couple of bucks from travelling to other places, just visit them using this. Just simply set up the device with your Oculus mobile app and Oculus Quest 2 has everything you need to explore!

PlayStation Classic

Another classic to grab! The PlayStation Classic such as its counterparts the Sega and SNES classics are much built smaller than the original releases. However, it gives the same experience with the original release. The PS1 is a classic which most of the O.G’s of the gaming world grew up too! It’s a perfect gift for the new gen gamers, to experience what it feels like back the golden days! Get one now!

Sony Playstation Console Shaped Bifold Wallet

An ideal collectible item for PlayStation fans! It is officially licensed and a great gamer fashion statement. Keep your cash and cards all in one with this unique wallet. Get one now!

Super Mario Heat Changing Mug

A great novelty mug gift for gamers! A gamer also needs their coffee right? Well, with this Super Mario heat changing coffee mug, watch the gameboy magically switched on after putting a hot beverage in the mug. Get one now!

Legend of Zelda Music Box

A novelty gift for gamers! Legend of Zelda music box would give you nostalgia while it’s playing its theme music. It is a great gift with its great crafting and the feels it gives!

Super Mario Fridge Magnets

The Super Mario Bros was and is still a great classic hit! Feel the nostalgia and excitement by putting some classic images on your fridge. Get one now!

Computer Games Vinyl Wall Clock

Time is very important to a gamer and giving this gift idea to a gamer is perfect. It is a unique computer games themed vinyl clock that will surely stand out across the room. There are also other computer game characters available that you can choose from. Get one now!

Game Room Console Neon Light Sign

This Game Room Console Neon Light Sign is a perfect gift idea if you want to add something eye catching to someone’s room. It will surely amuse everyone’s eyes soon as they see this item light up. Its neon light is surely an attractive decoration. Get one now!

Super Mario Snapback Hat

If you know someone is a Super Mario fan then you should give this item. It is a recommended gift item to any retro gamers. The embroidered Super Mario character will make your friend shine above other retro hardcore gamers. Get one now!

Go Pikachu Official Hoodie

Pikachu will never be forgotten. This good quality Pikachu hoodie is perfect for the girl gamers in your life. What more could someone say if you got him or her this Pikachu hoodie as a gift? It’s perfect for a friend, a classmate, a sister, a grand daughter or just anyone you know who is a Pikachu lover. Grab this quickly!

Legend of Zelda Notebook

A stunning notebook that is a perfect gift dedicated to a Legend of Zelda gamer. This ensures that the gamer will keep track of his or her games status. Now, there will never be a forgotten Legend of Zelda journey with this notebook. Get one now!