25 Magical Harry Potter Gifts for Potterheads of All Ages

by mkimmel | Last Updated: January 3, 2022

Gifting a muggle or a wizard-wannabe is perhaps one of the trickiest puzzles to crack. You can either consult some century-old magic book for a gifted spell or you can just have a quick look at this very list! Here are 50 of the most magical gifts for any Harry Potter fan. Complete from keepsakes to functional everyday items to wizardry games, this Harry Potter gifts list will find you what you’re looking for. Read on!

Jewelry Ring Holder

Starting this list off with something simple yet extremely useful. This jewelry ring holder is a fun Harry Potter gift especially for those who wear rings, bracelets, or necklaces. This square jewelry tray has truly attractive gold trim and a premium feeling ceramic build. This holder has a fairly minimalistic design which features line art of Harry’s glasses.

Iridescent Coffee Mug

This iridescent coffee mug is another awesome Harry Potter gift. It can accommodate up to 11 ounces of beverage while looking truly stunning. This ceramic mug has an embossed Harry Potter logo, plus, it’s officially licensed merchandise as well! This is one unique piece every Potterhead will definitely love.

LEGO Azkaban Knight Bus

The Azkaban Knight bus is the legendary 3-tier bus from Harry Potter. This LEGO set is a 403-piece model of the truly magical Azkaban Knight bus. It included 3 Minifigures, Harry Potter, Stan Shunpike, and Ernie Prang. The bus has hinged opening panels, a removable roof, and fully functional Lego wheels.

Wizard Chess Set

Chess masters or even just casual chess players will surely love this Wizard chess set inspired by Harry Potter. The set includes a foldable playing board alongside black and white chess pieces. The pieces are carved intricately patterned to some of the most amazing characters in Harry Potter.

Heat Sensitive Mug

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves drinking hot coffee, look no further! This heat-sensitive mug is as close as you can get to having a truly magical mug. It is an 11-ounce mug that reveals a Marauder’s map when heated. Bonus: this mug is a licensed Harry Potter merchandise; so even Harry approves!

Ollivanders Wand Box

For casting spells and practicing the art of wizardry, this wand set from the Noble Collection Store makes an awesome Harry Potter gift. It is a meticulously made piece of collectible that is inspired by the Ollivanders wand. The wand comes wrapped inside a wand box that measures approximately 15 inches; a true movie replica.

Clue Harry Potter Board Game

This board game will bring players on a magical adventure across Hogwarts Castle! Clue: Harry Potter is licensed merchandise that packs in a lot of magical rules and endless fun. In the game, players will investigate the disappearance of students and solve the mystery of dozens of rooms in Hogwarts Castle.

Funko Advent Calendar

The Funko Advent Calendar is a limited edition Funko collectible which features Harry Potter and a Christmas countdown. The set includes 24 different pocket pops which are sure to bring joy for any Potterhead. This advent calendar packs in various magical wizards, beasts, ghosts, and elves from the Harry Potter franchise.

Harry Potter Origami

This 112-page origami book is an awesome Harry Potter gift for those who want to fold up their own Howler or play a game of Quidditch. The book includes special sheets of illustrated origami paper designed to fit the Harry Potter theme. Plus, there are even nifty references and advice to keep your folded characters in tiptop shape.

Harry Potter Relics Crossbody Bag

With a snap closure and a sturdy shoulder strap, this Harry Potter handbag is an amazing Harry Potter gift for just about anyone. It can fit all the wizard-y stuff like wands, potions, and spellbooks. The handbag has an awesome print on the outside, and it even has a removable bag charm. This one is an official collaboration between Harry Potter and Loungefly.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit packs in a hefty 600 questions perfect for challenging the avid Potter fans. This game is easy to learn and easy to play, and it is perfect for any occasion! The player who first answers 12 correct questions will win the game, it’s absolutely fun! You will never go wrong with this as a Harry Potter gift.

Gryffindor House Scarf

True Potterheads will know the perils of not keeping a scarf on their arsenal. For that, this Gryffindor scarf makes an awesome Harry Potter gift! Made with 100% polyester material, this wearable viscose scarf is an officially licensed product and has a one-size-fits-all design. It is an awesome way to look stylish and stay warm.

