50 Awesome Pokemon Gifts for True Fans

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 21, 2021

Avid Pokemon trainers come in all ages; some are young some are old. And because of the overwhelming number of options, choosing a Pokemon inspired gift is extremely tricky! If you are having some trouble and you just want a quick list of the best Pokemon gifts, here are 50 pokemon gift ideas to choose from. Gotta catch ’em all!

Official Pokemon Knitted Jumper

This limited edition colorful knitted jumper is a Christmas-themed unisex sweater. Rumors has it that only the true Pokemon masters can wear this! This jumper will fit every Pokemon trainer since it comes in a wide range of size options. It is 100% acrylic and it has a universally flattering fit.

Pokemon Ash Snapback Hat

A Pokemon-themed outfit is never complete without Ash Ketchum’s snapback hat. This one from Bioworld is the Pokemon hat anybody would want to have! It is an officially licensed adjustable snapback made with high-quality material. The combination of acrylic and wool makes for a stylish yet comfortable fit, too!

Thermos Funtainer Bottle

The Pokemon-themed Thermos bottle will keep every Pokemon master hydrated and in tiptop condition. This bottle holds 12 ounces of your favorite beverage and retains its temperature for a up to 12 hours! It features a hygienic push button lid and a durable stainless-steel material for its interior and exterior.

Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus

The Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus is another awesome Pokemon gift. It is a small wearable bracelet that allows Pokemon trainers to play Pokemon Go without having to look at their phones. It buzzes and blinks whenever there’s a nearby Pokemon or when a relevant event is taking place. It’s super cool!

Poké Ball Plus

Another must have for Pokemon trainers out there is the Poke Ball Plus. It is a real-life Poke ball that lights up, vibrates, and plays a ton of cool sound effects. It is a companion gadget for the mobile game Pokemon Go and it is super awesome! With this accessory, a Pokemon trainer will gain access to loads of extra fun!

Poké Ball Plus Charge Stand

The Poké Ball Plus charging stand is a great Pokemon gift for someone who already owns the Poke Ball Plus. It has a sleek gray and white color combination that will look good on any tabletop. It charges the Poke Ball Plus seamlessly and it makes a great decorative piece as well. This charging stand chimes whenever charging is complete.

Pokemon Bluetooth Speaker

Another awesome Pokemon-themed tabletop accessory is this speaker shaped like a Poke Ball. This speaker is made by the company KIDdesigns and it’s an absolute charm! It connects to other devices via Bluetooth so you can stream your favorite tunes from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Charizard Vinyl Sticker

Charizard is one strong and cool looking Pokemon. He breathes fire and flies ultra-fast! This dye cut decal sticker makes an awesome Pokemon gift for Charizard fans. It is UV and water resistant, and it is rated to last up to 6 years! This high-quality vinyl sticker does not leave any residue and it’s easy to apply.

Valor Art Beverage Coaster

This 4-pack coaster is for the Pokemon enthusiasts who love to keep drinks by their side while working. It has a cool valor art imprint in a fiery red color. Also, these coasters are made from a high-quality non-slip silicone material. This is an awesome Pokemon gift that is both simple yet incredibly useful.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is arguably the most convenient modern console. It can play loads of game including many existing Pokemon games! The Switch Lite has a 5.5-inch touch screen display and it lasts around 3 to 7 hours on a single charge. This is one cool Pokemon gift that is suitable for any occasion.

Silicone Analog Thumb Stick Grips

If you are gifting to a Pokemon master who already owns a Nintendo Switch, these thumb stick grips make an awesome alternative. A set of these include 4 pieces of joy-con joystick caps with some neat Poke ball designs. These will surely make gaming on the Switch more comfortable and enjoyable.

SanDisk 128GB Memory Card

Sometimes there are just too much Pokemon games and not enough storage! This memory card from SanDisk solves that problem. It has 128 Gb of storage perfect for storing tons and tons of games. This Pokemon gift is compatible and officially licensed to work with both the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

Pokémon Sword

The Pokemon Sword is another great gift idea for someone who already owns the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. It is a Pokemon game set on the all-new adventurous place in Galar region. This game features never-before-seen Pokemon as well as the legendary Zacian and Zamazenta.

