25 Best Dungeons & Dragons Gift Ideas 2022

by mkimmel | Last Updated: January 3, 2022

Whether you are gifting to a DM, a half-elf warlock, a casual player, or a total Dnd hustler, you are definitely in for a treat in this Dungeons and Dragons gift list! From custom dice packs, display figures, Dnd-themed bags, and everything else in between, this list has got all the loot they need. Grab an item or two from this Dnd gifts guide, you won’t be disappointed!

Clue Dungeons & Dragons

Clue Dungeons & Dragons is an officially licensed Dnd board game. The game has a simple objective: find out who has been replaced by the devil in disguise. Sounds easy? Well, players also need to identify what the murder weapon is as well as locate the Infernal Puzzle box in all of the Forgotten Realm. This one is an absolutely delightful Dnd gift!


For sketching fierce dragon characters and awesome dungeons, this double dragon blank journal makes an awesome dnd gift. It contains over 300 high-quality pages wrapped by a rustic-looking cover. This journal measures 5 inches in width and 7 inches in height. Both the back and front sides have a double dragon design.

D&D Stats Mug

Coffee, tea, chocolate milk, or any beverage is even more fun to drink in this D&D stats mug. This mug can hold up to 11 ounces of beverage. plus, it is microwave- and dishwasher-safe. This mug is something dnd enthusiasts will definitely appreciate and love! It has a printed message that reads “Sarcasm +5.”

Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons

For fans of both Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons, this board game is a gift to get. This dnd gift is a version inspired by the Netflix show Stranger Things. It is an awesome take on the game where players are taken to the Upside Down! Also, there are two Demogorgon figures included.

Dungeons and Dragons Pint Glass

This set of two 16-ounce tinted glasses looks extremely dope! The prints are made with high-quality ink as well as the drinking glass itself. Dnd fans will love their latte, cappuccino, iced tea, or other cold beverage in these Dungeons & Dragons-inspired pint glasses. for sure.

Tears of My Players Dnd Tumbler

Here’s a dnd gift for the coffee lover, travelers, or students. This Dungeons & Dragons tumbler is a 14-ounce stainless water bottle with a stunning print! It comes with a tightly sealed lid and a large holder. It is made from a food-grade stainless-steel material and has a printed design and a text that reads “Tears of my players.”

100-Sided Polyhedral Dice

This polyhedral dnd die is made with high-quality and lightweight polyresin, plus, it has 100 sides! This die will definitely level up your next Dungeons & Dragons game. It looks awesome, feels premium, and packs in a ton of fun! These dice have gone through careful inspection to ensure tiptop quality.

Color Changing Dice DND

If a 100-side polyhedral dice seems like overkill, here’s a great alternative: Dnd color-changing dice. This innovative metal dice changes color when heated! It makes an awesome addition to a dnd setup, plus it also comes in a luminous color variant, too. This one is a fantastic gift that won’t disappoint, for sure.

Dragon Ceramic Cup

This ceramic cup has an actual dragon inside! Well, it’s actually just a sculpture but it’s still absolutely awesome. Made with high-fire ceramic, this 11-ounce cup has a white interior and a sleek black exterior. It is safe for dishwashers and microwaves. This would make a unique dnd gift!

Dragon Coaster Holder

For keeping tables neat and tidy while playing Dungeons & Dragons, this coaster holder with included coasters makes an amazing gift. It is made with intricately carved resin and measures around 6.25 inches in diameter. This dragon coaster holder is an amazingly practical gift that can double as a display figure.

Battle Grid Game Mat

To set a more suitable scene on your quest, this battle grid game mat makes an amazing dnd gift. This one is definitely an upgrade on drawing grids on paper! It has an anti-slide surface which is suitable for dry-erase markers. It’s easy to clean as well, so no need to worry about Cheetos stains!

Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook

This Dnd core rulebook is an awesome gift for someone who’s starting out with Dungeons & Dragons. The pack comes with 3 books each with a unique reflective foil cover. This is the one to get if you want the latest rules and errata. Any dnd fan would find this core rulebook extremely useful.

