25 Best Star Trek Gifts for Trekkies 2022

by mkimmel | Last Updated: January 2, 2022

Star Trek is arguably one of the most loved fantasy sci-fi shows of all time. It truly transcends generations of fans, and that’s the reason why adults love them as much as kids do! So, if you are looking for something to get for the Trekkie in your life, here’s a nifty gift guide for you. This list has everything from a USS Enterprise Bluetooth speaker to a Mr. Spock ornament! Here are 25 of the most out-of-this-world Star Trek gifts.

Star Trek Wood Model Figure Kit

The U.S.S Enterprise is perhaps one of the most loved warships in all of the Star Trek universe, and that is exactly why this wooden figure kit makes an amazing gift. This 5-inch tiny figurine is perfect for Star Trek fans of all ages. It is a paintable wooden figure which can be assembled glue-free. Plus, it is made with some eco-friendly FSC-certified wood.

CelebriDucks Mr. Squawk

Here’s a fun and goofy Star Trek gift for the young fans of Mr. Spock. This CelebriDuck Mr. Squawk is a premium bath toy and a collectible that makes a fantastic Star Trek gift. It features non-toxic rubber material construction, vivid paint, and even the iconic Spock hairstyle! This is the perfect gift for both kids and kids at heart.

Star Trek Vintage Logo T-Shirt

For the Star Trek fans who fancies wearing their favorite shirt printed on a shirt, this vintage logo shirt makes a wonderful gift. It is made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester, and it is safe to machine wash. Also, this shirt is an officially licensed product and it looks extremely awesome! It has a crew-neck cut and double-needle sleeve and hem.

Star Trek Coffee Mug

The coffee lovers in your life who fancies Star Trek will surely fall in love with this coffee mug. This mug is a simple white ceramic mug with a ton of life lessons and lines from Star Trek. It can hold up to 11 ounces of beverage, and it is safe to use in the dishwasher or the microwave. Plus, the print on this mug is high-quality as well!

Spock with Ears Crew Socks

Now here’s a gift even Mr. Spock will surely want for himself! This Spock with ears crew socks is an extremely hilarious yet useful Star Trek gift. It is made with 98% polyester and 2% spandex, and it features a pair of flapping ears! This would make an awesome gift to anyone who would love to wear some super fancy socks.

Star Trek Federation Logo Vinyl

For adding that Star Trek vibes on a skateboard, car, laptop, or just anywhere, this vinyl sticker makes a wonderful gift! It is a simple white sticker that literally sticks on any flat surface. It is an amazing way to give a bit of spice to rather boring items. Plus, it’s Star Trek, so it’s incredibly cool!

Star Trek Sunshade

The car guy or car gal in your life will totally love this Star Trek sunshade. It features a super high-quality print of Captain James, T. Kirk, and Mr. Spock. This sunshade is collapsible and easy to store and transport. It measures 59.5 inches in length and 27 inches in width which is suitable for most cars and trucks.

Starships Mug

Here’s another fun Star Trek mug! This Star Trek ceramic mug is a 16-ounce black mug that features the awesome ships from the show. It is a black mug that comes in a colorful gift box, and it is also dishwasher- and microwave-safe. The Trekkie in your life will definitely have their coffee game leveled up with this mug! It is a simple yet amazing Star Trek gift, for sure.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC

Complete with deluxe printed stickers, working LED warp nacelle lights, a ship display stand, and a fully articulated Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, this buildable Enterprise ship is a joy to have! There are also authentic accessories included such as phasers, tricorders, and a communicator. This is absolutely an out-of-this-world Star Trek gift.

The Next Generation Padd Journal

The Next Generation Padd journal is the Star Trek gift to get for those Trekkies who are into notetaking. This journal is an officially licensed product and it features a hefty 232 pages. It comes with ribbon bookmarks, full-color artwork on inside pages and covers, and a stiff hardcover.

One Piece Trekkie

Here’s a super fun gift for Trekkies who recently got a baby. If they knew about it, Star Trek fans will surely love this one-piece baby suit the moment they are born. This onesie comes in heaps of color variants such as black, pink, blue, gray, and charcoal. Plus, has a reinforced three-snap closure for a secure and comfortable fit.