Super Deluxe Essential Handbook

The Super Deluxe Essential Handbook is something every Pokemon trainer will definitely love getting as a gift. It is filled with tons of facts and useful information about over 800 Pokemon. The handbook is comprised of 496 beautifully illustrated pages that is easy to read. This one makes a great collectible as well.

Pokemon Travel Neck Pillow

For the Pokemon trainers who love to get a quick snooze on the go, this travel neck pillow makes an awesome gift. This pillow has a vibrant yellow Pikachu design alongside an adjustable hoodie. It has an ultra-soft exterior and a smooth and plush texture. Also, this neck pillow is easy to carry and store.

Pokemon Baseball Cap

This slick Japanese style baseball cap has yellow accents and a Pikachu art on the side. It is made with 100% acrylic material and has a snap closure on the backside. This cap is a one-size-fits-all cap made with the highest quality material. This is an officially licensed product that makes a simple Pokemon gift.

Pokemon Knapsack Backpack

Every Pokemon trainer must have a cool-looking backpack to store all his/her Pokemon gear. This one from WXB is a Pikachu Knapsack backpack made from 100% durable Oxford cloth. It comes in a ton of different designs and it features an in-built USB charging port. Its easy top load design and zipper closure makes it a convenient bag to use.

Kids Lightweight Pokemon Backpack

For the younger folks who also aspire to be Pokemon masters one day, this might be the perfect schoolbag. This rucksack backpack comes in a ton of Pokemon designs, colors, and patterns. It features an adjustable S-shaped shoulder strap as well as padded handles. Its sturdy construction and vibrant design make it an awesome Pokemon gift.

Pikachu Lightning Bolt Backpack

Pikachu fans will fall in love with this cute backpack from Loungefly. It has a durable and water-resistant nylon canvas outer material. This backpack also packs in a padded compartment that can house a laptop or a tablet. It has adjustable shoulder straps and a pair of sturdy carrying handles.

Jigglypuf Backpack

This Jigglypuf backpack is an adorable bag from the Jiersy store. It is crafted with a durable 600d polyester fabric and it has sturdy metal zippers. This bag features fabric lining, zipper closures, and length-adjustable padded shoulder straps. This is an adorable Pokemon gift, that’s for sure! It can also fit up to 17-inch laptops.

Pokemon Pikachu Metal Key Ring

A Pokemon trainer’s bag, purse, or keychain is never complete without a Pokemon-themed key ring. This one is a metal key ring with a Pikachu pendant. It is made with high-quality metal perfect for holding keys or pocket tools. It is a simple gift that serves its purpose and it’s extremely adorable as well.

MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition

The Monopoly Kanto edition is a Pokemon twist to the classic board game that everybody loves. This one includes 6 metal Pokemon tokens: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, Eevee, Jigglypuff, and Squirtle. This board game is complete with Pokemon-themed cards, 8 Pokemon gyms, and a custom designed game board.

Detective Pikachu Mewtwo GX Case File

This Pokemon case file is undeniably cool looking! It would be an awesome Pokemon gift for anyone who is into collectibles and Pokemon cards. The set includes 1 foil promo card, 1 oversized card, 4 Pikachu booster packs, 2 additional Pokemon booster packs, and 1 code card for the online Pokemon trading game.

Mega Construx Detective Pikachu

At 6.25 inches tall, this buildable Detective Pikachu model is incredibly adorable! This puzzle will surely put a smile on a Pokemon trainer’s face when you gift them this. When completed, Detective Pikachu has a twist-activated mechanical arm movement and a spring-loaded tail. It also has articulated body parts and a magnifying glass prop.

Funko Pop Bulbasaur

This small Bulbasaur Funko Pop weighs just around 0.25 pounds but packs in a ton of cuteness! It comes inside a classic Funko Pop box which measures 3x4x5 inches. Like other Funko Pops, this Bulbasaur Funko is made with high-quality material coated in vibrant colors. It is a simple vinyl collectible that makes a great Pokemon gift.

