52 Awesome Minecraft Gifts for Gamers

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 20, 2021

Minecraft is that one iconic sandbox game where players get to build anything out of thin air! It is played by gamers of all ages, youngsters to adults. If you are looking for awesome gift ideas for a Minecrafter, check this list out. Here are 52 of the most awesome Minecraft gifts you can get right now. From tumblers and lunch boxes to real life Minecraft pickaxe, it’s all here!

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Game

Minecraft is as pleasing in the Nintendo Switch as it is in the consoles and gaming PCs. Get the official Minecraft game for the Minecrafter in your life who loves gaming on the go! This is a great game to add to his/her arsenal of favorites. If you’re feeling generous, you can also throw in a couple of dollars for a Minecraft subscription.

Minecraft Game Guide: Play the Best A-Z

For starting Minecraft players, this game guide is an awesome gift. This guide boasts to teach the secret tips and tricks in the game. It is complete with information on hordes, building essentials, supervisor battles, and a lot more! It even a few notable clues for multiplayer modes.

UNO Minecraft Card Game

This Minecraft card game puts a twist on the classic UNO cards. A pack of these includes a special creeper rule card tailored to suit the Minecraft theme. The creeper rule goes like this: Draw this card and the other players have to draw three more! It makes an absolutely fun Minecraft gift.

Minecraft Dungeons Foam Sword

Slice and dice with this life-size foam battle sword from Minecraft dungeons. It features nifty sound effects and actual in-game audio. The sword is made with sturdy foam material making sword battles extremely safe. This Minecraft gift can also double as a room decoration.

Minecraft Pickaxe

If you are gifting to a Minecrafter who already own the dungeons foam sword or you simply want to throw in another gift, get this pickaxe instead! It has a durable plastic build and vibrant colors which will look great when displayed. This Pickaxe is a licensed merchandise from Minecraft’s creators, Mojang.

Minecraft Creeper Light Up Figure

This creeper display figure measures 4 inches tall and it is powered by 2 AAA batteries. It lights up and plays official in-game sounds as well. This creeper figure will fit nicely in a display rack or as a decorative ornament in the gaming room. The best thing about it is that it is made with breakdown plastic making it easily biodegradable.

Minecraft Baby Cow Plush

For the younger folks who are already big fans of the Minecraft game, get this cute cow plushie. It is arguably the cutest overworld animal in all of Minecraft! This plush toy features detailed embroidery on its pixelated design. It also has a soft plush exterior making it safe for toddlers.

Minecraft Steve Plush Pillow

The big fans of Minecraft’s Steve will definitely love this plush pillow. It is made with 100% polyester microfiber material and it has a super-soft texture. This pillow measures 16 inches in height and 10 inches in width. It works well as a car pillow or even a cuddle buddy for the Minecrafter in your life.

Minecraft Twin Quilt & Sham Set

Made with 100% microfiber, this twin quilt and sham set is an adorable Minecraft gift. The quilt measures 66×88 inches and the sham measures 20×26 inches. It is designed with Minecraft characters such as Creeper, Alex, Steve, and a pig, cow, and chicken. This set is easy to care for too, just machine wash it!

Minecraft Creeper 5-Piece Full Bed Set

If you are looking for a more complete bed set, get this 5-piece covers for your Minecraft gift. It includes a comforter, a 54-inch by 75-inch full fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, and a full flat sheet. The fabrics used in this bed set is 100% brushed microfiber making it fade resistant and soft at the same time.

Minecraft 3-piece Travel Set

For Minecraft-themed sleepovers or camping, this 3-piece travel set is the perfect to bring. This character-themed blanket, pillow, and plush are made with an easy-care ultra-soft material. It is extremely easy to wash and a breeze to sleep on! It will definitely provide ample warmth and a ton of fun for sure.

Minecraft Dungeon Mobs Throw

For tinier Minecraft players, this soft fleece blanket makes an awesome Minecraft gift. It measures 46×60″ perfect for kids. This fleece blanket is embellished with mob creepers, nameless ones, redstone cubes, redstone golems, the key golem, and the skeleton vanguard. It folds compactly, too!

