52 Awesome Anime Gifts for the Avid Fans

by mkimmel | Last Updated: February 18, 2021

Unless you know exactly what they are in to, anime lovers are tough nuts to crack when it comes to choosing the perfect gift. If you are out and about scouring the web for the best anime gifts, look no further! Here’s a list of 52 awesome anime gifts any fanatic would want to have. Regardless of whatever they are a fan of, you’ll surely find tons of gift ideas here!

I Only Care About Anime Shirt

Let’s start things off with something obvious, an anime-themed shirt! While this shirt is not exactly something with cool anime graphic print or some fancy design, this one suits all anime fans. It is made with 100% cotton and it comes in black, royal blue, grass, and a few other color variants.

The Master Guide to Drawing Anime

For those creative anime fans who could get use of some drawing guide, The Master Guide to Drawing Anime makes a great gift. In Volume 1 of the guide, author Christopher Hart details the intricate steps one could take to make anime characters. This is an absolute must-have for any avid fan!

Naruto 3D LED Night Light

It’s hard not to include Anime and Naruto in one sentence, they just fit so well. This Naruto 3D LED night light makes an awesome anime gift for fans of the hokage-wannabe. This LED light has a 2D laser engraving and is remote-controlled. There are also 16 different color settings and an included charging cable out of the box.

Naruto Ramen Bowl

Naruto loves his ramen a lot! That is why this ramen bowl with wooden chopsticks is a perfect gift for any Naruto fans. For those who love munching on noodles, dumplings, or rice, this is surely useful. Plus, this bowl comes in a well-crafted gift box with some Naruto art as well.

Naruto Metal Leaf Village Headband

Here’s another one for the Naruto fanatics. This 5-piece headband, ring, and necklace set is great for cosplay or some casual anime dress up. The set includes 3 different colored rings, an adjustable leaf village headband, and a silver-coated necklace.

Funko POP Anime: Naruto

For collectors, this Funko POP Anime Naruto makes an awesome gift. It is a 3.75-inch collectible figure perfect for display purposes. As with other Funko Pops, this one is made of high quality and is painted with vibrant colors. Also, it comes inside the classic Funko display box.

Pikachu Cosplay Kakashi Action Figure

This cool-looking action figure is the combination of two anime worlds—Naruto and Pokémon! It is a unique piece that would make an awesome anime gift. The PVC display figure is Pikachu wearing Kakashi’s ninja outfit. It has vibrant colors and a prop weapon, too.

Detective Pikachu Collector Treasure Chest

The Detective Pikachu Collector Treasure Chest is from the Pokémon TCG. Inside this chest are 7 Pokémon TCG Pikachu starter packs, 2 additional booster packs, a collectible pin, a Pikachu notepad, and a sticker sheet. This one’s an awesome anime gift for Pokémon fans!

Bandai Pokémon Plastic Mewtwo

With the included clear stand, this plastic model of Mewtwo appears floating when on display! It is made with high-quality plastic with articulated joints and vivid colors. The true Pokémon fans would surely find this display figure awesome, that’s for sure! This item comes inside a collector’s box as well.

3D Crystal LED Night Light

This crystal LED night light might look like an ordinary orb but it’s a different story when switched on. This LED orb is actually a Pokeball with a glowing figure of Eevee on the inside. It measures 50mm in diameter and it is battery powered. This night light comes with different base styles and different Pokémon, too.

Dragon Ball Z 7 Stars Crystal

Speaking of crystals and orbs, this set of 7-star crystal balls is straight out of Dragon Ball Z. It comes package in a Dragon Ball Z themed gift box. The included crystal balls have a bright orange color and measures approximately 1.7 inches in diameter. This would definitely make any anime fan excited.

Funko POP Anime: Dragon ball Z

In this Funko Pop display figure, Dragon Ball Z hero, Goku, and the cloud, Nimbus, rides off in search of the 7 stars. It comes in two variants, multicolor and a limited-edition version. This makes an awesome anime gift for Funko Pop collectors or just anyone who’s a fan.