Star Trek Stone Coaster Set

This set of Star Trek coasters are perhaps one of the best kitchen-related gifts to get for a Trekkie. This set ships with 4 differently styled coasters which are made with a cork base and an absorbent ceramic. It features an iridescent print of the Starfleet badge, and it also has a non-slip bottom. This is a super simple yet extremely useful Star Trek gift.

Star Trek Captain Kirk Mug

Here’s something to go hand in hand with Star Trek coasters, a captain kirk mug! This 18-ounce sculpted mug features a design inspired by Captain Kirk’s torso. It is made with high-quality ceramic material and can hold up to 18 ounces of beverage. This mug makes a wonderful decoration as well!

Star Trek: Light-and-Sound Borg Cube

This next gift is something extremely swift in the world of Star Trek. The Borg cube is one of the fastest and largest spacecraft in all of Star Trek, and this model toy makes a wonderful gift! Featuring super fancy lights and realistic sound effects, this light and sound cube is extremely entertaining. Plus, it comes with an included display stand as well.

Star Trek Voyager

For the Star Trek fans who were born after the first season of the show, this is perhaps a good way to catch up! The Star Trek Voyager is a complete set of the show’s first season. It is an amazing set to have especially for collectors. This makes a fantastic Star Trek gift, for sure.

Star Trek Ref Magnet

If you are looking for a simple gift that Trekkies will love, this ref magnet is something to consider. This magnet features a bright high-resolution print which just fills the room with some Trekkie energy. It comes in a multitude of designs and it measures 3.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width.

I Am Captain Kirk

I Am Captain Kirk is a fun Star Trek storybook for toddlers. It is a heavily illustrated storybook which takes readers on Captain Kirk’s adventures from battling the Klingons to facing with other alien race. It has goofy artwork inside and it is a Star Trek gift any fan will surely love getting.

Star Trek Earrings Glass

For the Trekkies out there, who are into a little bit of fashion, these Star Trek earrings make an awesome gift choice. With a pendant measurement of about an inch, this earring can be seen all the way from the Enterprise! It is a great accessory to wear on cosplay events or just with some casual attire. It makes a great keepsake as well.

Transporter Heat Changing Mug

If you are looking to gift something simple yet unique at the same time, here’s the gift to check out! This color-changing mug has a design inspired by the transporter and it does magic when hot water is poured in! It can hold up to 12 ounces of beverage and measures approximately 9 cm in height.

Make It So Giclee Art Print Poster

For the Trekkies looking to redecorate their spaces, this makes an amazing Star Trek gift. This Make it So Giclee art print poster comes in loads of size options such as 18×24″, 24×36″, and a lot more. It is a work of art created by pop artist Stephen P. This is truly an out-of-this-world piece!

Star Trek Uniform Badge

Badges are a bit boring for the most part unless it’s something like this Star Trek uniform badge from the Individual Software store. This 70x50mm badge is embroidered using the highest quality threads. It will work well with customized caps, jackets, and bags. This one is definitely something Trekkies will love!

Starfleet Lunch Bag

For the Trekkies who fancy carrying their lunch to work or to school, this Starfleet lunch box is a fantastic Star Trek gift. It features two different compartments perfect for a variety of container sizes. Plus, it has the classic Captain Picard color scheme as well as an insulated material padding.

Star Trek Portable Hip Flask

The scotch or bourbon fanatic in your life who are also avid fans of Star Trek will surely fall in love with this portable hip flask. Made from rust-proof and food-grade stainless steel, this flask is long-lasting and safe to use. It measures 3.8 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width. This flask has a tight lid making it ideal for everyday carry.

Transporter Room Bath Curtain

Make shower time extra out of this world with this Transporter bath curtain! This set includes a 12-ring shower curtain styled like the Transporter. It measures 72×72 inches and it has a waterproof print that has vibrant colors. This bath set is an officially licensed Star Trek product and it makes an amazing gift, for sure.

Star Trek Apron

Aprons are cool and useful, but nothing is as cool as this Star Trek Apron from PLKSNER. Made from a durable fabric, this apron is extremely stylish and versatile. It is the perfect apron for barbecue nights, baking weekends, or everyday cooking. It has a one-size-fits-all design, and it is fairly easy to clean as well.