Minecraft Plush Enderman & Creeper

A Minecraft setup is never complete without an Enderman and Creeper plushie duo. This set of 2 official plushies from Minecraft is a great gift for the Minecraft enthusiasts. Each plush toy measures approximately 7 inches and are official Minecraft merchandise. Plus, it has a gentle texture soft to the touch.

Minecraft Creeper Pillow Cover

For the ones who just can’t get enough of creeper, this pillow cover makes an awesome Minecraft gift. It is a decorative 15×15″ pillow cover, a perfect fit for couch pillows. This pillowcase is made with high-quality polyester microfiber and it features a zipper closure. This will make any Mincrafter smile!

Minecraft Enderman Pillow Cover

If you are looking to gift someone who loves sleeker designs, this Enderman pillow cover makes a great gift. It measures 15×15″ but is designed to fit up to 16×16-inch pillows. This pillowcase has a soft plush back and a high-quality vibrant print design. It secures the pillow inside through a zipper closure.

Minecraft Survive Dark Curtains

Complete the Minecraft bedroom theme with these 84-inch long drapes from Jay Franco. It is made with high-quality polyester material and it does not fade. These curtains can cover a total of 84 inches in width. It is safe to machine wash as well and it is resistant to constant sunlight.

Minecraft Overworld Adventure Washcloth

This 6-piece washcloth set are super absorbent and extremely soft. Each washcloth measures 12×12″ and is made from 100% high-quality cotton terry. The fabrics are designed with a small yet vibrant creeper illustration. The excellent quality and simplicity of this item makes it an awesome Minecraft gift.

Minecraft Torch Shaped Water Bottle

In the form of a Minecraft torch, this water bottle hides in plain sight. It is an extremely unique Minecraft gift item from Zak Designs. This 22-ounce water bottle measures 11 inches tall and it has a square base with sides 2.25 inches. Made with break-resistant plastic, this bottle is durable.

Thermos Minecraft Funtainer

This 12-ounce Minecraft-themed Thermos bottle is the perfect gift to get for those who loves drinking cold beverages. This container bottle keeps temperature retained for up to 12 hours. It also features an integrated carry handle and a hygienic pop-up straw. Plus, the creeper design makes for an awesome look!

Minecraft Stainless Steel Water Bottle

With a stainless-steel smooth finish and a Minecraft-themed design, this 27-ounce water bottle makes an awesome gift. It is made with BPA-free materials and features a built-in carrying loop. This water bottle is leak-proof and extremely easy to care for. This is a great choice for those looking to stay hydrated during their Minecraft sessions.

Minecraft Creeper Face Square Mug

This creeper styled square mug is a classic Minecraft collectible. It measures approximately 3.5 inches and can hold a hefty 9.8 ounces. This mug comes inside a box with cool-looking Minecraft illustrations. It is guaranteed safe to use and it is also an officially licensed Minecraft product.

Minecraft Enderman Face Square Mug

For the fans of the sleeker and darker look of the Enderman, this square mug makes an awesome Minecraft gift. It is a plastic mug that is BPA-free and lead-free. This mug is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe, so no need for extra care! It is an extremely functional gift for fans.

Paladone Block Hardboard Coasters

Drinking beverages can get a bit messy when playing Minecraft. You don’t want to stain your gaming setup with some dripped coffee or tea, do you? For the Minecrafters who struggle with this, get them these coasters! This set comes with 8 double-sided coasters with a theme-fitting blocky pixel design.

Thermos Funtainer Food Jar

It’s all cool and fun to drink in your Minecraft mug or tumbler but when gamers get hungry on the run, what do they do? Well this food jar from Thermos will keep their food nice and warm. This 10-ounce food jar can retain temperatures of cold food for up to 7 hours and warm food for up 5 hours!

Thermos Soft Lunch Kit

Wouldn’t it be cool to pack lunch inside this Minecraft-themed lunch kit? It sure is! This soft lunch kit from Thermos is made with 100% PVC-free material with PEVA lining. It features superior build quality as well as polyethylene foam insulation. Also, the carrying handles on this lunch kit is comfortably padded.