Burnout Super Saiyan Goku Figure

This action figure from Kelake is also a great anime gift for collectors. It is a 3D display figure of an injured Goku holding one of the 7 stars. It is made from environmental-grade PVC plastic with attractive colors. Plus, this action figure can also double as a desk decoration or a paperweight.

PS4 Dragon ball Skin

For PS4 gamers who also happen to be Dragon Ball fans, this vibrant protective skins for the DualShock controller makes an awesome gift. It comes with 2 sets of skins which covers both the front and back sides. These skins add an extra grippy textured finish to the controllers. Plus, these are also great for scratch protection.

Sailor Moon Wall Decor

Speaking of vibrant colors, this Sailor Moon wall decor surely has its colors popping! It is a unique rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting with a Sailor Moon twist. This wall decor comes in different sizes, but all are 100% hand made. With a 65% polyester and 35% cotton canvas, this artwork looks and feels high-quality.

Monopoly Sailor Moon Board Game

This Sailor Moon Monopoly board game is an adorable take on the classic Monopoly game. It comes in a blue and pink pastel color combo and includes Sailor Moon-themed tokens. As usual, this board game can be played by 2-6 players ages 8 and up. This is an anime gift that’s definitely aesthetic!

Sailor Moon 12-piece Cosplay Accessories

Sailor Moon fans, especially those into collectibles or cosplay, would find these accessories adorable. This 12-piece keychain and necklace come in a nice giftable jewelry box. Each item measures approximately 2.6 to 6.5 inches. These gold-plated accessories make an awesome anime gift.

Skull Luffy 3D Keychain

While on the topic of accessories, this One Piece-inspired Skull Luffy keychain is a simple yet useful anime gift. It is an officially licensed One Piece product with a brushed metal finish. This keychain would look nice on house keys, car keys, or just on any bag. It is well-crafted and made with high-quality materials as well.

Mattel Uno One Piece

The classic UNO card game is extremely fun to play right? Well, for One Piece fans this UNO card game One Piece version is a lot better! The set comes with cards illustrated with One Piece characters such as Luffy, Nami, Nico Robin, and a bunch of other ones, too.

Gumstyle Anime One Piece Backpack

For carrying around all their daily essentials, One Piece fans would surely love this backpack! It is made with high-quality canvas material and PU leather combo. This bag is sturdy, fashionable, and functional. It can fit up to a 16-inch laptop, plus, there are two free pins included.

Death Note Notebook

While by no means is this the actual Death Note, this would still make an awesome anime gift for fans. It is a 135-page notebook with an included feather pen. With a measurement of around 21x15cm, this notebook is definitely usable. However, just for safety, do not put any names in this book!

Death Note: L Nendoroid Action Figure

This action figure from Good Smile is an attractive decorative piece. It is a Nendoroid adaptation of Death Note’s main character, L. It comes with free faceplates for different facial expressions. There are also a handful of optional parts such as his chair, a cake, and a pair of handcuffs.

No Face Man Night Light

Spirited Away is one of the most loved animated shows from Studio Ghibli. For fans of Spirited away, this No Face Man night light makes an awesome anime gift. Its unique design is made with polyresin material. This night light uses 3 button cell batteries which lasts a long time.

No Face Man Coin Bank

Looking for a unique anime gift with extra cool functionality? The No Face Man coin bank is something to consider. It is a fun coin bank that works by placing a coin on top of No Face Man’s bowl. No Face Man automatically swallows the money with sound effects!

Totoro AirPods Case

My Neighbor Totoro is another show from Studio Ghibli which many anime fans love. If you are gifting someone who owns a pair of Apples AirPods, this case from Minehobby makes an awesome gift choice. Aside from being adorable, it is scratchproof, shockproof, and anti-slip.

My Neighbor Totoro Laundry Hamper

For a more practical anime gift, this Totoro collapsible storage bin makes a great choice. It has a waterproof PE coating inner material with a durable canvas outer. It also features double handles for easier handling. This storage bin is perfect for laundry, toys, and a lot more.