Interactive My Partner Pikachu

This Pikachu toy has over 100 different interactive features. It lights up and responds to play in a fun and entertaining way! My Partner Pikachu has 2 modes of play, you can either train it or discover with it. This toy has 3 touch sensors, motorized ears and arms, and a compact form factor. This is a great Pokemon gift for kids and collectors alike.

Nanoblock Snorlax Building Kit

Nanoblock makes incredibly small building blocks that packs in a more superior puzzle challenge. It is detailed and surprisingly fun to play with as well! This Snorlax building kit is the perfect gift for Pokemon enthusiasts. The kit is an officially licensed product and it is suitable for ages 8 and up.

Pokémon Charizard Plush Stuffed Toy

Start ’em young! This large Charizard plush stuffed toy is an awesome Pokemon gift for young aspiring Pokemon masters. With great colors, fine details, high-quality construction, and a height of 12 inches, this toy is both adorable yet badass! This is perfect as a toddler’s cuddly toy or a room decoration.

Pokemon Character T-Shirt

This T-shirt will surely be the next favorite shirt of the Pokemon master in your life! It is a simple crew neck shirt with a full print Pikachu design and some comic panel illustration in the background. It is machine washable and it has short sleeves. This shirt is an official Pokemon merchandise as well.

Pokémon Pikachu Cup

This Pikachu inspired ceramic cup is extremely adorable and super functional. It has a bold black print of Pikachu’s face and it is an officially licensed product as well. This is a simple yet useful Pokemon gift for Pokemon trainers who love drinking from a mug. It can double as a decorative piece for a display rack, too!

Pokemon Pikachu Beanie Hat

If you are looking for a very simple yet functional Pokemon gift, consider getting this beanie hat on your next gift shopping. It is an officially licensed product with an adorable Pikachu design and a one-size-fits-all form factor. It is made with high-quality materials as well! The colors on this beanie hat is very vivid, too.

Oddish Planter Sculpture

Oddish is an adorable Pokemon with leaves on its head, and this planter is an adorable Oddish-inspired sculpture! It doubles as a candle holder and triples as a pen holder, too. With this Oddish scultpure, there are two size options: medium and small. These sculptures are 100% handmade and 200% cute!

Nintendo Sculpted 2-Piece Mug

Couples who share the passion for Pokemon will love this 2-piece matching mug. It resembles a Poke Ball design and can hold up to 12 ounces each. This mug is a great decorative piece in gaming rooms and workspaces as well. It can function as a pen holder, table organizer, or a catch tray caddy.

Mega Construx Eevee Figure

Pokemon trainers who are fond of tinkering with puzzles will love this building set from Mega Construx. This puzzle forms an 11-inch Eevee with poseable ears, legs, and tail, when completed. It is ideal for Pokemon lovers aged 6 years and up. This one is a Pokemon gift that will definitely make someone happy.

Itazura Pikachu Electronic Piggy Bank

This Pikachu inspired electronic piggy bank is perhaps the cutest money-saving machine ever! The way it works is absolutely entertaining as well. This piggy bank works by simply placing a coin on top. After a short while, Pikachu will come out and reach for it! This electronic bank is an absolute charm as a Pokemon gift.

Mew & Mewtwo Display Figure

Two of the strongest legendary Pokemon battle it out in this cool-looking display figure. This action display figure measures 190mm in height and comes complete with props and a stand. This is an attractive piece to add to a gaming room setup or a collection rack. Every Pokemon trainer would love this gift for sure.

Sword & Shield Elite Trainer Box

The Pokemon enthusiasts who love collecting Pokemon cards would surely appreciate this gift. It is the official Sword & Shield Elite training box which includes 8 Pokemon TCG booster packs, 65 card sleeves, and 45 TCG energy cards. Also, the special collector box has dedicated dividers for easy card organization.

How to Draw Deluxe Edition

Drawing is a cool skill, but it is not as cool as being able to draw your favorite Pokemon! This Pokemon drawing tutorial book has loads of step-by-step instructions on how to draw classic Pokemon characters. There are 65 different Pokemon drawing tutorials! Also, this deluxe edition also comes with two sheets of stickers.