Black Dragon Metal Dice

If the D20 dice is just a little too boring in your dnd gameplay, here’s an alternative. The black dragon metal dice pack comes with 7 metallic polyhedral RPG dice. Each die has a rustic feeling green numbering and well-built and chamfered edges. The pack comes sealed inside a Dwarven dice chest for easy storage.

Bribe the DM Shirt

While DMs and dnd players work hand-in-hand in a Dnd game, bribing the DM can sometimes help. Whether you are trying to get out of a heavily guarded cage, running away from goblins, or trying to tame a fiery dragon, here’s a fun shirt for you! It comes in black, red, green, and tons of other color options.

Chardalyn Dragon Premium Set

This premium Chardalyn dragon is truly a work of art. It measures a hefty 200mm long and looks extremely stunning! The sculpting and detailing in this display figure is something dnd fans will drool over. This will definitely level up the fun in your next Dungeons & Dragons quest!

DnD Polukranos Premium Figure

Here’s another dragon-themed display figure. The Dungeons & Dragons Polukranos premium figure is a 14-centimeter tall dragon figure with premium detailing. It is the fiercest-looking adversary on your next dnd quest, an opponent definitely worthy of battle! This is a spectacular dnd gift for any avid player out there.

Dungeon Mayhem

Dungeon Mayhem is an easy-to-learn card game designed for 2 to 4 players. If you and your dnd friends need a break from endless quests and you want something quick, this is the game for you! Dungeon and Mayhem can be played in less than 10 minutes on average and it even comes with iconic Dungeons & Dragons characters.

Gargoyles and Dragons Dermott Sculptural Pen

For your Dungeon master who always forgets the storyline, this sculptural pen makes an awesome dnd gift! Design Toscano’s Gargoyles and Dragons pen is a hand-casted and stone-bonded pen. It has incredible detailing perfect as a display or as an art piece. This pen is absolutely amazing for your dnd arsenal!

D20 Dice Hoodie

Chilly nights and a new Dungeon & Dragons quest are definitely more comfortable with this crawler hoodie. It comes in black, blue, white, royal blue, heather, and gray. The dnd-inspired print is high-quality and fade-free. This hoodie has a drawstring closure and two front pockets.

Dungeon Master Mug

This dungeon master mug is the coolest mug any DM can have! It is made with natural oak wood with a label made with copper. This mug can hold up to 22 ounces of beverage perfect for long Dungeons & Dragons gameplay. The mug has a stainless-steel interior too making it suitable for beers, coffee, or other drinks.

DND Metal Dice Set

This dice set includes 7 different dice, D4, D6, D10(0-9), D10(00-90), D12, and D20. These dice have amazing quality, are extremely durable, and perfectly balanced. It works well not just for Dungeons and Dragons but also for other role-playing games as well. This is an awesome dnd gift for avid players.

Dungeon Master Keychain

For keeping their keys personalized and stylish, this DM keychain makes an awesome dnd gift. It has an amazing print with the iconic Dungeons & Dragon Dungeon Master Dragon. Made with stainless steel material, this keychain will not tarnish, fade, or bend.

Dungeons and Dragons Keychain

Here’s another keychain gift for avid players of Dungeons and Dragons. This dnd keychain has a bar pendant with engraved writing that reads, “When the Dungeon Master smiles, it’s already too late,” which is absolutely relatable. This is amazing for adding a bit of spice to a boring bunch of keys.

Gothic Dragon Bookends

For book hoarders who happen to be Dungeons & Dragons fans, these gothic dragon bookends make an awesome dnd gift. It is made with a cold cast polyresin material which measures 7.25 inches high. This pair of bookends has intricate details perfect as a display figure.

Dungeons and Dragons Throw Blanket

This Dungeons and Dragons throw blanket is the perfect addition to your gaming setup. It is made with a durable heat-trapping fabric which is ideal for chilly game nights. This throw blanket is officially licensed merchandise making it an amazing choice for a dnd gift.