My Hero Academia Collapsible Basket

Here’s another collapsible basket with a different design. For the avid fans of My Hero Academia, this collapsible basket is both fun and functional gift. With a hefty storage capacity, this basket is suitable for storing anything. Plus, the handles are stitched securely so it can handle a fair amount of load.

My Hero Academia Snapback Hat

Made with 100% polyester material, this high-density print snapback is something for the avid anime fans. It has loads of graphic prints with a bunch of characters from My Hero Academia. This snapback has an adjustable fit and great stitching quality. This one is a simple and useful anime gift.

Monopoly My Hero Academia Board Game

For My Hero Academia fans, this Monopoly board game is an extreme charm! It has a custom game board featuring settings from the animated show as well as collectible tokens. The included tokens are Eraserhead’s Visor, Grenade Glove, Deku’s Mask, Shigaraki’s hand, UA Sigil, and Dummy Bomb.

Izuku Midoriya Action Figure

This Izuku Midoriya action figure from McFarlane Toys Store is another one for the MHA fans. It is a 7-inch display figure with a ton of articulation. This action figure has over 22 moving parts! It also comes with a base, 2 interchangeable faces, 2 sets of hands, and lightning effects.

One Punch Man: Saitama Action Figure

While on the topic of action figures, this one from Max Factory is the One Punch Man Saitama action figure. It features posable joints, an included Figma stand and two facial expressions. This makes an awesome anime gift for those who think Saitama’s fighting style is the best (and not boring!).

One Punch Man Saitama T-Shirt

This one is a practical anime gift for One Punch-man fans. It has a simplistic printed line art that looks absolutely minimalistic. Aside from gray, this shirt comes in black with white print, blue with white print, and white with black print. Made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester, this shirt is easy to wash and comfortable to wear.

One-Punch Man Silicone Phone Case

We all know phones are fragile, so for those anime fans who are clumsy with their phones, this silicone case is an awesome gift! It is a One-punch man themed case with a simplistic design. The full-frame TPU material will protect phones from minor drops and scratches while looking stylish.

Attack on Titan Phone Case

Want to give a phone case to someone who’s a fan of Attack on Titan? Here’s an awesome phone case! This TPU phone case is compatible with most iPhone models. It is extremely well-built with precision cut ports, clicky buttons, and stunning graphic art. This one’s grippy, too.

Attack on Titan Cloak

Made with 100% cotton fabric, this high-quality cloak is heaven-sent for Attack on Titan anime fans. It has a single-button front closure and a non-adjustable hoodie. The scouting legion logo is also stitched so no worries about it fading! This would look great on cosplayers for sure.

Attack on Titan Fleece Hoodie

For a more lowkey Attack on Titan-inspired outfit, this fleece hoodie from Ripple Junction is an awesome choice. It is an officially licensed Attack on Titan merchandise which comes in green and black. Made with cotton and polyester blend, this hoodie has a full zip fleece and feels comfortable to wear.

Sword Art Online Cosplay Hoodie

Here’s another hoodie! This time for the fans of Sword Art Online. This hoodie is styled like Sword Art Online’s Yuuki Asuna’s outfit. It is all hand-made with high-quality fabric and it comes in sizes from small to 5XL. This is definitely an awesome anime gift for avid fans of Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online Kirito Dark Repulser Pendant

The Dark Repulsor and the Elucidator are just two of the strongest swords of Sword Art Online’s Kirito Kirigaya. This anime gift item are necklace pendants which feature these awesome swords. A set of these ships with 3 sword pendants made with Zinc alloy material. It is rust-proof, stylish, and can be used as a keychain as well.

Sword Art Online Yui’s Heart Necklace

For a more discreet Sword Art Online gift, this Yui’s Heart necklace is an awesome choice. It is a simple necklace with an attractive pendant that comes in either small or large variant. The small pendant measures 2.2cm while the large one is 2.8cm. This one is a simple necklace perfect as an everyday accessory.

Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Puzzle Pendant

The Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Puzzle pendant is another great option if you’re looking for a necklace anime gift. This zinc alloy necklace comes in silver and gold. It is ideal for cosplays or just casual everyday accessory. Rumor has it that the Millenium Puzzle necklace can make Yu-Gi-Oh fans better duelers, cool right?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Premiere Cards

Gifting a Yu-Gi-Oh anime fan? You can never go wrong with this set of premiere cards. The set includes 3 bigger-than-ever Megapacks with additional 2 more foils! There are also 6 Ultra Rare cards, 6 Super Rares, 3 Rares, and 3 prismatic Secret Rares. This is a worthy deck upgrade for sure.

Millennium Puzzle LED Watch

The Millennium Puzzle LED watch is a touch LED watch with an artificial leather strap. It has a touch-screen display panel that features an automatic display mode. This watch looks sleek, plus, it has 3ATM water resistance. This is a functional anime gift for Yu-Gi-Oh fans of all ages.

Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Bracelet

This bracelet from CG Costume is made with alloy and PU leather. It has a non-adjustable length of 8.7 inches and a width of 0.3 inches. This bracelet has Ichigo Kurosaki’s Hollow Symbol design with a sleek closure mechanism. This anime gift is simple yet absolutely stylish!

Ichigo Kurosaki PVC Figure

When it comes to coolness and power, nothing beats Ichigo Kurosaki. This 8.4-inch PVC figure comes with a display base and a sword prop. This mega house display figure is a revised version of the 2011 10-year anniversary figure. This one features a newly sculpted face design and a sharp-looking sword.

Furyu Inuyasha Figure

Speaking of sharp swords, there is another sharp samurai in the anime world: Inuyasha. This 5.1-inch PVC display figure of Inuyasha is an accurate scale model from the brand Furyu. The set includes a detailed Inuyasha figure alongside a sword prop. This makes an awesome anime gift for Inuyasha die-hard fans, no doubt.

Funko Pop! Anime: Kagome Higurashi

Of course, wherever Inuyasha goes Kagome follows. That’s why this Funko Pop Kagome Higurashi belongs to this list! This 3.75-inch display figure comes inside the classic Funko Pop collectible box. This is for sure an adorable anime gift for Inuyasha avid watchers.

Hunter X Hunter Backpack

This Hunter X Hunter backpack is the one to get if you are gifting a Killua Zoldyck stan. This bag from Lidanie is made with premium quality 100% canvas material. It features a two-way zipper, adjustable straps, side pockets, and a sturdy handle. There are also heaps of organizational pockets inside.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Schoolbag

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the fastest growing anime series in terms of fan base. If you know someone who’s a fan, this schoolbag will make an awesome anime gift! Made with an oxford fabric material, this bag is durable. It features zipper front pockets, mesh pockets, USB charging port, and a free USB extension cord.

Jojos Bizarre Adventure Stone Mask

This stone mask replica from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a resin mask replica ideal for cosplay. It has realistic textures and intricate details. The inside of the mask even features some scriptures from the show. Fans would absolutely love this awesome looking mask!

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Mask

Speaking of masks, here’s one for the fans of Tokyo Ghoul. This 3D design Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken Mask has an adjustable fit. It is made with high-quality PU leather and PVC blend. This mask is the perfect anime gift for halloween costumes, cosplays, or theme partied.

Tamagotchi Demon Slayer

Fans of Demon Slayer will fall in love with this Tamagotchi. This classic digital handheld game is packed with 3 different game modes. The goal of the game is to train your own Slayer and keep them on tiptop shape. For an anime gift, this peculiar twist on a retro toy is absolutely a charm.

Tokyo Toys Astro Boy Figure

Every anime fan loves the one and only Astro Boy from the show Mighty Atom! He’s a classic character who was born in the earliest days of anime. This toy from Tokyo Toys is a 22-cm tall display figure. True anime fans will definitely go crazy over this toy.