Pokemon Large Floor Carpet

There’s no cooler carpet that a Pokemon-themed carpet, don’t you think? This 36×24-inch carpet is made with flannel fabric and has a soft texture. It is an ideal playing mat for kids, and it can even double as a Yoga mat! This carpet has an easy to clean material and it is safe to machine wash as well.

Pokemon Poster Wall Art

These wall art posters will give a boring room a bit of added personality. Pokemon trainers will surely want to hang these on their walls! A set of these comes with 6 Pokemon posters each with a size of 8×10″. These posters are digitally produced using watercolor paint and printed on glossy sheets of photo paper.

Pokemon Activity Book

With over a hundred entertaining activities for kids, this Pokemon-themed activity book is perfect for toddlers. The book is comprised of Pokemon-themed puzzles, dot-to-dot sheets, mazes, crossword, spot-the-difference, word search, and a few others. It is a workbook designed for kids, but suitable for any age!

Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures is a book set comprised of 7 volumes of exhilarating Pokemon fun. It is designed to be read from right to left like typical Japanese books. Along with the 7 paperback books, the set also contains a colorized poster! This is an awesome Pokemon gift for all aspiring Pokemon masters.

Pokemon Throw ‘N’ Pop Battle Set

Yes, Pokemon Go exists and you can battle your friends through it but it’s not as fun as this Throw ‘N’ Pop battle set! This is the Pokemon gift you should get if you are gifting a youngster who aspires to be a true Pokemon trainer. The set includes a 2-inch Cubone and Pikachu figure, Poke Ball, and some clip ‘n’ go attachments.

Kanto Favorites Bed Comforter

Nothing is as iconic as everybody’s favorite Pokemon characters from Kanto league, and this bed comforter has them all! Made from 100% polyester, this twin bed comforter comes in a bag and with an included flat sheet, fitted sheet, and a pillowcase. The entire set is made with ultra-soft microfiber fabric, safe to machine wash.

Pokémon Knit Beanie Cap

If you are looking for an adorable beanie cap, you cannot find anything else that can match the cuteness of this Pokemon knit beanie. It is a simple Pokemon gift perfect for all types of Pokemon trainers! Grab this beanie cap for the Pokemon trainer in your life. This is a great addition to their Pokemon arsenal.

Pokemon Character Ceramic Mug

This adorable multi-colored mug has a tiled painting of every type of Poke ball there is. The wraparound print along with the yellow painted interior is vivid and extremely attractive. This mug can hold up to 20 ounces of beverage. It is a simple Pokemon gift that suits any occasion may it be birthdays, Christmas, or just a spontaneous gift.

Pokemon Eevee 3D Night Light

Eevee is one of the most fascinating and loved Pokemon characters. It can evolve to a handful of different Pokemon! For the Eevee lovers out there, this 3D night light makes an extremely awesome Pokemon gift. It features an adjustable LED color and has 7 different colors—blue, red, green, purple, sky blue, yellow, and white.

Pokémon Clip and Carry Poké Ball

A wild Pokemon might appear out of nowhere anytime, it’s always better to be prepared at all times! This Clip and Carry Poke ball belt is the tool to have for this. This adjustable belt can hold up to 6 Poke balls in total. The set includes the belt, one grass-type nest ball, one Poke ball, and a 2-inch Pikachu figure.

Bandai Pokemon Model Mewtwo

This Mewtwo display figure from Bandai looks extremely cool, don’t you think? It is a great addition to a Pokemon action figure display rack and a great collectible as well! This figure comes with a translucent stand that holds Mewtwo upright. It will definitely make an awesome Pokemon gift for anyone who’s a fan of Mewtwo!

Pokemon Pullover Hoodie

This Pokemon hoodie is made from 100% polyester material and it features a digital printed design. It is safe to hand wash, machine wash as well as to iron. This hoodie is unisex too, and since it comes in different sizes, it can fit any Pokemon trainer! This is a nice hoodie to wear to any Pokemon adventure.