Harry Potter Books 1-7 Special Edition

For fans who just saw the films, the books are totally different experiences! This special edition Harry Potter book is complete with 7 magical books. It has a redesigned box with an illustration of Harry this time. This is a perfect addition to the arsenal of Potterhead’s arsenal of books, plus, it looks amazing on a shelf, too!

Harry Potter Crochet Kit

The Harry Potter crochet kit is one for the tinkerer and fidget-savvy. This amazing kit will surely get their wizard-y itches into good use! With an awesome guidebook and complete crocheting essentials, this kit works magically even for beginners. It is a simple yet super productive Harry Potter gift.

Harry Potter Pencil Toppers

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most magical, like these pencil toppers from PMI. This 12-piece set includes different Harry Potter characters which come in an amazing gift-ready box. This will surely give an ordinary pencil that extra magical pop! Each figure measures around 2.4 inches and is absolutely adorable.

Harry Potter Cauldron

This Harry Potter cauldron coffee mug includes a ceramic lid and a spoon. It is a ceramic mug with a capacity of up to 16 ounces. This mug is painted and styled similarly to the ever-whimsical Harry Potter cauldron. It is a simple gift that can be used as a normal mug, plus, it works well as a display, too.

Hufflepuff Pom Beanie

The Hufflepuff pompom beanie is an adorable way to rep your favorite house in all of Harry Potter. With vibrant colors, comfortable fabric, and a pompom design up top, this is definitely an awesome way to stay warm! It fits all sizes and it is extremely one of a kind! Every Potterhead would love this as a gift.

Harry Potter HedBanz

Speaking of heads, HedBanz is a guessing game played by guessing a card stuck to a player’s forehead. It is easy to play, and each question can only be answered by a yes or no. The set includes 72 picture cards, 12 potion tokens, 6 headbands, 1 timer, 25 chocolate frog tokens, and a set of instructions. For sure, this one is a fun and magical game!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Jacket

For that special Potterhead who you always want to keep warm, this Hogwarts jacket makes an awesome Harry Potter gift. It comes styled in different houses such as Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor. It has an awesome fit perfect to stay warm and look stylish while having a tinge of magic at the same time.

Harry Potter Throw Pillowcase

These pillowcases make an awesome decorative piece for couch throw pillows. A bundle of these comes with 4 pieces each with varying Harry Potter-inspired designs. It is made with a durable cotton linen fabric that measures 17×17″. The zipper closure of these pillowcases is invisible (probably under an invisibility cloak).

The Potterhead Cookbook

For the Harry Potter fans who just love to do some magic in the kitchen or the ones who randomly cast spells while holding a spatula, this cookbook is the gift to get! The Potterhead cookbook is packed with 25 exciting recipes straight from the Hogwarts kitchen. This book was crafted with a sprinkle of magic and some imagination!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle is a fun cooperative game designed to test the skills of wizards-wannabe. It is a deck-building game that packs in over 252 cards, 4 pieces of dice, 7 game boxes, a rule book, 4 player boards, tokens, and chip pieces. The game can be played for hours and hours by 2 to 4 players (warning: it’s addictive to play!).

Harry Potter Twin Sheet Set

This super-soft sheet set from the Jay Franco store is an amazing bedroom accessory for the Potterhead in your life. It is made with polyester material and is easy to care for. These sheets can fit a standard twin-sized bed which measures 39 inches by 75 inches. The set also comes with a flat sheet and a pillowcase.

Glasses and Scar Tumbler

Whether it’s coffee, cold water, tea, or soda, this travel mug is an awesome addition to a Harry Potter fan’s arsenal. It has a stunning design featuring a bunch of spell words, Harry’s glasses and scar, and a gradient color. It can hold an adequate capacity of 16 ounces, and it is dishwasher- and microwave-safe as well. Super safe, no need for spellcasting!

Harry Potter Decorative Bookends

For keeping their Harry Potter book collection alive and well taken care of, Potterheads in your life would appreciate these decorative bookends from Enesco. The stone resin material features intricate details giving the bookend an expensive look. It measures just around 7 inches making it a perfect size for holding up books.