Minecraft Kids Lunchbox Creeper

For packing more lunch items, this bigger lunchbox for kids makes an awesome Minecraft gift. It has a spacious zip up compartment and an additional space at the bottom for utensils and other food supplies. This sturdy lunch bag is food-safe, and it is an officially licensed Minecraft product.

Minecraft Creeper Pop Up Hamper

Laundry time is more fun when you have this Creeper as your pop-up hamper. It measures 22×14″ and can collapse to a compact easy-to-carry size. This is a useful gift for kids who struggle managing their used clothes. This is a perfect addition to a Minecraft-themed room!

Minecraft Grass Block Xbox Controller

This Minecraft grass block controller is the best styled wired controller for Minecraft fans. It has an ergonomic design and advanced gaming buttons. Also, its dual rumble motors enable for a full experience. There is also a built-in port for a 3.5mm stereo headset jack.

Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore

This officially licensed decorative piece is a model of Minecraft’s redstone ore. It is a small cube similarly sized to a Rubik’s cube. It features a light-up LED which accentuates its reddish details. This ore comes inside a giftable box and it is an absolute charm! This is an awesome Minecraft gift to any enthusiast.

Minecraft Pickaxe School Backpack

If you will be gifting a kid who loves Minecraft, consider getting this school backpack from Jinx. It has a Minecraft pickaxe style complete with organizational pockets and comfortable padding. This bag measures 17 inches in height and 12 inches in width. Its hefty 5-inch depth fits a ton of books with room to spare for toys!

Minecraft Creeper Backpack

For a simpler everyday carry backpack, this official Minecraft creeper backpack is a nice gift choice. It is a 16-inch book bag that can double as a sleepover carry or a weekender pack. It features padded shoulder straps. a built-in laptop sleeve, and an adjustable fit. This bag can carry up to 50lbs of items.

Minecraft Coloring Book

This coloring book is a great Minecraft gift for toddlers or even older fans who are looking for a fun and relaxing hobby. This Minecraft coloring book from the Ordinary Villager contains a bunch of amazing designs ready for some colors! It is also a nice reference book for all the things you can make in Minecraft.

Minecraft Joke Book

The Minecraft joke book is exactly what it is—a book of jokes—and it’s extremely hilarious! This is a nice grab for Minecraft fans who are always up for a good laugh. Minecraft enthusiast can surely bond for hours and hours with this book around. There’s something that will tickle every Minecrafter in this joke book!

Minecraft My First Story

This book is a unique take on a Minecraft instructional guide. It teaches neat tricks to any Minecrafter regardless of their skill level or age. There are a handful of sneaky glitches that are taught in this book! Minecrafters can even learn how to setup a famous Minecraft server after reading this book.

Minecraft: The Survivors’ Book of Secrets

If you are eyeing for an official guidebook from Minecraft creators, Mojang, you’re in for a treat. The Survivors’ Book of Secrets teaches you everything, from fending off mobs to withstanding the wild. This book is an archive of all the knowledge collected by the Survivors—a group of expert Minecrafters.

Minecraft Volume 1

For the Minecrafters who also have a habit of reading novels and comics, this paperback book makes an awesome gift. This book is the very first volume of the official Minecraft graphic novel, it’s an absolute must-have! The book tells the story of Tyler, an avid Minecrafter, who plays Minecraft with his friends from all over the world.

Minecraft Sprites T-Shirt

The Minecrafter in your life would definitely love this Sprites shirt. It is made from 100% cotton and it comes in black or blue. The front of the shirt has vivid graphic illustrations of some of the most notable characters in Minecraft. It features Steve, Creeper, Zombie, and a few other.

Minecraft 2-Piece Pajama Set

Having trouble getting your naughty little Minecrafter to sleep on schedule? Grab this 2-piece pajama set and he will surely be excited to go to bed! This pajama set comes in 4 different Minecraft-themed designs. There are also different pants and shirt cuts available as well.

Armor Deluxe Minecraft Costume

Made from 100% polyester, this armor deluxe Minecraft costume makes an awesome Halloween attire. The set includes a dimensional tunic, 3D foam headpiece, and a pair of pants. This costume will surely spice up the look of your tiny Minecrafter! Also, this is an officially licensed product from Mojang.

Steve Classic Minecraft Costume

If you are gifting a Steve-wannabe, this multicolor costume makes an awesome Minecraft gift. Made from 100% polyester, the construction of this costume is nice and high-quality. This 3-piece costume will fit nicely young Minecraft enthusiast of ages 4 to 6 years old.

Minecraft Creeper Pool Towel

This Minecraft Creeper pool towel will level up the fun of swimming sessions. Made from 100% cotton, this hooded towel has a super-soft texture. Its absorbent cotton terry material measures 28×56″ perfect for baths, too. This pool towel makes a nice and practical Minecraft gift for any fan.

Minecraft Swim Trunks

A pair of nice swim trunks from Dreamwave might be the Minecraft gift you are looking for. These trunks are quick drying and made with 100% polyester. It features a UPF 50+ rating and a comfort liner as well. The young Minecrafters will go crazy for these cool looking swim attire, that’s for sure!

Minecraft Vinyl Stickers

These high-quality vinyl stickers will add that spicy Minecraft personality to any surface! Each sticker is made with waterproof PVC material which can withstand the sun and rain. This set does not include any duplicate designs so you can expect to get 50 unique ones. This simple Minecraft gift is great for any fan.

LEGO Minecraft Alex

Alex stans will surely love this 160-piece Lego building kit. The kit includes a Minecraft sword as well as an adorable Lego chicken! There’s also a built-in lever on Alex’s back for raising her sword up and down. These bricks make a nice Minecraft gift for enthusiasts ages 7 years old and up.

LEGO Minecraft BigFig Skeleton

This Skeleton Lego model came straight from the fiery realms of Minecraft! It is a 142-piece puzzle with an included magma cube. The skeleton puzzle also features a bow and arrow toy that is actually playable! This gift is an awesome choice for youngsters or just anyone who wants a cool-looking skeleton toy.

Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

There is no other perfect home for mini Minecraft figures that this collector case from Mattel. This case can house a total of 32 mini figures on one-side and there’s a dedicated playing area on the other side. With this case, Minecrafters can safely take their toys anywhere!

Minecraft Alex Mask

This Minecraft-themed Alex mask is perfect for costume parties or for Halloween trick or treating. It has a sturdy plastic build which covers the front of the face. The mask is secured with an elastic strap with Velcro attachment. This is a nice Minecraft gift for any avid fan out there!

Minecraft Anti-Dust Mask

This anti-dust mask features an easy elastic closure and a vibrant Minecraft Creeper design. It has a pair of PM2.5 dust filters which are effective for filtering harmful dust particles. This mask is made with a soft and breathable polyester material, and it is safe to wash as well.

Minecraft Creeper Large Figure

Standing at 8.5 inches, this large figure Minecraft creeper figure makes an awesome display! It features movable arms, legs, and heads, too. This item will look amazing on any gaming setup or room. The Minecraft enthusiasts will surely thank you for this cool looking gift.

Minecraft Steve & Alex Hardcore Survival Pack

How cool would Minecraft Steve and Alex look in a diamond armor? Well this action figure answers that! The pack includes a Steve and Alex display figure, removable diamond helmet, sword, and a diamond ore block. The figure stands 2.75 inches tall and it has fully articulated limbs as well.

Creeper Mighty Mug

This 16-ounce tumbler is a nifty gadget from Zak Designs store. It has a creeper design printed around the outer surface giving it that Minecraft-themed look and it does something mind-blowing, too. This tumbler is a Mighty Mug which means it is safe from being accidentally toppled. It is a unique an functional Minecraft gift for sure.

Minecraft Creeper 3D Slipper

Lounging around the house is not so stylish without these 3D Minecraft slippers. It has a grippy rubber sole and a heavily padded material all around. This makes a great Minecraft gift for those little Minecrafters. Also, this pair of slippers is an officially licensed merchandise.